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The 2023-24 Mock Gambling Thread - WEEK 1 (and 2)


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WELCOME to the 2023-24 edition of the Mock Gambling Thread!  The off-season has wrapped up and it's time for another year of the MGT!  Will we see a repeat by Absolut_Surgen, another previous champion make a return to the top, or will new blood claim the title? Whatever happens it's sure to be another fun filled season of me managing to screw up doing basic math!  Let's go!


The Mock Gambling Thread is a competition that is a part gambling and part prediction contest. The competition lasts for the entirety of the NFL season and post-season, concluding with the final of the Super Bowl, and is open to all regular board members.  Each player will have some amount of fictional money that can be gambled on each week's Feature Game. There are two ways to increase your cash:


  • Bet on the outcome of the Featured Game each week (with the spread). The featured game will be chosen each week from among the nationally televised games with the line set from when I post the thread.
  • There will be a number of questions that will ask you to make predictions or to forecast certain outcomes across the NFL during the week. Correct answers earn you cash. You do not lose cash for wrong answers. The types of questions will vary each week, as will the amount of cash they can earn you.


The competition continues through NFL season and post-season. At the conclusion of the Super Bowl the user with the most "cash" left will be the winner.


1. You make your bet and answer the questions simply by posting on the thread each week with your pick for the featured game along with your bet, followed by your answers to the prediction questions.


2. Everyone starts with $1,000. If a user doesn't start until week 3, they still start with $1,000. Your best bet it to get in early and play every week. This year is different because reasons.


3. If you somehow reach $0 you are not out of the competition. You can't bet on the feature game during weeks that you are broke, but you can answer the prediction questions and hope to earn cash to gamble the following week.


4. IMPORTANT: I will set a deadline for getting your entries for the week in (usually before kick-off of that week's first game). It is imperative that you make your post before the deadline. The entry thread will be locked at the deadline so if you don't get your entry in by then you lose out on the chance to make money that week.


5. I work full time AND am 24/7 on-call AND have a near crippling gaming addiction AND probably drink too much! Responsibilities and personality flaws allowing, I will attempt to post the results and the next week's game/questions each Tuesday, as early as possible. Keep in mind though that there may be some wackiness here and there based on my schedule and hangovers. Pay attention.


6. For the official recording of stats/yardage NFL.com will be used. Whatever their site says on Tuesday morning is what counts.  No whining.


7. Accounts created within the current calendar month are not eligible to play and any entries from such accounts will not be considered.


If you have any questions, ASK!

Prize(s): The winner will be declared the Champion of the 6th D1P Edition of the Mock Gambling Thread and also take home a Fanatics.com gift card so you can get some swag from your team!


@AbsolutSurgen @Biggie @Brian @BasemntDweller2 @Kal-El814 @Dodger @Keyser_Soze @silentbob @Commissar SFLUFAN @thewhyteboar


@Anyone Else I Missed or Who Would Wanna Play

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A Very Special WEEK 1 and 2 MOCK GAMBLING


DEADLINE FOR WEEK 1 and 2 ENTRIES - 9/7/2023 (Thursday) 20:19 EASTERN



Week 1 and 2 Feature Game
None! See below!


None! See below!


Hi, everybody.  Slug here.  So, the timing of the start of the '23-'24 NFL season is kind of bad for me this year.  I'm going to be out of the country for both Week 1 and Week 2 with limited access to Internet and a less than ideal availability of NFL broadcasts.  I didn't think it would be fair to y'all if I just went dark for the first two weeks of the season, and posting a regular Week 1 thread would mean y'all having to wait two weeks for results and not knowing what you had left to bet on Week 2.  So I was just going to scrap the first two weeks of the MGT, but I came up with a better solution.


Normally you begin the MGT season with $1,000 in fake money to bet with right out of the gate.  This year, instead, you start with zero.  Weeks 1 and 2 will be about picking games in order to set your starting cash for Week 3 which will be the first "traditional" MGT week where you will able to get on a Feature Game.  This way, y'all get to talk some shit and I don't have to worry about tracking stats until I'm back in the good 'ol U.S. of A. :P


For your Week 1 & 2 combined post, you will simply pick 5 winners for each week.  Doesn't matter the game, only that you pick 5 teams to win.  Each correctly called winner will get you $100.  Nail all 10?  You will have $1,000 to bet with come Week 3.  Shit the bed and miss all of them?  You'll be starting from zero and hoping to earn cash with the questions.


TL;DR: Pick 10 winners, 5 for Week 1 and 5 for Week 2.  $100 for each correct pick.  Regular MGT betting will begin in Week 3 with whatever you win with these picks.  See below for the example entry and let me know if you have any questions.


Good luck!
### Example Answer Post and MY ENTRY ###

Week 1: Commanders, Vikings, Steelers, Dolphins, Colts
Week 2: Commanders, Chiefs, Jets, Panthers, Bills



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