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  1. So we are cool with politicians wearing black face now? I mean something that a politician did in 2000 that has been decidedly racist for decades, actually centuries now is cool? Really?
  2. hmm, wonder if this means I can put a supercharger on my Jeep. Crazy how they help has mileage but CARB won't allow them
  3. After watching the news today you would think Bolton is one of the Democrats most favorite people. I am beginning to think that trump could cure cancer himself and democrats would be against it.
  4. ACLU was responsible for that. They list it as one of their greatest accomplishments.
  5. Yeah it was 2002 my first night ever in WV wondering WTF had happened to my life getting sent there as a recruiter.
  6. I met a guy in WV that was unemployed for 5 years because he was waiting on the steel mill to open back up. He somehow was able to have money to be at the strip club we were both at though.
  7. Not much happens all the time. With NJP they don't even have to prove anything to find you guilty.
  8. I am all for free trade and no tariffs, but doesn't India charge something like a 75% tariff on American autos going there?
  9. Didn't we try housing projects in the 60s that turned out to be a failure?
  10. They need to throw in a ban on retired LtCol's and above from the military from going to any company that does business with the government or they lose their pension.
  11. I follow this woman on Instagram that is always out, always traveling around (the local area to like big bear and back) and she posted the other day an emergency fund go fund me for like 1500. Then the next fucken day she is posting herself getting a fucken tattoo. People like that are the ones that upset me most.
  12. Its one thing to do it back in the 50s when there was barely any technology, but nowadays they are so geared out it is not the same as it used to be. Not to say it isnt hard, but fuck there is a sherpa that just made his like 25th hike to the top of the mountain. He is the one that should be in the news, not some rich fuck that went up it once.
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