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Superman Is Bi-Sexual...

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At least his son is...



The LGBTQ community in the DC Universe is gaining a powerful new member. The new Man of Steel, Jon Kent, is now coming out as bisexual in the upcoming Superman: Son of Kal-El #5.


For the record Tim Drake, the Third Robin also came out as bi-sexual recently as well.



Robin comes out as bisexual in a new Batman comic.

Nerd rage meltdown in 3, 2...

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1 hour ago, Komusha said:

Good for them! I haven’t been reading the comic admittedly but looking at pics they look cute together.


7 minutes ago, Greatoneshere said:

Like Olympic athletes, they've all fucked each other, so get this over with. :p 



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9 minutes ago, Jason said:


Like I’m one to talk but he looks like he is slowly fattening himself to be/become Chris Christie for an upcoming republican propaganda movie



i have no problem with it. I have and currently work with people who are bisexual. Why shouldn’t they get some representation in a big name comic. It’s not like they are making “THE” Superman bi, just his offspring

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I can accept that Jon Kent is the offspring of an alien (one of dozens of versions of him that exist across the DC multiverse) and a human woman, that he's granted god-like powers from exposure to the sun, I accept that he aged quickly after falling into a black hole and then being trapped in a volcano. But he might fancy men? That's a bridge too far!

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