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  1. Maybe I'm just not seeing them but are none of Sony's 1st party games on here? Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman, God of War, Uncharted 4... Edit - Looked them up, Uncharted and HZD are $20 already so I can see those not being discounted much more. Spiderman and GoW are still $40, which aint bad, but still in no rush to pick them up.
  2. Well I happily paid 2/3 the cost of this to say “Xbox watch HBO” and “”Xbox volume up” for a few years.
  3. I signed up to be notified of its release. Not overly excited for it but I like wasting money on new gizmos.
  4. I was confused when Apex launched with Apex Packs, instead of just sticking with Fortnites formula of direct sales for items you want. With how much damn money Fortnite brings in, I figured that'd become the standard most companies would move towards. I'm assuming you can have loot boxes if you cant buy the loot boxes with real life currency, right?
  5. I’ve been blown away by this show. I never knew any of the details of Chernobyl so this series is both eye opening and devastating to watch. Seeing the scenes of the abandoned apartment buildings reminded me of the Sniper level in CoD4.
  6. The big issue I see is the yearly releases really create a huge issue with the long tails on spending. I'm not going to invest much additional money into a game for Skins and all the other bells and whistles if that game is gone in a year and I have to restart that investment process on new skins. Fortnite, at least to this point, you know if you're spending money on it, it's gonna be around for awhile. Apex seems to be this way as well, even though their monetization is terrible at this point. All those games and others like Overwatch, ect all are games where you feel safe investing some money in cause they will be around awhile. CoD, I was like, if this game is essentially gonna disappear and start new in October again, why the hell am I gonna spend any additional money on any kind of cosmetics only to lose them. They need to figure it out if they care about those long tail revenue steams. I saw it suggested to seperate out the Battle Royale Mode completely as a F2P mode, and have it continue to evolve with new maps yearly based on each studios older games, and keep adding to it rather than starting from scratch each year. Until they announce something like that, no way I'm spending anymore money on it.
  7. Are Targaryens immune to Dragon Fire? Could have been a cool scene with Drogon and John if he did indeed try to burn him and John just stood there like the Night King did, then Drogon accepted John as his new master. Also, before Tyrion ultimately decided on the new King, I thought it might end up with all the Lords arguing and not being able to come to a consensus, just leading to the next "Game of Thrones", and all the Lords already starting a new war with each other. Kind of showing no matter what happens, things will never change, the hunger for power will just keep repeating itself.
  8. You'd watch all of them, don't you lie. I'd be interested in the rumored White Walkers, Night King prequel. I didnt read the books and the show didn't do quite enough to explain all of that to me.
  9. So they confirmed they will be doing spin offs right? That ending will do wonders for leading to some nice spin offs with the existing characters if they go that route.
  10. I liked it overall. My only real complaint is that the season was rushed and didn't do all the story arcs justice. A full 10 episodes would've done wonders.
  11. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2019-05-19/sony-s-deal-with-microsoft-blindsided-its-own-playstation-team?__twitter_impression=true Interesting, one would think you’d talk to your gaming division when making these decisions.
  12. Prob a valid point, but aren't there plenty of ways to get discounted pre-orders on PC already?
  13. https://kotaku.com/console-players-can-t-beat-the-division-2-s-raid-1834854695
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