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Thanksgiving Film/Television Staples In Your House


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Interested to see what if any films and tv you guys watch around Thanksgiving. It was brought up in my office today and I mentioned Twilight Zone marathon is an absolute must in both mine and my wifes family, everyone looked at me like I was weirdo.  We also run through Band Of Brothers the weekend after Thanksgiving 

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I'll always & forever be plagued since April of 2007 when I watched the double feature of Grindhouse, that Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving" isn't an actual film to enjoy alongside the holiday.




That being said, saw earlier on Twitter that IF in fact you need your horror needs scratched for this specific holiday, technically "You're Next" works as a Thanksgiving flick!



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I don't really have a "family" so to speak, just my mom, so normally we would just go to some other person's house and usually no one  would watch TV, it's mostly talking the whole time.


Recently post COVID it's just been me and my mom for holidays, but there is no ritual, I just bring a movie that I want to see that I think she might also enjoy.

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