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  1. Yeah you can actually play Xbox and PC right now even though its not officially in there. I'm beat the first playthrough and am now in Adventure mode, where the difficulty def ramps up. I played all the original maps at 2.7x difficulty, and it was a decent challenge, but nothing too crazy. I look forward to getting to a higher level where I can start trying to finalize some builds. There is a decent amount of variety in loot, so I look forward to tinkering a bit. Been running solo so far as well.
  2. Is no one playing this? I've actually been really loving it. While simple, it really does a good job of having a great loot system that makes finding new loot fun and meaningful. Also has a lot if pretty varied build potential depending on the loot u find. For whatever reason it's not a Play Anywhere title though which is bullshit since it lends itself perfectly for it.
  3. I edited after I checked, I can't find a way to buy it either. Most games you can though, even with no price listed. So it has to be some kind of listing error or something, cause its showing the same way on the website.
  4. Edit - I maybe wrong. Most of the time you can buy it off the Xbox One. I don't think its even showing on Xbox.com, so must be glitched out or somethig.
  5. I'd say it's worth it. But you can also pay $5.00 at some point to try it out on EA Access, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it on a lot more sales in the future. I like a lot of the core mechanics and ideas in Anthem, they just completely fumbled on the end game and so many other aspects of what a Looter Shooter needs to do. With next gen consoles improved loading as well, they might be able to drastically improve the vision of the game.
  6. Curious what does this mean... That using this type of rendering, or bringing in Megascans, isn't really feasible for real games? As I said, I'm not all that tech savy, so just wondering what this translates to.
  7. So we are to believe that Epic didn't also develop this demo alongside various PC specs to see how it'd perform on different hardware?
  8. It was maybe a joke, but the side by side comparisons of a competent PC vs a console at the time showed the difference in performance you could expect. It's just one of the first comparison vids that came to mind. Epic could have pretty easily demonstrated something like this showing what the Demo would look like with the "God Tier" SSD vs what it'd look like on a regular NVMe SSD. Just so we could see the actual real life application of the tech. Reading numbers about I/O doesn't mean a whole lot to me since I'm not the most tech savy, but seeing a side by side comparison to demonstrate it would do wonders.
  9. When I see examples of Ray Tracing tech, I typically see the same scenes with ray tracing turned off so I can clearly see the difference and how the tech actually changes games. We used to see this as well with other new PC tech like PhysX, ect. I just think if you are going to try to highlight your new tech and how it's going to push everything beyond what's out there, run a side by side comparison to highlight those differences. Seems like it'd be pretty easy to do.
  10. I don't think people are questioning if PS5s SSD tech is ahead of current PCs and the Xbox. All I've seen is people questioning the comments that the demo was only possible on a PS5 due to that tech. And I think it's perfectly fair to ask, how would a high end PC and XSX run the same demo, and what would it look like without the SSD tech. Because if a high end PC and XSX can run that demo identically then yeah it's a bit misleading to try to say it's only possible on PS5 due to the SSD.
  11. In Xbox's Case, the Cloud Computing and "Power of the Cloud" was overpromising, as it never really came to any kind of actual benefit. Crackdown Multiplayer was a shell of what was originally promised.
  12. I saw some Tweets going around that Epic China did a presentation about the demo, and stated the entire demo would run the same on a typical high speed SSD and 2080 Super on PC but with better performance. So again, until we ever see a side by side comparison to show what Sony's SSD actually does in real time vs a high end PC, it's hard to really know or believe any of this PR speak.
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