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What was the most popular "Cyber Monday Brand" in your state?

Commissar SFLUFAN

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15 hours ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

How have you people never heard of Patagonia?

It's probably easier to list what brands I do know from the chart.


But I've never heard of Patagonia, Zara, Hoka, DeWALT, Lululemon, Vuori, Milwaukee, and On.

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14 hours ago, TUFKAK said:

But why the fuck do Californians need it? Like bro it's 76 outside stop.


Californians are babies about it going below 70. I went to school in the Hudson Valley and would always lol every year when the Los Angeles contingent of freshmen would bust out the enormous poofy winter jackets in October, they clearly had no idea what was coming for them in December.

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6 minutes ago, Bacon said:

40-60 is hoodie and shorts season.


In California right by the ocean it starts to get extremely raw around 60 because the wind is blowing in from the west right off the ocean. But on the east coast the wind is blowing in west from inland so while I switch from shorts to pants around 60-65 I'm good with just a short sleeve tshirt and an open wool peacoat down to like 20-30. Avoids overheating when you take your coat off when everywhere is blasting the heat inside. And you can keep a great brisk walking pace at those temps, in the 30s it's basically free outdoor air conditioning.


Throw on a sweater and I'm good down to like 0 as long as the wind isn't blowing to the point it feels like freezer burn on the tip of your nose.

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