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  1. Well they haven't had anything worth buying with MTX yet. I think they want to get the game in a good state before they start focusing on MTX.
  2. I'm gonna assume this is all post story stuff. I hit Lvl 30 a few days ago but was waiting on a few friends to do the Strongholds. Seems you can't hit real end game til you do the Strongholds though, so guess I'll be tackling those today and tomorrow.
  3. You unlock a bunch of basic ones from the Quartermaster, but you unlock the rest it seems from Side Missions or Settlement upgrades that reward them. Once you get them, you have to craft them once at Home Base then you can just choose them on any gun. Its not so much a physical item you have, its just an unlock you have that becomes an option going forward in the game.
  4. http://blog.bioware.com/2019/03/19/anthem-post-launch-update/ Update from Casey Hudson Summary We know the launch has been rough but we are committed to perfecting the game/end game ect. The upcoming events that lead to the Cataclysm are really exciting, thanks for sticking with us and be prepared to see that the best is yet to come. I'm still looking forward to whats to come and eager to see how the world "evolves" I've personally taken a break from the game as I know they are planning big "Loot Changes" so I figure I might as well wait to see what they are before investing huge time in getting loot that may become irrelevant.
  5. I was having this as well with all deployables. Must be a glitch and really annoying.
  6. I always just rotate the 4/5 games I play the most on my SSD. I've had Anthem on there and while load times still aren't great it never did stick out to me.
  7. Something I've noticed... If you get certain weapons with talents you really love, save them in your stash, as the Re-calibration in this game allows you to trade talents off one gun and put them on another gun of the same type. Same goes for Armor, you can only trade the talent of the same Armor type.
  8. I can 2nd this. I've had an external SSD since back in the Division 1 days, and in this game it actually gave you a real advantage over others with the Dark Zone. Loading in faster after dying or being able to fast travel to different checkpoints with loads that are 15/20 seconds faster than others allowed you to get around quicker to cut off Rogues.
  9. Is there any reason to keep the trinkets you find, or can you just sell all of them?
  10. I've barely even died playing this game. As I said early on, I find it to be far too easy. I like the fact that if you get flanked and pushed on you'll probably die. I prefer that realism over Division 1. The only times I have died is when I happen to get unlucky and the room I'm in also happens to be the door where enemies spawn out of, or poor game mechanics like cover not protecting you from foam that doesn't physically hit you. Its a new game mechanic and it was the first time I encountered it. I learned its broken and know how to work around it. Thats not good game design or user error, its learning broken game mechanics and working around them.
  11. This entire response can be summed up to... learn and memorize where monster closets are, avoid them. As for the Foam Boss issue, yeah, I had to learn the game mechanic that apparently cover doesnt work on Foam Guns, as he can shoot foam over my head and it gets me stuck at my feet and waist for a good solid 5/6 seconds. I learned from it and didn't die afterwards. That doesn't negate the fact its broken and a boss shooting foam over my head shouldn't get my entire body stuck like he was hitting me dead center out of cover.
  12. You've posted 2 separate gameplay video that have absolutely nothing to do with the point that was brought up. The videos you posted are of the most straight forward basic missions, with enemies attempting to flank, that literally has absolutely nothing to do with what @mo1518brought up. And I'm not saying that the spawn issue is something that happens all the time or is game breaking, just that its happened a few times and is annoying when it has happened.
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