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  1. You're son might be playing the traditional multiplayer, but just about everyone is only playing Warzone it seems. My nephews only ever play Warzone, the only reason they care about owning Cold War, was so they could unlock guns for Warzone faster.
  2. Just wait until he finds out his Son is only playing Warzone...
  3. I've been in the End Game and I've been really enjoying it. It is very repetitive after a certain point, but if you're the type that likes tweaking a build and experimenting with things, the way they share information on your performance is by far the best I've seen of these types of games. The post Expedition Stats show you tons of data. It'll show how much damage you did total, and break it down by skill/mod/weapon/perk, ect. It really helps with seeing what mods and perks you think maybe helping you put out tons of damage, really aren't doing anything. It's help
  4. All classes can generate shield if they have mods for it. Trickster is the only one that I'm aware of that generates them as part of their skills.
  5. Tier 1 and a lot of 3 Armor Mods are class specific because they directly impact the Skills. Tier 2 can have a few specific class specific mods, but like 90% of them are identical from what I've seen.
  6. Are you both Level 24? Are you both wearing the same Level Gear? At the higher levels, each jump in level is much more significant. I'm a Pyro playing with my Technomancer friend, and we've both been pretty in line stat wise. He usually is a little above me actually. I know a lot of guys in here roughly the same level as you with their Technomancers, what stats are you guys running with for Health and Armor? @TomCat @Mercury33
  7. I mean, it looks like a headshot 1 shotted most of them. And it looked like 5-10 rounds to the body for most to start going down. From what I saw, I definitely didn't see "Bullet Sponge".
  8. I've put a ton of hours into the game, occasionally Ill hear a weird chime, never knew what it was. Never actually hear it during combat though.
  9. Just finished the campaign. I managed to hit Lvl 30, and World Tier 15 right towards the end of the campaign. My Devastator was basically indestructible, but some of the later Tier 15 Bosses did take some time to kill. I love my build, but I know Devastators are shunned in End Game right now because they "dont do enough damage". I feel like I output a good amount though, but hard to judge without really playing End Game with others. Did my first Exxpedition, it only allowed me to try Tier 6, so I ran one solo, and managed to get a Gold Rating. Interested to dive int
  10. Ya chances are you are whatever world tier you've earned this far as it defaults by putting you at your max World Tier.
  11. Yeah, you definitely need to synergize your build. Make sure the armors perks you're wearing boost the skills you are using. Make sure to try to have a gun with Life Leech or Shield Leech to help a little with survivability. I'm still running my solo Devastator, just hit Lvl 27, World Tier 13. Also, upping World Tier also allows you to equip higher level gear so match your enemies, so you're really not at as much a disadvantage as it may seem. When you first level up or hit a new world tier, you'll be at a disadvantage for a bit, but as you get drops to match your Ge
  12. What do you mean Auto Equip? If you're holding the Pickup button it equips it, if you tap it it just picks it up in your inventory.
  13. Why would that make you hate the game? It should keep the difficulty in a place that allows you to keep progressing without being too hard.
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