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Anthem lead producer departs BioWare amid Anthem being really, really dead

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Anthem lead producer Ben Irving, who has acted as one of the public faces of the game, is leaving BioWare after eight years.


Irving’s departure is just the latest sign not all is well at BioWare. The studio has lost a number of high-profile names in recent years, including  Dragon Age creative director Mark Laidlaw, Dragon Age writer David Gaider, Mass Effect writer Drew Karpyshyn, general manager Aaryn Flynn, and Baldur’s Gate and Dragon age lead designer James Ohlen.


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17 minutes ago, Mercury33 said:

I bought it, spent over 60 hours with it, and loved every second. It sucks that it couldn’t live up to its potential. But god damn did it have amazing gameplay. 


At the very least it was hands down a better game than that steaming pile of boring garbage RDR2. 

They really were like polar opposites. Anthem with fucking awesome gameplay but nothing to do with it. RDR2 with an amazing world and decent story and gameplay so shitty you'd have to be actively stupid to think it was any better than mediocre at its very finest.

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I actually jumped back in for the update.  It's not great by any means, but if they could continue to add updates like this over time, and rework the entire loot system like they claimed they were doing a little after launch, they could still have something.  But its EA so doubt they'll have much more rope to play with.

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I hope they can basically pull a Destiny and get this game in a much better shape than how it launched because the potential of it is so great. I want to buy it, but I want it to be fixed first. 


It's a little worrying that Irving has left because any time someone in a big position leaves a studio is a big deal, but maybe they can get someone else in to right this ship. 


It's EA though, so...

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I dont follow the actual people behind develoment, but Irving joined 8 years ago, so basically had a hand in the last year of ME3, Inquisition, SWTOR, Andromeda?, and Anthem.  Not sure what else they put out in that time. With all the news of the projects mismanagement, I can't say him leaving should be looked at as a bad thing.  May be a good thing to clean house and let some new people take the reigns to give it a fresh set of eyes.

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