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  1. I jumped back in. Was really overwhelmed and lost but had a few buddies explain a lot of it to me. Definitely in a good place right now. Between this and Borderlands 3, i'm in looter shooter paradise.
  2. I think I've opened my disc drive on my xboxes all of 1 time, and that was to test out an UHD I got when I got an xbox one s. I definitely would be fine either way.
  3. Another article. Layoffs happen so dont really think this is an indictment of anything. Mike Ybarra just left Microsoft today after 20 years.
  4. Ya I assumed it probably wasnt accurate. Even though each company has had a flop of a transition, I'd give each a benefit of the doubt to not totally repeat the same mistakes again. Sony learned from the mistakes of the PS3. Hopefully MS learned from the mistakes of the XB1. Nintendo will continue to take risks and do whatever so who knows. I'll prob pick up a PS5 at launch and Scarlett. With more and more games being cross platform though itll be interesting to see if that affect next gen adoption at all.
  5. https://gamedaily.biz/article/1256/shawn-layden-departs-sony-amid-restructuring-confusion-and-potential-power-struggle With how well they handled the transition to PS4 and how well they've done everything this gen, I'd find it hard to believe they mess anything up with the PS5 launch.
  6. Made by the guys that made Fuel back in 2009. Makes sense given that game had the whole US to race around. Interesting to see how this tech pans out.
  7. Really is bullshit. The 1 week headstart on DLC maps is one thing, but to cut out an entire game mode for 2/3 of the player base that are paying the same exact same $ amount for access to the game, should be illegal. If you want to cut the the mode out, then charge less on Xbox and PC. I reall wish it would cause enough backlash that people would cancel preorders on Xbox and PC to say fuck you. I get that companies have been doing this forever, but it seems to be less and less popular these days. Wanna play cross play survival with ur xbox or pc buddies, too bad gotta wait a year. It's not making the game better for PS4 players, its limiting who they can play that mode with. I know a lot of PS4 players that are skipping the PS4 version and getting it on PC, and they aint buying a PS4 copy just for survival. Now all their old friends on PS4 cant play that mode with them. Nice job Sony punishing your playerbase as well. This game was getting a lot of positive hype and this seems to have kind of killed it. There is also leaks that actual guns will be locked behind their "Loot Crate" system again, actual weapons, not just cosmetics, but guns. Activison really is just the worst.
  8. All that shows me is BF1 sold a lot. I never though the BF series was a huge seller. Yet it outsold Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Halo 5 on their respective platforms. That's impressive.
  9. I played more tonight, and for sure the issues that first night were a one off. Still some small issues here and there but nothing that affects my enjoyment of the game at all. It's mostly when moving to a new area. I've really wanted to do a play-through of the Zeldas from the original on NES up through the more recent ones. Whichever are easily available to play, since I had a NES Classic, SNES Classic, NES/SNES Online. So I may hold off and try to do those playthroughs first then revisit this.
  10. I tried it again. It's def not as bad as it was that first night. I'm guessing my Switch was downloading updates or something causing it to be worse. I still do notice the hitches and drops though but not nearly to the level it was.
  11. Yeah I watched the DF analysis and mine seems way worse. I'm not sure if I was downloading something in the background or something that maybe was causing issues. I'll have to try it again.
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