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Nintendo is going to charge you $50 for Baulder's Gate 1 and 2...


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4 minutes ago, GameDadGrant said:

Were these the games that were on PS2/Xbox/Gamecube back in the day?


If so...meh. No gobbling will occur. I’ll pass.


No, they were not. They're legendary PC party RPGs based on D&D rules.


That said, I don't think the interface (even on the remastered versions I've played) hold up and detract from otherwise great games.

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Well yeah, I just thought it feels slightly unfair to compare the sale price of games that I have been on PC for a long-ass time to new retail console prices. 


Not sure why I felt the need to play devil's advocate anyway. Like I said, I don't enjoy these games, so it's not like I'm particularly invested in this upcoming release. 

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