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  1. Snaynay1

    Nike Stock Takes a Hit After Shoe Explodes On National TV

    This happened to one of my Payless shoes when I was growing up. The whole bottom blew off while waiting for the bus. It didn't go over well in school. Nice to see Nike finally creating quality shoes that rival Payless.
  2. Snaynay1

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    I never thought that . I said from the beginning that he would win the whole thing regardless of who the Dems put up there.
  3. Snaynay1

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Trump is going to win again. If Bernie takes the nomination for the Dems Trump will win by a landslide.
  4. Shake n Bake is fucken disgusting as is Shepherds pie whoever mentioned that sloppy shit. I am half British and I don't believe there is one fucken thing from England or any country around there that I would choose to eat willingly. Black pudding is another fucken what the fuck are you thinking.
  5. I have a nest doorbell that lets me save names to people the camera sees. This way every other time that person comes to the door it tells me who is there without having to go into the app and look. It works great and gets the face right every time. So fuck yes I want shit that will call the cops when known criminals come to my door. Who the fuck wouldn't?
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/fortnite-is-killing-the-rest-of-the-video-game-industry
  7. The law allows for only state employees to be in there. They have no muslim dude as a state employee. The guy had to stay in the viewing area. Did you read all the stuff from the case? It clearly states that in all the opinions.
  8. I guess the black dude is the one that has to take it to the face. Maybe the other two can get out their old black face kits and have a party as Fairfax packs up his office.
  9. Snaynay1

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    We are on the brink of the Democrat party regretting decisions they have made in the last few years when it comes to candidates. The old white people in power are not liking all this.
  10. Sweet, thanks for answering my question so I could go cruise the internet for information more important than 60 year old mysteries. You did the work for me. Thanks. Hope you sleep better tonight knowing you helped me out.
  11. Are these the people that were found all strewn out in the snow after they took off from their tent?
  12. Snaynay1

    State of Union thread

    I didn't think it was that bad. I come at this from the view that all politicians are scumbag fucks.
  13. You have left out the part that explains politicians only give a shit about attaining more power and Fairfax is already salivating at the thought of this guy resigning. He is planning his future campaign already.
  14. He must have confirmed through the night that the other person in the photo is now deceased and cannot show up on the news saying it was him. Also probably verified that the actual photographer is dead as well. This is the only thing that explains him going full retard right now.