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  1. I haven't followed his rumors lately, just saw the tweet and know he's been pretty keen on Xbox insider stuff all year so it was the first thing that came to mind. Now I'm seeing Battlefield most likely, and I'm fine with that.
  2. That's been announced already. I think its Halo or Battlefield. I'm seeing a few posts about BF delayed into 2022, so it maybe that.
  3. Now I have no idea if this is Halo, but Grubb has seemed to have pretty good insider info on Xbox stuff. With the reception of the lack of co-op campaign at launch, wouldn't shock me if they delayed it. The main reason I think they may not, is the marketing stuff they have in place for it again.
  4. If you are one that prefers to own all entries of a series on one platform, PC, as this is likely to be the last Deathloop game to be on a Playstation console.
  5. Well if you own a PC or Xbox, I'd assume most everyone will sit this one out or play on Game Pass in a year when it hits. I predicted it'd do very poorly once people knew it was a Microsoft IP going forward. I'd assume a lot of the Sony hardcore won't support it as well for that reason.
  6. Solid show for sure, but in terms of huge surprises, I guess KoToR and Wolverine. More multiplats than I expected, and did't expect as much time on Deathloop again. Guess its finally time to play Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War though to get ready for next years releases.
  7. The funny argument I see the most is that these developers need to be paid for the upgrade work so the $10 is justified. Sony is their publisher, they are being paid by Sony. The same PlayStation that is making record profits and revenues each quarter. There is no reason PlayStation can't be paying these studios for the work while not nickel and diming their most loyal customers that are buying their new hardware immediately. Especially when much smaller teams and publishers are offering free upgrades on all their titles. The developers are also doing this work anyway to upgrade their engines and technology for their next games anyway. Like Spiderman Remastered, all that work was being done for Spiderman 2 and Miles Morales anyway, so there was no reason to have to charge for an upgrade for next gen. The $10 isn't really a big deal, it's more the principle of it for me. And the fact they cleverly packaged these remasters as "Directors Cuts" so that they can charge for games because they probably knew reselling remasters would not be acceptable this gen.
  8. I saw a few Gaming people on Twitter say they could finally take their accounts off private, so there maybe a shadow drop game today or something that will be playable very soon. Maybe a beta of Factions? I expect this to be a very good show with at least one huge mega announcement/surprise. Looking forward to it.
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