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  1. As I said before, the kind of excitement and hype around the actual gameplay really is extremely refreshing to see. A lot saying easily one of the best PvP experiences to release in the last decade. My nephews both are too young to have grown up with Halo, but being back for Thanksgiving, I got them into it. Now they are loving it, even if they do complain about how many bullets it takes to kill someone. They have mainly played CoD, Siege, Fortnite. They said none of their friends play Halo either, but now maybe they'll get them to give it a shot.
  2. Why are people still talking about Xbox as if its a piece of hardware. It's been like 5 years since they made it pretty clear, selling hardware isn't their priority. 10 million people played Forza Horizon 5 in a week. That has been what they have been aiming for, player engagement. They dont care if you play on Game Pass, Xbox, Steam, or Stream to you phone. Stop thinking like its 2013.
  3. xCloud, now they can stream a game to try it out before committing to downloading.
  4. Benefit of Game Pass, everyone knows everyone else will have access to multiplayer titles when they hit.
  5. Im curious of the Season 2 date they are giving is a worse case scenario. Under promise, over deliver. Say it wont be out for 6 months, then suprise everyone 3 months early with the update. 6 months seems like a long time for something like this.
  6. I read its due to the new open world nature of the game, and how to implement different systems like autosaves, respawns, ect. Like do you tether different players near each other or let them all roam free to tackle whatever they want. Do they teleport players if one is about to start some kind of mission and the others are farther away. How to balance the campaign around multiple playere in an open world format. More enmies, stronger enemies? There have been enough open world type coop games though that it doesnt seem like itd be all that complex.
  7. Last night was Halo's first competitive open qualifier for its Competitive scene. Since it's dropped, Halo has completely owned my Twitter timeline, much to my surprise. I didn't think it'd be quite as popular right away. I never really followed much competitive gaming scenes, but in recent years have followed some FNCS, and Apex's ALGS. I watched some of yesterday, and do find following the Arena style competitive gameplay a lot harder to follow than a BR, but it was still intense at times and entertaining. The amount of enthusiasm around Halo right now is infectious. They have really nailed just about everything about the game, (other than the progression). Guess that year delay really did the team well, it really does feel like Halo is back.
  8. Its cross gen. If youre playing with OG Xbox One owners, or pc players with old scholl slow HDDs, you will load in slower.
  9. I don't follow Jeff closely, but I feel like he is negative about a lot of games. So this seems to be a pretty big ringing endorsement.
  10. Lofty praise, haven't watched the video yet, but I was hoping the exploration would feel a bit like Breathe of the Wilds.
  11. - Flight Sim also shipped in a playable state, even on Series S. (I tried it on Series S and was pretty impressed by how good it looked for such a small box) - MLB The Show, once a Playstation exclusive, was on Game Pass Day 1. Playstation owners had to shell out $70 for it while Xbox owners with Game Pass didn't. - Death Loop is also Microsoft 1st Party title now, and nominated Game of the Year. - Xbox Game Studios games have 25 total nominations at The Game Awards, a few more than Playstation Studios games. Sony has had a very impressive first year as well though, and have acquired quite a few solid studios to add to their portfolio. They also some solid deals with some new 3rd parties like Jade Raymonds team, and that other multiplayer focused studio. That will fill the hole they have with multiplayer focused exclusives. I think both console makers should be pretty happy with their 1st years given the challenges of the pandemic.
  12. Some very good news, and quick reaction to the negative feedback. MS's teams have been great about adjusting based on feedback, so hopefully this is what to expect for the future of their franchises.
  13. Cover Reveal – Halo Infinite WWW.GAMEINFORMER.COM Master Chief is back, and we’ve got a massive look at the soon-to-release game. Halo Infinite: First Campaign Hands-On Preview - IGN WWW.IGN.COM
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