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  1. Did it? Breathe of the Wild obviously was a huge release at launch, but if it released a few months earlier on Wii U, and then released again on Switch with a few "next gen" upgrades and played better than ever on Switch, you don't think it'd sell Switch consoles? One of the reasons I'm still interested in a PS5 right now is the Ghost of Tsushima co-op mode and Raid coming soon. It's extremely well done, and with the 60fps upgrade for PS5, that's more of a console seller for me than Demon Souls or Spidreman. Also, Cyberpunk is coming out right around at launch and wil
  2. Sony just released LoU2 and Ghost of Tsushima in the past few months, both being some pretty huge, high quality, exclusive 1st party games. They could have theoretically held one back a few months, made it PS5 only, add a few next gen flares, and call it a PS5 launch game. Does that really benefit anyone though just to create some new artificially hyped up launch lineup?
  3. Xbox Series X’s backward compatibility is good for live-service games VENTUREBEAT.COM PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Backward compatbility isn't just about old classics -- it's also about support for live-service games.
  4. If someone's financial situation is of concern, obviously they shouldn't be buying a new console, especially in the middle of a pandemic. That is true regardless of a launch lineup being good for bad.
  5. I was trying to buy a 3080 or 3090. Was I ready to spend $800-$2000 for some Next Gen only exclusive titles? No, I was going to do it to play my existing library better than I could before, as well as being ready for future games and being able to play them better. What launch day next gen games released with the 3080/3090's? So what are you waiting for? A price drop to $400? A pack in game bundle? I genuinely don't get the idea of waiting. Of course if your plan is to buy both consoles, but financially you need to choose one, then launch lineup and exclusive games
  6. Gears 5 Story DLC Is Coming Later This Year - IGN WWW.IGN.COM It's looking like Team Scorpio is going to get some time in the spotlight.
  7. Aren't PS+ Freebies still put up for sale regardless for non PS+ members? I guess with pre-orders it could create some problems.
  8. Rocket League was Free through PS+ when it first launched. Maybe Destruction All Stars will be a PS+ Freebie for Launch too?
  9. I think this generation by far for consoles, Launch Lineup matters least. Thanks to both consoles backwards compatibility, you won't be stuck only playing "Launch Games". I understand those that think, well then why'd I spend $500. I've explained myself before, but you are spending that $500 to play the new releases at their best fidelity on console, as well as knowing that you are good to go for another 6-7 years of new releases. Unless your plan is to wait a few years for a price drop or console revision, there is no benefit to to waiting til next year when HZD or Halo drops.
  10. I'll be picking it up tomorrow, my brother and bro in law and nephews have Quests so hopefully we get some gaming time. Is it 4 player squads, or 3?
  11. Well this video wasn't recorded today, it was teased the past few days. It's something they've had, and had plenty of time to upload a 4k high bitrate video. They just don't for whatever reason, it's baffling.
  12. Oh maybe? I don't upload to Youtube often though, but can't you schedule uploads ahead of time and time their actual release? Why is Digital Foundry's videos always 4k right on release when I watch them? IGN is the only site that seems to have the issue for me.
  13. For being a big media company, IGN has by far the worst quality game footage almost every single time. How do they upload quality like that and not be embarrassed?
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