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  1. I'd assume they wont rock any boats until this deal closes. So I doubt we hear anything new anytime soon.
  2. This one is tied to Challenges, not like the WInter Event. Believe you need to play Attrition. The Bundles are better priced, and much more in each bundle too. A big improvement.
  3. So this stuff hasn't been posted yet... The new Shop is today, prices seem to be like 50% what they used to be. Also new event is today
  4. I was going to say, the only reason Sony might be shitting their pants, is if Microsoft were assholes, pulling CoD off Playstation does leave a big hole in their lineup. CoD is a yearly release that everyone relied on. What does Sony have for FPS's if Microsoft kept CoD exclusive going forward? Apex, Battlefield? Sony's 1st Party has been stellar..... at making 3rd person action adventure rpg lite style games. They have not made a good competitive FPS multiplayer game in a long time. Losing CoD would be brutal. Sony also made some 3rd party publishing deals I believe with new studios to do multiplayer games, so they should hope those land as well. Believe a bunch of the devs were ex CoD guys. Microsoft on the other hand would now have Halo, CoD, Overwatch, Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake.
  5. Top Selling Games of 2021 #1 - CoD Vanguard #2 - CoD Cold War Not sure if Warzone and MTX sales are mixed into this, but Warzone is a juggernaut as well.
  6. Only line I saw regarding exclusivity stuff is "Activision Blizzard games are enjoyed on a variety of platforms and we plan to continue to support those communities moving forward." Basically same thing they said regarding Bethesda's big online games. I'd expect the big multiplayer games to stay multiplat. Use some of the studios to work on new IPs. Will they keep CoD on a yearly cycle. Hard not to when its consistently the highest selling game each year.
  7. MS should just use CoD as a future bargaining chip. Sony - We are gonna pay Square Enix to keep Final Fantasy off Xbox Platforms indefinitely. Microsoft - Well you wanna keep doing that, we will pull CoD off Playstation.
  8. Well it is great for Game Pass. Not sure if its great for gaming until I'd know more about how they handle some of the big multiplayer franchises. Also, think they'll keep the WoW Monthly Sub Price, discount it with Game Pass?
  9. I had to legit look at the Xbox Twitter to make sure it wasn't a parody account. Absolutely insane. No way they make CoD, Overwatch, and other big multiplayer games exclusive though. Or at least I'd hope not. I haven't read any articles to expand on the deal though, did they mention anything regarding any of that.
  10. I finished Demon Souls, and just finished my 4th or 5th boss on Dark Souls. A few things though, I am using a guide to tell me the order of how to approach each game. I am trying to Marathon all 6 Souls games before Elden Ring, started like a week ago. I don't really have time to waste exploring and figuring out the proper "route" to take, so using a guide to just tell me which area to go to next. I also am just playing a sword/board type build with lighter armor. Demon Souls I found to be pretty easy overall. The fact you can carry essentially unlimited heals made it far easier than it mightve been. Only boss that really stood out to me as difficult was Maneater. Mainly because there were 2 of them, and I got knocked off the ledge like 4 times. I also struggled at the PvP Boss, because I know nothing about PvP in this game, and my build definitely wasn't made for a PvP fight. The guys I kept fighting seemed to be pretty geared and experienced and just like 2 or 3 shot me each time while taking little damage. I ended up summoning someone to beat that. I think I summoned maybe 4 people for fights in Demon Souls. If there was the blue light before the cloud doors, I'd typically just hit it. That may have made a few of the fights that were really difficult far easier. Dark Souls I played back in 2012, so I kind of remember what I did. The Gargoyles got me like 4 times, opening boss on the Castle Wall got me like twice, Butterfly twice, Caprya Demon 1st try, and Sewer Dragon thing 1st try. The bosses I typically struggle with are if there are multiple, or they have adds. If its a 1 v 1 Fight, I typically can learn the patterns quick enough to do alright. I will say, Demon Souls was good, but didn't really hook me, this 2nd playthrough of Dark Souls has really hooked me. The Estus Flask mechanic compared to unlimited heals really changes the dynamic of how these games are played for the better. Elden Ring has quickly shot up to being my most anticipated game, where as I previously wasn't all that hyped.
  11. They will look damn near identical, with the PS5 version being 60fps, is my assumption. Has the footage we've seen really look that much better than was the PS4 was already doing?
  12. The crossplay complaints are usually about cheaters, not input. The kb/m players typically are the ones that complain more about Controller players and aim assist.
  13. Its a metroidvania style game of course there is some backtracking and revisiting areas.
  14. Doing this to piggy back off the TV Series? Prob saw how well Witcher 3 started selling after the Witcher Series, and want some of those residual sales.
  15. I played it to death but decided id wait for new a few big updatws before coming back to it.
  16. Okay yeah, if you don't enjoy the core gameplay then yeah it does make a game drag more and feel a bit more like a chore. I got that a bit towards the end of HZD just now. I enjoyed Ghosts of Tsushima more than HZD personally, the combat felt more fun to me, and the gameplay with a lot tighter.
  17. Agree. Most all open world type games, by the end I just want them to end. Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn, and while I enjoyed it, I am glad to roll credits. With Halo, I didn't want it to end, I wish there had been more, I enjoyed the core gameplay that much. You can really tell they did struggle to get this game made. For being an open world game, it really did lack a lot of depth and variety to its world. It didnt' take away from my experience with it, but it could have been so much more. Hopefully now that they got it out the door and can settle in and focus on content, they start to really churn out new quality stuff that adds to that sandbox they created.
  18. Is there a single open world game, or even a single video game who's gameplay loop ultimately isn't repetitive? End of the day essentially every game ends up being the same form of interactions over and over and over again.
  19. When people talk about VR adoption rates going up a lot in the past year or so, isn't that entirely because the Quest essentially and having a stand alone unit not being tethered to anything? I think this will sell fairly well, but I don't quite think VR adoption rates necessarily translate over when you need to have the headset tethered to the hardware, because play spaces become a big factor here.
  20. I agree. I got the Oculus Rift without the Touch Controllers, so I was stuck playing games with the Xbox Remote for a few weeks. After I got the VR Controllers, I finally felt like I was actually experiencing VR, and could never go back to just using a regular controller again.
  21. I appreciate Sony sticking with this. VR really is an incredible experience when done right, and being able to experience Sony's 1st party game worlds in VR will really add to the experience. Doing a Horizon VR game is really smart. I just personally can't see myself buying another headset, especially if its for PS5 only. If I could use it on PC's or something then I might bite, but know I wouldn't use it enough on PS5 alone. Maybe after some price drops.
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