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  1. I've read a theory that MLB really wanted to have a larger audience for the game, so they probably worked with Sony to do whatever it took to get this on as many platforms as possible. I don't follow the current ratings of Baseball, but aren't all the demographic trends leaning very heavily towards the older crowd still watching, but not growing at all with younger viewers. MLB could see having baseball game like this out to as many possible people as a positive thing, specifically with Xbox being a very US centric console. Even with the huge install base PS4 has over Xbox, in the US last I knew it was still relatively close. I'm amazed at how much Fifa got some friends of mine, and my nephews, into watching European League Soccer games. They knew the players from Fifa, and they started watching religiously due to Fifa sparking the interest. Of course this could all be bullshit, but made some sense to me.
  2. Wonder if he would know.... I mean he doesn't state its coming to Xbox, but would he comment on it otherwise.
  3. Yeah thats what I was leaning on. If thats the case, I cant imagine MLB actually would have forced Sony into making it multiplat, because they aren't buying an exclusive license. Maybe Sony just see's such a big potential market to sell to and is doing the smart thing.
  4. Actually has Sony ever had an exclusive MLB license, or did no other companies bother making an MLB game other than The Show really? Do those cheap RBI series have MLB License?
  5. Thats interesting. I wonder if it was a stipulation from the MLB to get the rights. Doesn't seem like a very Sony thing to do. Also wonder if it'll extend to Xbox, or maybe just like PC.
  6. Bought and dont know a thing about it... better not disappoint.... when I finally get around to playing it in 5 years
  7. It wasn't hard at all even at this difficulty. A few hours in, once I hit 5 stims and extra Skills unlocked, I felt pretty OP.
  8. I dont think Project Scarlett games are going to be compatible to the Xbox One skus. Xbox One games will play on Xbox Scarlett, but I have never seen them claim Xbox Scarlett is going to play on Xbox One.
  9. I don't really know much about development or graphics engines, but can't you have basically the same bells and whistles graphically, just with different resolutions to bring down demand pretty substantially from a hardware standpoint. Like running a game at 4k60 vs 1080p60 would mean the hardware needs to be 4x more powerful? If you don't care at all about 4k, or 1440p, , can't you play even some of the most demanding PC games out today at 1080p 60 on a mid to low range graphics card? Aren't the higher end cards primarily to push higher resolutions. If their focus this time around is on Frame-rates over Resolutions, would the 4 to 10 terraflop or whatever difference make a huge difference? These are questions cause I am clueless on all this, and am genuinely curious.
  10. Ya $200 is obviously lowballing it, as I think the Xbox Digital Only launched at like $250? I just think if they are serious about getting some marketshare back from the console only crowd, having lower points of entry is really the only play. I think most assume Anaconda and PS5 will be $500, so maybe a $300 option. One thing I've noticed playing more PC is most everyone I know is playing 1080p and medium or lower settings on pretty high end hardware for the performance gains. Once you leave the realm of console fanboyism its amazing how little people seem to care or even know about 4k and all that. They seem to want 1080p at the most frames.
  11. I mean if they can launch next gen with a $200ish pricepoint to be able to play Halo Infinite, 100+ Game Pass games, ect. then I cant imagine it being a terrible strategy. Think of all those that wait years to jump into a next generation due to price and library. They will have the Sub/Payment plan for the Premier System, then the cheap priced entry level option. Knowing PS5 is gonna be back compatible and with how big an install base it has, they really need to have a viable reason to switch to or buy Xbox. A low barrier of entry on price to play Next Gen games could be it.
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