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South Park: Snow Day (2024)


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42 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Published by THQ this time rather than Ubisoft.


The first one was OG THQ iirc (but then THQ went bankrupt just a couple months before release and Ubisoft picked it up since the game was basically done).

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Game Information

Game Title: South Park: Snow Day


  • Xbox Series X/S (Mar 26, 2024)
  • PlayStation 5 (Mar 26, 2024)
  • Nintendo Switch (Mar 26, 2024)
  • PC (Mar 26, 2024)


Publishers: THQ Nordic, Question Games

    Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 63 average - 30% recommended

Critic Reviews



AltChar - Semir Omerovic - 80 / 100

In a nutshell, South Park: Snow Day! is a great game that offers plenty of the classic South Park humour on top of engaging and fun combat and an interesting main story. While it's quite short and strongly focuses on co-op which some may find as a drawback, I still think it's worth the 29,99€ price point.

Areajugones - Alfonso Cánovas - Spanish - 6.5 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! is an action and role-playing video game in which we once again get into the skin of "The New Kid", an avatar who joins Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny in a new adventure in one of the most special days for kids: One in which it snows!

Atarita - İdil Barbaros - Turkish - 60 / 100

While South Park: SNOW DAY! is a South Park product with it’s humor, story and character dialogues; the game itself unfortunately lacks this quality. If you're not a South Park fan, this game will appeal to you at first, but after a while you might get bored as if you've been buried under the snow.

CGMagazine - Zubi Khan - 7.5 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! successfully translates the flat, construction paper aesthetic of the show into a fun, modern 3D co-op action title priced appropriately for the amount of content available at launch.

COGconnected - Rhett Waselenchuk - 69 / 100

South Park: Snow Day by no means lives up to its predecessors. Still, it manages to be worthwhile for those invested in the franchise.

Checkpoint Gaming - Victor Tan - 8 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! brings a snow day to life by letting children direct power struggles between nations. The trademark humour of the series returns, making you laugh every step of the adventure. A robust combat system helps you coordinate with your allies while encouraging exploration and taking advantage of your environment. Even if you are alone, AI bots are trustworthy allies who do their best to help. Upgrades are also handled nicely, giving you a variety of playstyles for your character. While chaotic combat and satire might not be for everyone, this remains a solid game to play with others.

Chicas Gamers - Sergio Diaz - Spanish - Unscored

It is a very fun and frenetic game, which will challenge you for about 6 hours if you calmly observe what surrounds you, and which can increase if you want to repeat the chapters to complete the different challenges. The story will quickly escalate to the madness that you can expect from South Park, leaving the origin of the conflict between humans and elves forgotten and presenting you with a different and fresh idea for the saga. In addition, they have the facility to add more content, as it is a chapter format, and continue to grow.

Digital Chumps - Will Silberman - 6.5 / 10

South Park: Snow Day is dumb fun best played with friends. While it walks solidly down the middle of the road in terms of it being a roguelite and a beat-em-up mashup, it falls short in offering deep variance and complexity to make things feel fresh and worth the replay. It’s funny as hell, though, so that is worth the first playthrough. Hopefully additional content is on the way to freshen things up.

Digital Trends - Giovanni Colantonio - 1.5 / 5

South Park: Snow Day! brings the cartoon’s up-and-down foray into gaming full circle. The co-op adventure underwhelms with sloppy action, repetitive combat, and a poorly implemented roguelite structure. Fans of the show’s first few seasons may get some laughs from its throwback humor, but the fun setup gets flushed down the drain like Mr. Hankey.

Downtime Bros - Sam Harby - 5 / 10

If you enjoy fighting endless waves of enemies in simple combat, then there might be something here to enjoy. But for most, South Park: Snow Day! is a decidedly skippable spin-off game, even if you’re the most diehard of South Park fans.

DualShockers - Matthew Schomer - 7 / 10

That said, for all its shortcomings, it is a fun little multiplayer combat game that's best enjoyed with friends, which is what it set out to be. Just don't expect The Stick of Truth 2.

Enternity.gr - Vasilis Kamakaris - Greek - 7 / 10

To South Park: Snow Day! It is a pleasant surprise from THQ Nordic that places the players in funny situations in the eccentric city.

GAMES.CH - Benjamin Braun - German - 57%

The humor and the stylish transition of South Park into the third dimension are two things, most fans will like. Unfortunately behind that, Snow Day isn't a good game. The co-op action is not totally free of fun, but the lack of diverse gameplay and especially the absence of precise controls make it a game, even South Park fans do not need to play.

