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  1. Well Ubisoft+ is going to be a seperate thing on Playstation+ too. I'd be pretty shocked if Ubisoft+ Classics aren't on Game Pass considering many of those games, which is a rather small catalog to start, have already been on Game Pass.
  2. Ubisoft+ and Xbox already announced a similar partnership earlier in the year, just haven't officially announced details. So chances are Xbox will have this same Ubisoft+ Classics as part of Game Pass.
  3. Are you a PS Now subscriber? This really has next to nothing to do with existing PS+, as you'll still be getting basically the same thing you are getting today unless you pay to upgrade.
  4. 15 of their first party's have released new games or significant updates/expansions to their games since 2020. Just because they weren't exclusives doesn't mean they didn't put anything out. Delays obvioulsy suck, but I think everyone can agree that it's much better to delay games and get them right than push them out just to fill in gaps in a schedule.
  5. Combat in the Arkham games was very well done from what I remember, definitely not a weakness. Especially when you got later into the game with different combos of enemies, they almost became puzzles.
  6. If its set as your Home Xbox, unplug it from the Intenet. It thinks its online and trying to authenticate, but if you unplug it and its offline, it may play Single player offline games.
  7. There wasn't really a way to play it on any iOS device though. My nephews used to largely play on their iPad Mini's before it got blocked. No clue what kind of demand would be, but I don't doubt Fortnite could throw some huge numbers pretty quick.
  8. Is it down again, I was playing Halo maybe an hour ago with no issues. I honestly can't remember last time Xbox has been down. Stepee really is bad luck. I honestly think it might be due to the Fortnite stuff. That must have added a lot of traffic to Xbox Live and the cloud services. Azure should be able to scale easily to handle it but may have caused other issues.
  9. If you want to know what needs to be installed where, if you go to File Info while under Manage Game, about 75% of the way down, it has a line saying Gen9, or Gen9Aware. If it's Gen9 needs to be on Internal. If it's Gen9Aware can play off external. Not idea but one quick way to find out.
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