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Stormy Daniels' arrest in Columbus was planned by police days in advance of her arrival into town

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In an exclusive investigation, the Advocate has obtained emails from a whistleblower from inside the Columbus Police Department that outline the arrest of Stormy Daniels earlier this month may have been pre-planned days before she ever arrived in town.


A whistleblower from the City of Columbus contacted the Advocate with numerous emails between several high-ranking Columbus police detectives and VICE officers.


Inside the emails are news clippings discussing Daniels’ planned appearance in Columbus, pictures of Daniels with President Donald Trump, videos of her dancing, and even a map to the club where she would be performing, all sent days before she would pull into town on her tour bus.



The bulk of the emails that the whistleblower provided are from the email account of Detective Shana Keckley. Keckley was one of the lead-arresting officers the night that the “sting” operation went down.


“It is clear that Keckley and her fellow officers were there because of Stormy and only because of Stormy,” the whistleblower told the Advocate in an interview.



After Daniels’ arrest that Wednesday night, the emails continue into the early morning hours of Thursday, but the contents are disturbing.


“I got the elements….we arrested Stormy this morning, she is in jail.” “Elements” are the burden police officers must meet in order to make an arrest.


In another email dated on July 12 at 3:50 a.m., Keckley writes to another police officer bragging about Daniel’s arrest — without mentioning her by name — saying, “You’re Welcome!!!!!….Thank me in person later.”


Keckley went on to send additional emails, including one to Shane Keckley — purportedly her husband — writing, “It is all over CNN. I wanted you to know before everyone contacts you.”


Law enforcement is not as professional as we all believed!!!

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3 minutes ago, legend said:

Who would have thought. 



The Trump era has been exasperating as a skeptic. I believe one should be very dubious about claims of conspiracies, but these morons keep getting caught in them. So I find myself almost gaslighting myself over questioning whether I am being Glenn Beckian over a story that breaks, only to find that yes Cohen really did start that LLC to pay off mistresses. That bank in Chicago really did give Manafort a loan as a bribe. Manafort really did try to change the Republican platform as a favor to Russians.


It occurs to me that maybe this is happening because one side of the aisle now buys in to conspiracy theories so much that they just think that's how things are done.


They tell themselves the Clinton Foundation is an obvious transparent money laundering scheme so what's the problem with the Trump Foundation truly being a transparent money laundering scheme, amirite?

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