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Update: U.S. and Afghan forces killed more civilians than Taliban/Islamic State in first half of 2019

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4 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Wasn't this true in Viet Nam too?



The exact number of civilian casualties during the Vietnam War is also uncertain. Estimates of Vietnamese civilian casualties were only conducted under pressure of Senate committees led by Senator Edward Kennedy.


The estimate, based on alternative extrapolations from the number of hospital admissions of war casualties, ranges between 195,000 and 430,000 civilian war deaths in South Vietnam from 1965 to 1974. According to R. J. Rummel’s estimate, some 164,000 South Vietnamese civilians were killed by NVA/Viet Cong forces, including 17,000 South Vietnamese civil servants.


As for the allied forces, the ARVN and U.S. Army committed around 60,000 democidal killings. In addition, around 2,500 South Vietnamese civilians who were suspected to be Communists fell victim to massacres conducted by South Korean Army.


According to Lewy’s estimate, the number of North Vietnamese civilians killed by Americans bombing was 65,000. This figure is more than twice as many as the U.S. government estimate of 30,000 people killed in North Vietnam. However, according to the official estimate of Hanoi in 1995, the number of civilian deaths in the entire war were almost 2 million people8, which is four times higher than other estimates.



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