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HBO is bringing Sex and the City back.


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Having been an avid fan during its original run & not entirely hating the two movies, I just don't have a clue as to who was clamoring for more of this!? The story has been told, furthermore not ALL of the original cast will be returning, and also what "made" the series in some part is something nobody wants to see any of them engage in.

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I never watched the show, but saw the first movie with a former friend because she loved it and really wanted to see it. I really wish I had those two hours back. As well as the 2+ hours or whatever it was I sat through her goddamned Catholic wedding(my first Catholic service ever) only for her to divorce her husband after less than two years and go crazy and stop being my friend for reasons I never discovered.


...anyhoo. Yeah, I'll pass on a SATC reboot.

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