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No More Heroes III - Information Thread, update: October 11 release for PC, October 14 release for PlayStation consoles/Xbox consoles, physical "Day 1 Editions" available for pre-order

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16 minutes ago, LazyPiranha said:

Hey, now I feel vindicated for not buying that weird isometric thing that came out a month or so ago.


I was really hoping for a mini game compilation. Instead, we got "mini games" that were really just the same game played in different settings. Very disappointing.


I was still way too excited for this news, though, so I guessing I'm picking it up too.

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No More Heroes 3 – the latest numbered installment in the No More Heroes series – is set for release exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2020!!


Featuring a score by lead composer Nobuaki Kaneko, as well as Robin Atkin Downes reprising his role from the previous titles in the series as Travis Touchdown. Original series lead character designer Yusuke Kozaki is back as well!!


Also featuring boss characters designed by Masanori Ushiki, with Kenichiro Mizuno taking on design duties for the character of Damon.


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24 minutes ago, gamer.tv said:

I played a good amount of No More Heroes and I couldn’t tell you if I actually enjoyed it - or if I was just caught up in the newness of the Wii I had purchased.


Probably a little from column A, a little from column B. 


The game itself is good, regardless of platform. But note my wording: it's good. Not great. But...it *IS* good. Good fun. 

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1 hour ago, gamer.tv said:

I played a good amount of No More Heroes and I couldn’t tell you if I actually enjoyed it - or if I was just caught up in the newness of the Wii I had purchased.

It was Option B for me. I dropped it quickly after that wore off. I just remember finding it boring and annoying.

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8 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

I feel like the people who know they want it are going to get it regardless of reviews.


I loved the first two, and am looking forward to this one as well, but if it reviews poorly, I'd probably wait for a price reduction at the least.  While I never played that spinoff game as it just looked bland to me, it did make me wonder what direction the 3rd game would take.

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Hearing enough good things on resetera/twitter that I felt confident enough to get this bought and preloaded.


I loved the first one but never played the second because I didn’t like that it was like just fighting (and did Suda even direct it?) and just being done with wii by then. TSA never looks like enough of a game to me to drop $30 on it. I thought for a second of playing one or both of those while in the hospital before this to be all caught up, but eh, this is the follow up I wanted, so I’ll just play this and read a recap on those.


Also since I only have my switch atm this is something new I can download and play at least. 

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Game Information

Game Title: No More Heroes 3


  • Nintendo Switch (Aug 27, 2021)

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture

Review Aggregator

OpenCritic - 79 average - 73% recommended

Critic Reviews

Press Start - 9.5 / 10

No More Heroes III is the best No More Heroes experience this far. A  streamlined structure, some fantastic writing and direction from Goichi Suda and some of the tightest combat the series has ever seen makes No More Heroes III the best in the series. There's some technical issues that we've come to see from the Switch, especially in the open world, but these are otherwise minor blemishes on a remarkable artistic achievement.

Attack of the Fanboy - 4.5 / 5 stars

Summarizing No More Heroes 3 in a few sentences is hard to do. It's the fantastic sequel that Travis Touchdown and fans of the series deserve where the game, visual, and sound designs are all sublime which is rare in this current generation.

Digital Chumps - 9 / 10

No More Heroes 3 is enticingly irreverent, throwing a barrage of stimuli at the player. While repetitive side missions may pad out its length, SUDA51's bizarre vision shines through, creating a can't miss roller coaster of action, laughs, and assassinations.

Digital Trends - 4.5 / 5 stars

No More Heroes 3 is a gem for the Nintendo Switch that no action fan should lack in their collection.

Digitally Downloaded - 4.5 / 5 stars

No More Heroes III is still big, colourful, bold and filled with surrealistic humour. With the energy dialled right up to the maximum, it’s hard not to love something this brash.

Easy Allies - 9 / 10

No More Heroes 3 is an insane and wonderful trip.

GotGame - 9 / 10

In the end, even with all its faults, No More Heroes III is a true standout to me. I love the meta references, the dialogue, and even the crazy boss battles. The anime inspired cutscenes and effects pump the title with over-the-top energy and I’m here for it. If you’re a SUDA51 fan and you’ve followed the series, you need to pick this up.

Hardcore Gamer - 4.5 / 5

After over a decade since a proper numbered sequel, No More Heroes III brings back the franchise in what could arguably be called its strongest entry yet, and one of the best overall games that Suda51 has helmed.

