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  1. Also custom games so u can host an entire group of friends would be fun as well with custom playlist. I despise most of the team games as they 95% feel like complete random luck and would be fine if they removed just about all of them.
  2. I read the same regarding playing with controller and lower frames. A friend told me they lowered their FPS to 60 and plugged in a controller on PC and won back to back after not winning on kb/m in probably like 100 rounds.
  3. Aren't most warranties from the day you purchase the product and listed as a 1 year warranty? Not just some arbitrary date on a package. What if that isn't bought until a few months into 2021? I don't look at warranty info often but I don't think I've ever seen a date listed like that. *Looks like maybe it was registered online and that came up as the Warranty info?
  4. It's biggest strength is it's simple, and relatively quick. Matches go by quick even if you go far.
  5. It's way too shallow to be either of those. Its a fun mini games collection. If they add some kind of map editor and add in user created content, it would definitley add to it. As is it's only got a pretty small handful of courses and game types. Still fun for what it is. It's simplicity is a big positive.
  6. Well each "Squad" can only have 1 of each character, so if you matchmake or play with friends, better determine who gets to play as Spidey.
  7. I set up Steam Link, it recognized the Razr Kishi, fired it up, launched Fall Guys, and couldn't even launch a game because it had me in m/kb settings. Nothing I did seemed to get it to recognize the controller, which is odd considering Fall Guys also is configured for controller. Pretty frustrating for a first time try. Having m/kb controls be the default on PC may make it a bit more of an issue trying to play some of these games portably. *I tried Remant right after and it worked pretty flawlessly. Only tried it on my Home Network though, not on 4G.
  8. Hmmm, another big reason to get Game Pass? Must be a big 3rd party title coming to Game Pass right? Or a 1st Party project much closer to completion that they will show?
  9. Another question, I know Nvidia Shield had publishers pull games out from the service before. How did Nvidia Shield work? Wasn't it just streaming games you owned to the device? As far as I can tell, I can play every Xbox One game I own to any Android device through console streaming. Only back compat titles aren't supported. Is it possible publishers also block their games from this when it's out of beta?
  10. https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2020/08/09/square-enix-is-going-to-kill-avengers-with-obnoxious-marketing/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  11. Question for everyone. I've been messing around with xCloud more and more now that I got the Razr Kishi. I had been using the regular xCloud with the library of games they have available. Today I tested using my own console as the Server, and love it. Having my entire library of games accessible and the performance seemed the same as the regular xCloud experience. (Back compat titles aren't supported) I own a PS4, and obviously have Steam. I know both support Remote Play as well. You can link your Steam and PS4 to remote play apps, and play anywhere right? Is it tied only to your home network, or is it any on connection? I want to get all of them setup, as during the summer I spend way more time at my parents place, and having quick access is nice if I hang out there when we get the typical afternoon storms. I just haven't looked into either yet, and quickly Googling Sony's solution made it sound like I had to get some workaround.
  12. Yeah I dont care about the cosmetic stuff. Games have been doing these promos for so long now. It just feels this game has more of these partnerships than most games, but that Avengers license can't be cheap. The supposed Virgin Mobile skins look pretty unique though.
  13. Well he had already said he thought the game sucks before these promos. I've seen enough people state the same feelings after playing the demo that I think it'll get a lot of mixed reactions. It's also why it may be wise not to piss off 2/3 of your potential player base before people can play it. If someone goes into the game with negative feelings chances are they'll find reasons not to like it. I've seen a large enough number of people saying they need to delay it. Really curious to try it for myself soon.
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