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  1. This is my feeling as well. The reception of this game probably had far more to do with Fallout 76, than this games own merits. Then you throw in the fact it's now a 1st Party Studio, so Xbox Fanboys are going to hype it up as being the greatest thing ever since its made my an Xbox Studio.
  2. You can currently buy an Xbox One X on Amazon with a Payment Plan with option to upgrade after 18 months I think. They had a special in December that made the upgrade available after a Year.
  3. Didn't they say they kept the CPU in order to make sure all games would work across both consoles. That some of the earlier games of the generation would have some issue moving to a new CPU?
  4. Well Halo MCC was the 2nd largest paid release on Steam this year I believe. That game is also on Ultimate Game Pass as well, so those numbers are pretty impressive, especially for a 4 year old game. Sea of Thieves hit 10 million players recently as well. With Game Pass it'll be pretty hard to judge popularity of their franchises based solely on sales.
  5. I don't personally like it. I'm fine with cross generational games, it happens all the time. I don't like a mandate from Microsoft that all 1st party games need to be cross generation for a certain time frame. If one of their 1st parties wanted to do something that a base Xbox One couldn't handle, I hope they didn't make them scale the game back in order to accommodate it. I would guess this is far more about Game Pass though. 1st Party games coming out Day 1 is the biggest selling point of Game Pass, and wanting to make sure that stays a primary driver of people keeping subs during this Cross Generational period is probably big. If some of the bigger 1st party titles were only Series X, people might let Game Pass lapse until they got a next gen console.
  6. I mean its the year of the PS5. Last year they said they didn't have enough new stuff to show so they were skipping. I've always enjoyed the hype around E3, but I never go, so whether they do their own conference on their own time, or actually got to E3, doesn't really matter much i guess.
  7. I didn't think of the used console market when thinking about this. I didn't resell any of my old Xbox's, just gave them to friends or family, which I guess is a new unique user that didn't technically purchase a console initially, even if they upgraded it as well later. The 360 is probably the one console that may have benefited a lot from double or even triple purchases, as well as the redesigns.
  8. You eat a lot of Taco Bell or something...? haha
  9. Fairly certain if you go into options you can shut off autoplay on most social media. Not 100% sure though.
  10. Always been kind of curious about this. How many of each console family have you actually purchased. The PS4 sold numbers got me thinking about how many individual users have bought the consoles. 106 Million sold, 1 billion games sold, means 10 avg games sold per PS4. 33 Million PS4+ Members or whatever it was. I know some users probably own hundreds of PS4 games. To avg 10 games would mean a lot of people own only 1-2. During the 360 Era, how many people had to purchase multiple Xbox 360's due to RROD. I think they sold like 80 million total during the 360 gen, but how many of those were people forced to buy a 2nd console due to the failure rate. I think I owned like 6 Xbox 360's over its life cycle. So how many people purchase the new sku's of their favorite consoles. How many people buy multiple consoles for their home. For me personally, I've probably bought 11 Xbox Ones by now. 6 Xbox One, 2 for my house, 2 for my parents home, 2 for my parents 2nd home. 3 Xbox One S's. Replace my Xbox Ones. 2 Xbox One X's. Replace S's 1 PS4 1 Switch 1 Switch Lite
  11. Yeah I was kinda joking. I just find it hard to believe they are going to mandate their developers to make games that can run on 2013 Xbox One. All of Phil's messaging is to let developers create what they want to create. I would think that mandating them to make games playable on old really under powered hardware doesn't really support those statements. I could where Xbox has their software set up to a place where, if you're on older hardware, it just defaults to having to play it through xCloud if you want to play it. Where you can buy it on the Xbox Store, or fire it up on Gamepass, but it'll state it'll be playable only on xCloud on older hardware. It still makes Booty's comments true. I still think the way its worded is just off though. If you're investing in Xbox between now and Series X, everything being playable on the Series X makes sense cause of course its Backwards Compat, you're not wasting money investing in stuff that wont be compatible in a year. I don't really understand how having designated next gen games hurts that commitment at all.
  12. If it is the same shape as the the dev kits, PS-V
  13. Holy shit, going Sony this time around, fuck Xbox. Beautiful logo.
  14. "The Xbox Series X imagery used during the AMD CES press conference was not sourced from Microsoft and does not accurately represent the design or features of the upcoming console. They were taken from TurboSquid.com."
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