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  1. He is lumping people that support trump into two different groups that he believes are one of two types of people. That is being a bigot.
  2. would you have expected anything less from crooks that only care about votes and political donations. Poor people can't give to their cause.
  3. So does having two preconceived notions of people instead of just one still make one a bigot?
  4. That has nothing to do with appealing it. Adjudication comes before you appeal it. Did all these people appeal the decision? People appeal and get clearances all the time, were these people let off of the appeal process? Or are these denials after adjudication, repeal, and re-investigation? who the fuck knows
  5. The question that never gets answered in these things are were they denied at the initial screening or at the rebuttal stage? I had my security clearance denied once at the screening level because my grandfather was a spy for england. After rebutting that he now had Alzheimers it was granted.
  6. It is the continental shelf act that became law after Truman talked about it in the late 40s. It has never been tested all the way to the Supreme Court.
  7. It used to be until we started fighting against AKs in Vietnam that had in some cases 100 round mags. We extended ours in response, ours were 20 up to that point.
  8. I thank god everyday my son who is now 11 has never had a sip of soda. He drinks water and milk for the most part. He had a bought with juice boxes in the past but he has made it through that. He is skinny as a rail and I hope he stays like that. I quit drinking soda just over a year ago and the change in quality of life is amazing.
  9. Vermont has had constitutional carry since its founding in 1791 and is most years the safest state in the union as far as gun violence goes. It usually bounces around in the top spots.
  10. I figured it would be a couple more years before the implosion of the democrat party begins, I didn't think it would start this soon.
  11. Actually I just went back and looked at his pay stub photo he sent me again. It is 13 grand a month. Sorry. But when you do and shit is going...180k+ a year job plus benefits You will always have me sir! That is crazy. But all worth it Bc we do dangerous shit It's not all easy I.bust my ass But it's all worth it It is for that kind of cash Yes I got to go. I have to if in my phone That's a 40 hr stub with an hour ot We get paid every week Sounds good sir Take care Holy shit You too That was running a skid steer
  12. Union wages and overtime. And he lives with his parents lol.
  13. Cost of labor is probably one of the largest reasons. I have a friend that works in the NY Subway driving a fucken bobcat around cleaning up trash from maintenance crews and he makes about 15 grand a month.
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