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  1. For all those PS5's with the graphical issues, which some think means its a faulty or dead GPU. Can those be repaired by Sony, or do they need to essentially replace the SOC? Cause while it might not be a huge issue, would that mean they need to take stock out of new production units to replace faulty units? There were reports of the 50% yield issues prior to launch, and anecdotally I feel like I've seen quite a few people having these types of issues on Social Media. Far more than the PS4/XBO/Switch/PRO/XBOX. Could this cause even more inventory and availability is
  2. And there's only one next gen console that currently plays Warzone at 120fps. Any competitive game should be played at max frames over graphical fidelity.
  3. 60fps will very much be the main target this gen for majority of games I think. Or at the least, a 60fps performance mode, and a 30fps all bells and whistles mode. The 120fps modes will be more so for those that do want the option and have TV's that can offer it. Something like fighting games, which may be capped out visually in some ways, should really focus on getting the highest possible frame rates where it really matters.
  4. I am wrapping up the Atlantis DLC now. I really liked the game, but it was too big and bloated. Hard to follow what the main story even was. I am hoping Valhalla is a bit more streamlined.
  5. I saw that bundle go up as well. Kohls cancelled all 4 of my Pre-orders, but let me keep the $180 for each order in Kohls Cash. So lost 4 PS5's, but got $720 in Kohls Cash to spend next week for $0. Not bad.
  6. Fairly certain it's a permanent PS+ Perk going forward. Kind of like EAs Vault. Games will probably slowly get added as well.
  7. So they started sending Cancellation emails from last night, I haven't gotten one yet. Let' hope!
  8. No, I think they had it right. Just posting because the Dev confirmed it will be fixed in a patch. Seems they had the XSX loading in the wrong assets instead of the higher quality assets.
  9. I tried to place 3 orders. I haven't gotten any Email Confirmation, but they say they are "In Fulfillment" now. If any go through, I'll let you know.
  10. Yeah it is odd. Found it odd they didn't have xCloud working on Windows 10 like immediately, seemed like it'd be one of the easiest implementations of it.
  11. Well RDNA 2 cards are literally just hitting the market, and essentially no cross gen games are using any of the new techniques they implemented to improve efficiency. I think Dirt 5 dev said they used VRS, but didn't have enough time with the new dev kits to explore the other new techniques. He also said they had a lot of overhead to play with at the 120fps mode, but still were learning the GPU on Xbox. Ultimately this is why having a 1st Party showcase piece is so important, to show would can be possible when you are using these tools to try to get more out of your hardware, and MS droppe
  12. The Dirt 5 dev said they were only using 5ms of the 8ms for 120fps mode, so he had a lot of overhead still on the XSX. He said he simply needed more time to learn the GPU. So ya not sure if its a bug or something else happening. The Dirt 5 dev said they had a hard time testing 120hz mode as well because no one on the team had 4k120hz screens initially. I haven't tested the 120hz stuff yet on my Xbox due to the fact I run stuff through splitters and a capture card. I will at some point try to test it out though.
  13. We are gonna need a "Show me your setup" thread now that everyone had to fit this monstrosity into the setup somehow.
  14. I got to the Place Order spot, and every time I hit it it just bought me back to the payment options. I have an order pending with Walmart so not sure if that's what was stopping me, as it's 1 per customer.
  15. I've never played a Yakuza but bought this. I was going to start Valhala next then jump to this after, but maybe I'll try to juggle between the 2 for some more variety.
  16. I think its in store pickup only, so you need to search if there is one within your range. Not sure how it all works, just saw it as available.
  17. Best Buy keep showing Open Box availability as well. Depending on the area you are in, might get lucky and get a display unit?
  18. I'm wrapping up Odyssey now. I didn't love it at first, felt too big and bloated. Still do feel its too big and bloated, but it's grown on me and really loving it. I think I finished the main story line last night, now just wrapping up the other stuff. Can't wait to start Valhalla though.
  19. Its automatically enabled for all games, unless they specifically turned it off.
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