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Nike Stock Takes a Hit After Shoe Explodes On National TV

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35 minutes ago, marioandsonic said:

Before the game, I read that ticket prices were rivaling those of the Super Bowl.   Then the star player gets injured by a freak accident less than a minute in.




32 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:




Obviously, that failed Colorado shopowner planted a shoe-bomb to make Nike look bad.

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38 minutes ago, Anathema- said:

I'm glad my chosen profession didn't have me risk my whole career potential on my not having an accident while I was doing homework or taking a test while training for that profession. 

He has an 8 million dollar insurance policy. While that is significantly less than what he would've made over his NBA career, I'm guessing that he'll be fine.

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4 hours ago, Snaynay1 said:

This happened to one of my Payless shoes when I was growing up. The whole bottom blew off while waiting for the bus. It didn't go over well in school. Nice to see Nike finally creating quality shoes that rival Payless.


They outsource their sweatshop workers for a day and look what happens!

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