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  1. Actually Dems made it illegal to vote as a felon in Florida for over a hundred years. Just as most of these black targeted felon laws popped up in the late 1800s after they were allowed to vote. Ignoring the last 100 years of voter suppression while parading around blaming republicans for a law that never got off the ground if the height of hypocrisy. I guess the days of when Florida used to round up blacks and bring them to court right before elections to get them on the ten cent law was cool for 100 years since it wasn't Republicans that passed it.
  2. Yeah I was meaning all of them. They are the millionaire way to get away with crimes.
  3. I think the problem here isn't so much that the deal went through, who gives a shit. The problem is these bullshit foundations politicians setup so they can get some money on the backend in their pockets through conveniently timed donations.
  4. I haven't been here in a while , but yes he absolutely can intervene at any level at any segment of the military. He is at the top of the chain of command line in every US Military building in the world. Though typically presidents stay away from intervening in the military court system as to not give the defense an undue influence type of defense to their client. The enlisted oath specifically references the president and doing what he wants.
  5. McAfee's crack team of dudes with colored Mohawks and face tattoos can do it.
  6. There is like three of these already built. The one that was protested is not this pipe. There are about 200,000 pipelines in the United States being built continuously since the 30's.
  7. I wish we had a system like Japan. My kid went into Japanese school all day when he turned 2 and we paid 200 a month for that. In the states it was about a grand a month for just daycare.
  8. Irregardless of the whole trump newspaper mania, does anyone know what the hell the government is doing with newspaper subscriptions? Where are these things going and why.
  9. So we are cool with politicians wearing black face now? I mean something that a politician did in 2000 that has been decidedly racist for decades, actually centuries now is cool? Really?
  10. hmm, wonder if this means I can put a supercharger on my Jeep. Crazy how they help has mileage but CARB won't allow them
  11. After watching the news today you would think Bolton is one of the Democrats most favorite people. I am beginning to think that trump could cure cancer himself and democrats would be against it.
  12. ACLU was responsible for that. They list it as one of their greatest accomplishments.
  13. Yeah it was 2002 my first night ever in WV wondering WTF had happened to my life getting sent there as a recruiter.
  14. I met a guy in WV that was unemployed for 5 years because he was waiting on the steel mill to open back up. He somehow was able to have money to be at the strip club we were both at though.
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