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  1. I mean, the Dirt Dev said the XB1 and PS4 gen was by far the most boring new gen he's ever worked on. He said all the hardware was, was a beefier 360/PS3 basically, so games were exactly the same, just prettier. He said from a development standpoint, there wasn't really much anything new to learn or new things to try in games. He said this new generation is far far more exciting due to all the different improvements these boxes have. And now developers can start thinking of new ways to design games and leverage the hardware. I think some of you are forgetting we are in the mids
  2. There is no ray tracing in Demon Souls. Unless the patched it in post launch.
  3. I so far prefer this to Odyssey. I thought Odyssey opened pretty weak but finished strong. The main story in Odyssey was kind of hard to follow too because of how everything kind of presented itself. It all wrapped up pretty nicely, but I almost lost interest before that point. The Bountry Hunters in Odyssey also were so horrible done. In Valhalla, I've found all the mini story arcs for each region to be pretty entertaining and interesting. I think I'm on my 6th now maybe? The gameplay in Valhalla is probably slightly weaker because of how easy it is. The AI seeme
  4. I was going to ask the same, doesn't it just check to see if the disc is present, but just run the game off the SSD?
  5. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/xbox-series-x-advantages-ps5/?amp&__twitter_impression=true Pretty good article highlighting some of the reasons I've preferred Xbox over Playstation. Xbox's overall ecosystem has always felt more connected. Having clips and screenshots easily accessible, Cloud Saves syncing automatically from console to console. Now xCloud being included in Game Pass literally gives me a portable Xbox whenever I want to access it. I used it a lot over Xmas break with my nephews, playing co-op in games that don't offer couch co-op. Allowing multiple ex
  6. While I've been really enjoying it, I think it'll be hard to say this game didn't disappoint from most aspects. It just had too much hype to live up to. I don't think it'll come anywhere close to Witcher 3 in regards to how it's remembered. Maybe after some updates and DLC to clean up some things. One thing that I think does come into play a bit, is Witcher 3 was the culmination of the series coming together, and had a lot of characters we really cared about that we knew from the previous games. I also feel it did a much better job of pacing how we interacted with di
  7. I think the game is very cpu intensive, so the One X and Pro aren't very much upgraded over the base consoles in regards to their CPUs. They are still Jag cores. Add to that the slow HDDs and I don't think it's that great from either the Pro or the One X.
  8. I honestly don't play on PC all that much. I primarily use it for multiplayer shooters' like Warzone, Apex. Then also a lot of the Early Access Survival type games. Cyberpunk is the first big release ive played where I care about high settings and performance in a long while, since Fallen Order. I'll probably end up waiting, but it's tempting when i see them available to to try to quickly snag one.
  9. As a 2080ti owner, is it worth upgrading.to either a 3080 or 3090 right now, or should I wait until the next batch of cards come?
  10. I play with headphones, and the bass doesn't typically stand out, but it does in this game. It's been a long while since I've been out to clubs, but it does such a great job of representing that experience. The music anywhere in the world just enters the game beautifully with directional sound. I was walking around outside too and one of those big blimp flying things came by, and I legit wasn't sure if it was real life a big jet airliner or in game (I live near Military Bases where large planes fly overhead somewhat regularly). I've just been extremely impressed all
  11. Something else I've thought about, is how amazing the sound work is in this game. The ambient noise, the way they mimic the sound and bass walking into a club. So much of it is outstanding. The directional work is also so well done. It might be the best and most believable audio I've experienced in a game.
  12. Once I realized how OP Body Cripple is, it feel its broken. I said it earlier, but the Quick Hacks are insanely effective and almost too easy to use. I hope later game there are enemies with more resistances or defenses to them, as I am still pretty early in with regards to Main Story I think. I love the car design in this game, and really hope they can put together a good GTA Online type Multiplayer experience with tons of customization.
  13. I've still be absolutely hooked playing. I am level 38 I believe, haven't touched main story in awhile, just knocking out Gigs and Side Jobs. I maxed out my Intelligence Attribute, now working on Technical Attribute for crafting. Will probably evenly distribute remaining between Body and Reflexes. While exploring, I've found quite a few more random bodies or areas with Legendary Crafting Schemes or Items. The city is so dense, I imagine it's nearly impossible to truly explore most of it. I also rolled up into some new areas I've never seen at a
  14. I don't necessarily think it's the fact he game is running so poorly on the last gen consoles that is the big issue at hand here. The issue is the lack of transparency. They purposefully didn't show any footage of the game and made statements like, it's running great. If they showed the game and how it was performing, and were like, we will keep working on it, you'll get the next gen update for Free, this is how it runs on the One X/Pro, and in back compat modes on PS5/XSX at least a few weeks before release to allow people to cancel or wait with more information, I th
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