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DARPA accidentally creates warp bubble

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Though just a nano one. And...not really. More like they discovered a nano construct that could contain a warp bubble.



Warp drive pioneer Dr. Harold G “Sonny” White has reported the successful manifestation of an actual, real-world “Warp Bubble.”



The European Physical Journal C (EPJ C) presents new and original research results in theoretical physics and experimental physics



"While conducting analysis related to a DARPA-funded project to evaluate possible structure of the energy density present in a Casimir cavity as predicted by the dynamic vacuum model," reads the actual findings published in the peer-reviewed European Physical Journal, "a micro/nano-scale structure has been discovered that predicts negative energy density distribution that closely matches requirements for the Alcubierre metric."



Or put more simply, as White did in a recent email to The Debrief, "To my knowledge, this is the first paper in the peer-reviewed literature that proposes a realizable nano-structure that is predicted to manifest a real, albeit humble, warp bubble."


Time to make some Alcubierre drives! 



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8 minutes ago, CitizenVectron said:


Yeah it didn't really happen. My understanding is they discovered a nano construct/cavity that could contain a warp bubble.

It’s still a big deal. Until now, the idea of a negative energy density field was entirely theoretical. Now we have observable evidence of a quantum scale configuration that points in that direction.

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39 minutes ago, Jason said:


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Pfft, spoken like a little snowflake. A real man leaves his pride and joy in the toilet for all others to see. That way they know who the real alpha of the family is.

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A couple of things:

1)  This was the same guy who provided the first experimental evidence of thrust from an EM-Drive (which has been largely debunked)

2)  It was done in a computer simulation, not in a real life experiment


It really hasn't been picked up by the mainstream physics press for these (and probably other) reasons.

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