GGRecon - Joshua Boyles - 2 / 5

What’s unforgivable is that, at its core, South Park: Snow Day! isn’t remotely fun to play. Its combat and progression systems aren’t engaging, and only the most hardcore of South Park fans will find a glimmer of hope in the bulletproof humour that’s borrowed from the cartoon.

Game Rant - Joshua Duckworth - 2.5 / 5

South Park: Snow Day is a budget game, but instead of something brief but replayable with a lot of South Park humor and bursts of fun, players get something muted, limited, and shallower than even that detail would suggest. It offers some fun across its short runtime, but it's ultimately forgettable for any roguelike or South Park fan.

GameGrin - Alana Dunitz - 9 / 10

South Park: Snow Days! This game is full of humour and personality, combined with great visuals and music. It's so much fun to play!

GameSkinny - Abby Smith - 9 / 10

The humor and imaginative gameplay make South Park: Snow Day a snow day that I never want to end!

GameSpew - Kim Snaith - 5 / 10

South Park: Snow Day is, ultimately, a huge disappointment. This is so far removed from The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole that it really shouldn’t be considered to be related to them in any way. Sure, there’s a glimmer of trademark South Park humour here, but it’s not enough to make the repetitive, dull and painfully scrappy gameplay any more enjoyable. This is a snow day you can safely sit out of: stay home and play Stick of Truth again instead.

Gameblog - SutterCane - French - 6 / 10

South Park Snow Day could have been one the worst games of this iconic series, but it's not ! If you like the humor and you're cherish all these characters, you could have an enjoyable moment alone, or with friends. Playing this game in co-op eliminates this feeling of artificial difficulty. The experience feels a little bit old, but there are cool elements like playing cards. Give it a shot if you love South Park and don't expect a great game.

Gamer Escape - Justin Mercer - 6 / 10

South Park: Snow Day!’s most prominent issue is one of fundamentals. The game’s namesake is very much intact and handled exactly in the way you would hope as a fan of the show, but the meat and potatoes of the actual gameplay leave much to be desired. Its humorous, surprisingly robust roguelike elements and attention paid to its source material simply aren’t enough to offset the detriments to its simplistic combat and repetitive structure.

GamingTrend - Adam Moreno - 85 / 100

If you love South Park, this will be the best $30 you could spend to have another adventure with all your favorite characters. With a completely different game style than the most recent South Park games, Snow Day! gives you five chapters of the main story totaling 5-6 hours, side quests that can be done more than once on multiple difficulties, and plenty of cosmetics for you to unlock. Solo play gets a little difficult during the ending of the story, but with friends, it should be an enjoyable time for all!

God is a Geek - Chris White - 7.5 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! is a pretty good roguelike with tons of different cards to make each run feel different, complete with that SP humour.

Guardian - Phil Iwaniuk - 3 / 5

The show's trademark knack for satire staves off the sameness in this wintry brawler

IGN - Travis Northup - 3 / 10

Aggravating hack-and-slash combat and surprisingly sparse jokes make South Park: Snow Day! dull, toothless, and a big step in the wrong direction for South Park games.

Metro GameCentral - Steve Boxer - 7 / 10

A clever and well-structured interpretation of the classic TV series as a co-op brawler, that would be a fun diversion even without the licence.

Nintendo Life - Jaimie Ditchfield - 4 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! has a lot of potential with some of its roguelike-inspired mechanics but ultimately fails to deliver an engaging experience whether you're playing it solo or in co-op. Combat feels unresponsive, the technical issues are numerous (on Switch at least), and the writing is some of the weakest in the series.

PC Invasion - Anthony Yates - 6 / 10

South Park Snow Day is an entertaining, if simple, title that entirely focuses on multiplayer. Fans of the show will lap up the humor, but those planning to go in alone will be disappointed.

PCGamesN - Cheri Faulkner - 6 / 10

South Park Snow Day makes for chaotic, mindless fun when played with friends thanks to its roguelike-inspired upgrades and sense of humor, but it's a frustrating dud when going it alone.

PSX Brasil - Vanessa Ferreira - Portuguese - 70 / 100

It doesn't make as much of an impact, but it offers what is needed to entertain.

Push Square - Ken Talbot - 6 / 10

A sporadically fun co-op brawler, South Park: Snow Day is a step back for the franchise. Card collecting and gag-filled combat will keep fans entertained, but there are plenty of better ways to have good times with weapons.

Rectify Gaming - 9 / 10

Although the roguelike format of Snow Day is designed to keep you coming back for more, I found myself struggling to find a reason to return to reply after beating a level. There are some cosmetic items to unlock and maybe a few weapons you didn’t try out, but that’s not enough.

