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  1. Maybe they have a partnership with exclusive content/demo whatever and it turned into full exclusive? Didn't look all that great as well. Maybe when Sony saw it they wanted a refund on their deal.
  2. Wasn't Team Ninja's game rumored to be Sony exclusive? Shows Xbox in there?
  3. Xbox announced 41 new games for Game Pass in its E3 Showcase | VGC WWW.VIDEOGAMESCHRONICLE.COM Nearly every game shown will be coming to the subscription service on day one…
  4. It only shows the Series consoles, doesn't show Xbox One. Showed Xbox Series, Windows 10, and xCloud Streaming.
  5. The Starfield date said Xbox Series consoles only. So next gen only?
  6. I guess the Starfield teaser leaked. Waiting for the show though to watch anything.
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