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  1. I don't know, I've seen people argue that booby steamers get more promotion and featured space than the more legit gaming female streamers, and hurt the credibility of Twitch for other female streamers. I think Amouranth making 3x more than Pokimane, who I think was the largest female streamer on the platform, speaks to that. A girl that licks microphones simulating oral sex making 3x more in sub/bit revenue than a girl that actually play games isn't a great look.
  2. Is it a BR? Seems to just be massive PvP style Dark Zone of sorts. Does it have a closing zone? You go in, collect loot, extract? Almost like a play on Escape from Tarkov?
  3. The multiplayer seems to be in an amazing spot right now. Has really got me hyped more for campaign the more I play. Everything just feels so right from a gameplay perspective. Also, the types of maps and races and other things people will come up with in Forge focused around the Grapple are gonna be pretty fun to watch for. They've added a lot of pieces to the sandbox this time around that can create some pretty cool moments and opportunities, and Forge will bring that all out.
  4. Ya the core campaign is really well done. It's the Live Service stuff afterwards that is really poorly done.
  5. I said it's similar to Dark Souls in the sense it was based on a Stamina bar, you actually have to aim, dodge, and position during fights. Is it as in depth and intricate as Dark Souls, of course not, it's an MMO. But its a far better combat system then other MMO's I tried where its basically just clicking buttons and everything is done automatically for you, with dice rolls and auto targeting. Also, PvP is a very big core part of this game. You can entirely ignore it, but some of my experiences in this game in PvP have been some of the most fun I've had in gaming in a long time. *I haven't played many MMO's. Never interested me until this.
  6. Just about every person I know that has played this, has been hooked. Everyone has loved it. I find the combat to be pretty comparable to a Dark Souls game. There's a reason its as popular as it is, after multiple previews over the past 2 years, more and more people keep trying it, and falling in love with it. I'd say give it a shot and see for yourself. I've been sold since I first tried it.
  7. Finished this last night. Took around 11ish hours total I think. Played it on hard the entire way through and didn't have much of any issue with any of it, but the Final Boss was annoying enough that I turned it down just to finish the game. I tried maybe 8 times on Hard, and due to the nature of the fight, just didn't feel it was worth it to keep trying. Some 3rd person games I just can't stand due to the camera being a bit too zoomed in, and being unable to see your surroundings well enough. The final boss fight had enough issues that just felt cheap enough that I turned it down to Normal, and beat it pretty easily 1st try. The jump in difficulty from Normal to Hard is pretty stark. Overall I did really enjoy the game. I do think it starts to wear itself thin a bit by the end, and I was wanting it to be over. It does everything it does pretty well, but also doesn't really do anything so well that it had me wanting it to continue. There was a lot more combat than I initially wouldve thought going into the game, as I was anticipating more a Pikmin puzzle type game. Either way, it'd probably be a solid 7.5ish for me. The visuals and art style are definitely the stands outs. Combat is decent and the difficultly of the game overall was actually pretty good as it did ramp up quite a bit as the game progresses. Very solid outing from Ember Labs for their first game. Definitely a studio to keep an eye on.
  8. It's a game that prioritizes framerates, as it runs 120fps. Mutliplayer also isn't a good place to judge visuals, as you don't want all the fancy looking stuff there, you want clean maps with clear sight lines, ect. Won't be able to judge Halo visuals til the campaign really. It looks and plays great though for a multiplayer game. If the gunplay, movement, and smoothness translates to the campaign its gonna be a good time exploring that world.
  9. DIdn't read the article, but the Grapple is a Special Equipment with limited charges that you need to pick up. In this "Training" mode you spawn with it so its easy to mess around with. In game though it shouldn't be as prevalent, unless they change its usage and allow you to spawn with it.
  10. Seems you can actually play custom games with friends. Not sure its intended but it's working right now.
  11. If you plan to play on Xbox, just check the insider hub, you won't need to check any email or the website.
  12. Good points. I think if they did acquire anything, they'd announce that before announcing this. So don't think there is any chance they acquired anything from Square.
  13. Ya this will definitely fuel some fire to those rumors. I mean the Japanese side of Square Enix doesn't port anything to Xbox, so no way they'd be buying all Square Enix.
  14. Just cleared that fight tonight. I died to a few of the other bosses, mostly those that have lots of adds. Managed to finish the fight you mention first try, thought it was fairly challenging at times. Fighting in this game mostly just comes down to timing parries, like many other of it's type. If you can do that, most fights become really easy.
  15. How far into it would you say you are. Difficulty has perked up a bit, mainly due to number of enemies it can throw at you, which is nice. Camera feels a tad too zoomed in at times during combat which makes knowing when to dodge difficult. I can't even remember if there is a visual warning at all anywhere. I still find it rather easy overall so far from a combat perspective.
  16. I started this tonight after finishing up Psychonauts. So far I'm enjoying it. It sells itself with its visuals and charm. It's a pretty game, and has an adorable art style. It's definitely far up there for an indie game in terms of visuals. Gameplay wise its okay. Combat is comically easy so far, but I'm still early in. The stuff with the Rot is a little too hand holdish so far as well. I am only an hour or so into it though so still probably in the tutorial type phase of the game. Hoping the difficulty and puzzles ramp up though.
  17. It's kind of like the Xbox Free Weekends for certain games. For Story of Seasons, it's this specific week that has a trial. So while yes they offer trials, its not at your convenience. Still a cool perk though, and not one I really knew much about either. Nintendo Switch Online players get this cute farming simulator for free! WWW.IMORE.COM Nintendo Switch Online subscribers have access to Game Trials, where they can play a game for free for one week. The upcoming game on offer is from the beloved Story of Seasons franchise. *On a side note, how is this game? Similar to Harvet Moon of old? Stardew Valley?
  18. Just rolled credits on this. What a wonderfully creative game. Enjoyed it a lot more than the original. The level design was probably some of the most creative I've played. Really really well done. I know Double Fine has said they would prefer to do smaller games and do new things, but I'd have to expect a future Psychonauts coming from them eventually.
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