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  1. I have the revive issue often but never have issues getting off a dragon heart, or not enough times I’ve felt it’s an issue. There are 2 traits tied to reviving and getting revived a bunch, and so have neither. I don’t get why not.
  2. Yeah I sorta figured out the mechanics as I went but went with a slow but steady approach. Started up another playthrough and luckily had 2 new areas in world one for some drops.
  3. Beat the main playthrough last night. Starting up on hard today. Main boss was interesting. I'm not sure if I did it right, but it was kind of a boring and simple fight. I have a feeling there was a different way to go about it, but my way worked, just took awhile.
  4. Found out you can play your first playthrough on hard, for any new comers looking. Just go to the crystal right at the start, and reroll the campaign, and change it to hard.
  5. I don't know that for sure, but from my experience it seems like its 1 per world. Might not be though, I didn't find one in my 2nd World. But I found 1 in my 1st/3rd/4th. Also some in ARZ and Skillz's worlds.
  6. Nah, if you are in a persons world and they grab them you should also get one. There is just only 1 per World I think, so might just be bad luck getting into games with them. Or at least that'd be my guess
  7. Have u been joining frineds or randoms games? I know you can get all their extra tombs to get higher trait level. Have you beat the main storyline playthrough already?
  8. You realize he’s talking about Outer Wilds and not No Mans Sky right?
  9. I think there are only 4 Worlds at launch, but after you complete the main campaign, the NG+ is essentially a completely new playthrough. I finished the 2nd world, but joined up with ARZ to help him out, and literally all the dungeons were completely, and i mean completely different. like 4/5 Different enemy types I never saw in my game, the gameplay was different due to the way they played as well, in terms of their combat style. 3 new bosses with new gear I never saw in my game. I believe they said it'd take quite a while for people to see everything the game has to offer, but it is kind of tied to RNG of the world you roll when you reroll it.
  10. The Worlds they created are pretty impressive too. Ive found quite a few Locked doors and areas where its clear I'll need to find items or do something in order to access them. The sound effects and atmosphere as well are really well done. Being in an enclosed close quarters area and just hearing big hulking footsteps nearby and trying to find where they are, and then hearing the screeches of the other smaller adds coming, just all well done and can be horrifying.
  11. I have a ring for +15%xp I think but haven’t been using it i do like the trait system, cool way of having a skill tree. Tough to decide where to put your points into though.
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