TechRaptor - 9 / 10

While at times overwhelming in its frame of references and a little tedious in spots, No More Heroes 3 shines with unforgettable boss fights and genre bending setpieces

TheSixthAxis - 9 / 10

No More Heroes 3 shines with its fourth-wall-breaking self-awareness, zany characters and stunningly slick combat. It's not afraid to be what it is, Suda 51 and his team delivering a great instalment to the franchise that welcomes us to the Garden of Insanity.

GamingTrend - 85 / 100

While it doesn't feel like a No More Heroes game entirely, No More Heroes III is still a fantastic action game with great combat, fun minigames, and hilarious dialogue. I'll certainly miss the more introspective and dark story, but I look forward to more wacky adventures with the crownless king.

Hobby Consolas - Spanish - 85 / 100

No More Heroes 3 delivers on the things we would expect from Suda51: a kinetic and addictive combat system that ends up overshadowed by the creative liberties and eccentricities of its creator, leaving a fun but uneven gameplay experience. But the constant experimentation of its mise en scène makes this a stimulating and surprising game.

Wccftech - 8.5 / 10

No More Heroes III is a glorious, gory mess, bursting with excitement and creativity from beginning to end. The game's intensity does shift down a gear when exploring its dated open world, but its best moments shine bright enough to keep your heart and beam katana pumping through the slower bits. Suda51 has scored another bloody Touchdown.

The Games Machine - Italian - 8.2 / 10

No More Heroes 3 is a glorious sequence of boss fights, spectacular, fun and crazy, but surrounded by a really bland open world. If you're a fan of Travis it remains a recommended game, especially considering the previous games adopted a very similar structure, but everyone else would do well to wait for a price drop.

Daily Star - 4 / 5

In a year of top video games this one takes the crown as the craziest we've played and it's bonkers storyline and excellent fighting mechanics make No More Heroes 3 a top Nintendo Switch title

EGM - 8 / 10

No More Heroes III brings back gaming's favorite passing assassin in a bombastic way, with the kind of inventive, fourth wall-breaking presentation one might expect. It's flashier, bolder, and even funnier than its predecessors, and the gameplay feels just slightly modernized without sacrificing any of the series' charm. The pacing might seem a bit halted in some places, and it could have worked best as a capstone to the series, but it's clear that creator Suda51 and the rest of the designers are just as passionate about the Garden of Madness as ever.

Game Rant - 4 / 5 stars

No More Heroes 3 brings the mainline series back after 10 years, and it's better than it's ever been before.

GameSpew - 8 / 10

No More Heroes fans will absolutely adore No More Heroes 3 – it’s no doubt the best game in the series so far.

Gamer Escape - 8 / 10

Really, should anyone be surprised that No More Heroes III is a good time? Suda51 and his gang may be known for games that are varying levels of weird, but you can hardly ever say that they're boring at all. Travis might have been in relative exile for a while, but it feels like he hasn't missed a beat. It's time to fire up that beam katana back up, people. Far from a swing and a miss, it's good to see Travis back in his element.  This gets a solid recommend from me.

Hey Poor Player - 4 / 5

No More Heroes 3 dazzlingly outshines its predecessors in many respects. The combat is vastly superior, the overworld map makes a triumphant return, and the art styles and music are so brilliantly executed to the point where I want to buy the entire dev team a round of drinks. In the team’s eagerness to return to a clearly beloved franchise, I think a lot of fantastic storyline ideas came together in a way that didn’t always fit perfectly, but No More Heroes 3 was never anything less than a total blast. If you’ve already played the other three games in the series and loved every second, I have no idea why you’re still reading this article — go get No More Heroes 3 already!

Nintendo Enthusiast - 8 / 10

No More Heroes 3 is the joyride fans have been waiting for.

Nintendo Life - 8 / 10

No More Heroes III has the faults of both its mainline predecessors – it's a little more tedious than No More Heroes 2, and a little less meaningful than No More Heroes. It makes up for this, however, by being another inarguably impressive, balls-to-the-wall carnage-fest, a blood-spattered love letter to excess, and a Suda51 fan's wet dream splashed across the Switch. The story it tells is cool. The game it plays is cool. Neither of these crucial aspects reach the heights of the series' Nintendo Wii origins, but nobody who truly gets No More Heroes could reasonably be disappointed with this third incarnation. The joke's beginning to wear thin, but it's all in the telling. And Suda51 can still spin a very fine yarn.

SECTOR.sk - Slovak - 8 / 10

Travis Touchdown is back in another gory and kafkaesque No More Heroes game that is beautiful in its insanity.

Screen Rant - 4 / 5 stars

Travis is back on top.