Snow Day is a blast to play, and you can’t beat the price! But it could use a bit more to keep players engaged for the long haul. With some extra content and incentives to keep players coming back, it has the potential to be a standout game. As it is, it’s a great option for fans of South Park and roguelike games, but it might not keep you hooked for a long time. Overall, it’s a solid choice, but with a few tweaks, it could be even better.

Screen Rant - Christopher Teuton - 2 / 5

It's hard to determine exactly who Snow Day is meant to be for. The ideal player of South Park: Snow Day has three other friends who are extremely into South Park, to the point of enjoying anything with the character's faces painted on it, and those three friends also enjoy battling waves upon waves of unintelligent NPC fodder with single button mashes while occasionally pressing one of two other buttons to execute an ability. These four friends should also laugh hilariously at the idea of a Taylor Swift album fetching "nearly half a roll" on the toilet paper black market - honestly, if that one joke doesn't snag you, it's all downhill from there.

Shacknews - Sam Chandler - 8 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! does a great job at delivering a new type of genre in the South Park setting while nailing everything we’ve come to love about the franchise. As vulgar and hilariously uncouth as it can be, there’s a charm to it that takes me back to my childhood, enjoying a day off and playing with friends, even if I’ve never had a snow day. If you’re looking for a roguelike you can play with a few pals, South Park: Snow Day! will have you laughing and yelling as you hack, slash, and cast spells at kids, and of course, fart on Cartman whenever possible.

Slant Magazine - Aaron Riccio - 2 / 5

Despite being occasionally funny, the game is never fun.

Spaziogames - Marcello Paolillo - Italian - 7.1 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! sets aside the RPG elements of previous titles, in order to offer a multiplayer action game with pronounced roguelike mechanics, unfortunately quite repetitive in the long run.

The Beta Network - Anthony Culinas - 7 / 10

While it may not be as riveting as its turn-based contemporaries, South Park: Snow Day! showcases an enjoyable 3D action battle system built for 4 players online, combined with the iconic comedic writing of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The Game Crater - Chris Melnyk - 6 / 10

It's clear that South Park: Snow Day had all the right intentions when attempting to make an exciting roguelike experience. Unfortunately, it has one too many faults that let it down. While the hilarious narrative and engaging roguelike formula are always enjoyable, the repetitive combat and distracting audio and camera can make fights feel like something you actively want to avoid. Furthermore, the absence of the local co-op weighs down the title. Fortunately, its low price and gorgeous visuals make up for most of its mistakes, although if you're on the fence or not a South Park fan, it's not worth your time.

The Nerd Stash - Patrick Armstrong - 8 / 10

A third-person roguelike brawler that celebrates immature humor and co-op destruction.

TheSixthAxis - Nick Petrasiti - 6 / 10

After the successes of both Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole, South Park: Snow Day! is a big change of pace that left me with mixed feelings. It's an enjoyable game with some nice ideas, but at the same time, you'll be left wondering was this it?

Thumb Culture - 3 / 5

The jokes were funny, and the game does play really well with no glitches. But (and this is what hurts the most), the game overall just isn't long enough. I managed to finish the game in just over two hours. When completed there was no real reason to keep on playing.

The game lacks anything for the player to work towards. If players enjoy collecting trophies, they can add some longevity that way.

Try Hard Guides - Erik Hodges - 7 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! bravely departs from the series’ previous installments, offering something new and interesting as well as a continuation of a beloved story for fans. While the plot is interesting and full of that usual South Park charm, fans might not find too much of a reason to engage in the game’s intended replayability, with the game clocking in at a short but satisfying 4-5 hours.

Twinfinite - Grace Black - 4 / 5

Overall, South Park: Snow Day is an absolute blast, full of hilarious little quips and interactions. The various powers and Bullshit Cards are incredibly amusing and add chaos to gameplay that initially seems simple but opens up as you play. If you're looking for a game in which you can sit back, chill out, and enjoy South Park humour in a new way, then Snow Day is a brilliant choice.

VideoGamer - Antony Terence - 5 / 10

Snow Day’s moment-to-moment slapstick humor and inventive combat are undermined by unfulfilling progression and an acute lack of content.

Worth Playing - Cody Medellin - 7.5 / 10

South Park: Snow Day! is a good South Park game, but it's just a fine one when viewed without the license. The action is good, as is the inclusion of roguelike elements, but the camera distance can make the gameplay feel cumbersome. The inclusion of multiplayer is great, but the lack of local play is disappointing. While the different card combinations and level elements add some replayability, the presence of only five stages make the game feel short; the disappointment is lessened by the lower-than-expected price tag. It's a fun game, but you'll want to temper your expectations.


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