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Found 17 results

  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/biden-us-troop-withdrawal-afghanistan/2021/04/13/918c3cae-9beb-11eb-8a83-3bc1fa69c2e8_story.html
  2. Taliban forces rapidly gaining ground in Afghanistan as U.S. leaves WWW.NBCNEWS.COM Even the Taliban are taken aback at how fast their forces are moving, one commander said, and have slowed down in some cases to avoid offending the U.S.
  3. Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says I'm absolutely sure that more than a few of the older senior leadership members of those insurgent groups received payments from the CIA around 30 years to target Russian forces in Afghanistan. That's what we call "double-dipping"
  4. What We, the Taliban, Want by Sirajuddin Haqqani For reference, he is the head of the infamous "Haqqani network" which operated with the support of Pakistan's ISI (and previously the CIA ) Also, this op-ed has ticked off the NYT's senior correspondent in Afghanistan:
  5. Amnesty International: More than 1,600 civilians were killed in US-led coalition air and artillery strikes during the offensive to oust the Islamic State group from the Syrian city of Raqqa in 2017 UN report: Afghan and U.S. forces killed more civilians in Afghanistan than the Taliban and other insurgents did in the first quarter of 2019.
  6. The US has revoked the visa of the international criminal court’s chief prosecutor in response to her intention to investigate potential war crimes by US soldiers in Afghanistan.
  7. A suicide bomber has targeted a gathering of Muslim religious scholars in Kabul, killing at least 40 people, Afghan officials said.
  8. America has lost the war in Afghanistan. Washington may not want to admit it, and the U.S. military insists the conflict is a “stalemate.” But make no mistake: The original 9/11 war has been lost. If there was any doubt about that, earlier today a Taliban infiltrator dressed in an Afghan army uniform killed a significant Afghan police chief/powerbroker in the presence of the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, Lt. Gen. Austin S. Miller. In other words, the Taliban think so very little of the American presence in Afghanistan that the top US military commander in the country wasn't even the primary target of the attack.
  9. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/officials-worry-trump-may-back-erik-prince-plan-privatize-war-n901401
  10. As excerpted from the book The Fighters More than three million Americans have served in uniform in these wars. Nearly 7,000 of them have died. Tens of thousands more have been wounded. More are killed or wounded each year, in smaller numbers but often in dreary circumstances...On one matter there can be no argument: The policies that sent these men and women abroad, with their emphasis on military action and their visions of reordering nations and cultures, have not succeeded. It is beyond honest dispute that the wars did not achieve what their organizers promised, no matter the party in power or the generals in command. Astonishingly expensive, strategically incoherent, sold by a shifting slate of senior officers and politicians and editorial-page hawks, the wars have continued in varied forms and under different rationales each and every year since passenger jets struck the World Trade Center in 2001. They continue today without an end in sight, reauthorized in Pentagon budgets almost as if distant war is a presumed government action.
  11. Taliban officials met secretly with a senior US diplomat in Qatar last week, sources in the group have told the BBC. The face-to-face talks in Doha with Alice Wells, a state department deputy assistant secretary, were "very important", one Taliban official said. This is one of the few areas where the Imbecile's diplomatic actions are EXACTLY on-point.
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