Stevivor - 8 / 10

All in all, No More Heroes 3 is kind of a mess – but it is a FUN mess.

Twinfinite - 4 / 5

Fortunately, the fantastic gameplay, music, story, writing, and character design are all ways that No More Heroes 3 more than makes up for the game’s shortcomings. It has been well worth the wait for diehard fans and is easily recommendable to anyone who enjoys action games.

Worth Playing - 8 / 10

No More Heroes III feels like a sequel to the first two games in every way, for all the good and bad that entails. It's creative, clever, charming, and delightfully weird. The combat system is simple but fun, and it doesn't overstay its welcome thanks to a wide variety of creative boss fights. However, everything outside of those elements feels a bit dull. Thankfully, like the first two games, No More Heroes III has enough interesting stuff going on to overshadow the flaws. Newcomers would probably be better off trying the cheaper No More Heroes titles on the Switch to see if Suda 51's specific eccentricities are to your taste.

XGN.nl - Dutch - 8 / 10

No More Heroes is finally back with it's third part and it's a typical game for the franchise. The bossfights are insanely good, the humour is black and over-the-top and the whole game oozes with style. The return of the boring open world is a mystery however and not every joke is super-effective. If you can't wait to put yourself in the shoes of Travis Touchdown again however, you can't miss No More Heroes III!

Game Informer - 7.75 / 10

No More Heroes cutscenes and boss battles are worth the time investment alone. Its highs greatly outweigh the lows and provide plenty of fun for those who stick it out until the end

IGN Italy - Italian - 7.5 / 10

No More Heroes 3 is rough, imperfect, sometimes even unpolished, but also artistically insane and spirited and has great gameplay.

GameSkinny - 7 / 10 stars

No More Heroes III is more of the same after 11 years since its last mainline entry, for better or for worse.

Niche Gamer - 7 / 10

While it may not please everyone, No More Heroes III offers a completely new experience unlike any hack and slash before it.

Spaziogames - Italian - 6.9 / 10

No More Heroes 3 has moments of pure genius and a lot of fresh and brave gameplay ideas, but is technical disaster that even the hardcore fans can't stand.

NintendoWorldReport - 6.5 / 10

Even the game's style and technical performance are wildly inconsistent between the sublime combat and sterile overworld. It feels half-baked in the most literal sense, with one half being cooked to perfection, and the other half still cold from the freezer. I just can't shake the feeling that I'm the one doing something wrong, because I'm just not sure how a game can be so incredibly good, and yet so very bad.

Gameblog - French - 6 / 10

No More Heroes III is radical, punk and messy experience with a unique personnality that wil indeed please players who have been seduced by the first episodes on Wii - despite theirs flaws that are stil those of this third game. 10 years have passed since No More Heroes 2, and as many games have successfully been walking on the same path, breaking codes and brilliantly combining content and form, it's suprising that Suda 51 did not give more scope to his title to sublime its personnality.

God is a Geek - 6 / 10

No More Heroes III is a hugely mixed bag with loads of fantastic boss fights, but an atrocious open world that lets it down.

IGN - 6 / 10

No More Heroes 3 is an amusing but extremely uneven sequel, with its entertaining bosses separated mostly by poor performance and barebones tedium.

GameSpot - 4 / 10

No More Heroes 3 is at its best when you're slicing your way through alien invaders, but the rest of the game wrapped around the energetic combat is a laborious disappointment.

Console Creatures - Recommended

No More Heroes III might have the best boss battles of the series and an amusing story but the humour and tone are firmly stuck in the past. Suda51 diehards are going to enjoy the newest entry in the series but share the same issues as its predecessors. It’s more of the same and while combat can be entertaining and flashy, exploring the open world of Santa Destroy is barebones and uninspiring.

Eurogamer - Recommended

The open world returns, as does so much of that scattershot humour, in this uneven but enjoyable sequel.

Polygon - Unscored

You don’t play a No More Heroes game for its story. You play it for its style, and No More Heroes 3 has style in spades. The best thing I can say about No More Heroes 3 is that its combat and open-world design stay out of the way, letting its style take center stage, occasionally facilitating some truly great one-off moments.

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to No More Heroes III - Information Thread, update: reviews from OpenCritic posted

342p-360p handheld, targets 30fps in open word and cutscenes and 60fps in combat, never stable, 25fps in open world

720p-756p docked, targets 30fps in cutscenes and open world 60fps in combat, usually 45-55fps combat and 25+fps open world


OLED gonna make that 342p look crisp. #WheretheProat

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