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  1. I'm just excited to see something post-Nemesis in the timeline. I'm not a "trekkie" in the sense that I can throw out mad trivia, but I love the universe(s) and Nemesis (as far as I know) takes place the furthest in the future and we've never gone past it. Kelvin Trek is in a new timeline in the past, Enterprise & Discovery both prequels...I'm curious to see a little further ahead in the Trek timeline.
  2. Yeah, I felt the same on the CG & was genuinely surprised to see such poor work in a big "blockbuster" film. I think they blew their budget on the Baba Yaga scene, that bit was a great mix of practical & CGI work. The rest was just awful.
  3. I saw this tonight. I've never read a Hellboy comic, but I've seen the previous 2. This film has a lot of problems, most glaringly (to me) being rough CGI...but hell, I had fun. Certainly no game changer & pretty forgettable, but if you have A-List or Sinemia & want to kill a couple hours with some dumb fun, I'd say check it out (unless you haven't seen Shazam...then go see Shazam lol). I should add that I did not know the RT score before walking in, and I had read no reviews...so if you're someone who has their opinions a bit pre-painted by that stuff prior to seeing a film, then you may not even get any dumb fun out of it. I find if I walk in with no, or little, review knowledge then I'm able to better decide if I like something. So YMMV.
  4. Shazam! Tons of fun/10 I saw this Saturday night at a Fandango screening. I'm in the extreme minority on my opinion of the DCEU movies that came out before Aquaman, but for everybody who hated most of that stuff I think they have lots to look forward to. DC has now released 2 crowd-pleasing films in a row, and it would appear Walter Hamada has the universe on track after the rocky "phase one" stuff (I know they don't call Man of Steel through Justice League 'phase one', but we gotta call it something). Levi is wonderful in the role, and it's a very fun film. Not all of the special effects hit home, but you're usually too involved in the humor & the adventure to notice. It kind of had an "Ant-Man meets The Goonies" vibe, in all the right ways. Go see this movie in 2 weeks!
  5. I was hoping for Contra (NES) to make it in, but I see this is just the arcade version again. Is there a rights issue to the NES game or something? Did Konami lose the game in a dusty attic or something? C'mon man, I need my NES Contra! I suppose I could just plug in my modded NES Classic But I would like the Xbox achievements lol Also, I wouldn't mind seeing the PS2 Contra in there (I don't remember the name...Shattered Soldier maybe?).
  6. They've put out 2 of them. 2009's "Sonic Boom" and 2012's "Monster". Sonic Boom had a decent song or two, Monster was completely forgettable. I used to be a massive fan of KISS, my brother started me on them when I was around 5 They're a joke now, but they used to be pretty fun when they were about the music instead of the merchandising. I've seen them in concert twice though, in 2009 & 2011, and they put on a hell of a show. Best concerts I've ever been to in fact.
  7. Give me Booster Gold played by John Krasinski & Skeets voiced by Rainn Wilson, please.
  8. Yep. I see the argument every time a DC film doesn't break a billion. As for Justice League, I do believe it was technically profitable and not a flop. The profit might have only been enough to eat at Burger King, but it avoided the flop label Ultimately I think they just need to get the budgets down a bit & all of their films would be very profitable. Justice League sold ~$640 million worth of tickets, and would have been very profitable if they hadn't reshot half the film. $640M is still a buttload of tickets, and 90% of films out there would kill for that kind of business. I think even JL proved that there IS a market for DC stuff, and the general public does dig their output (not as much as MCU, but they still like it) , regardless of what the internet might say. They just need to up the fun factor & get people to want to come back 2/3/4 times like Aquaman did (and like how Shazam! looks).
  9. Kindred spirits, you & I. I adore Rocky IV, and I'm sure that helped my enjoyment of C2 as well. I'll fight anyone over Rocky IV.
  10. Yep, first timer here...the only episode I had seen before this was an early season 1 episode where the team goes on a mission in a jungle & run into Bane. I had my comic book nose in the air at the time & thought "nah, this is dumb". But watching it now, I see that the show is very seralized, and I love that. Watching the team from the very beginning actually gets me invested in the characters and their arcs, so I'm enjoying this a lot.
  11. I just finally got around to watching this on digital...I have to say, even watching it at home, when the theme flared we jumped off the couch & were yelling at the TV...the kids said we looked insane They're too young to give a shit about Rocky right now, but their Mom & I...ooooh yes I have to agree, it might be my favorite moment from any 2018 film! The first Creed had a better story, but I actually loved Creed 2. An actual sequel to Rocky IV? Fuuuuuck, yes!
  12. I had skipped this back when it was on TV, I thought it looked incredibly stupid. But then I actually watched it on the streaming service, and I'm kicking myself for not watching this before. Almost done with season 1 now, and I hear season 2 is even better.
  13. I have never seen 1 or 2, but my girl & the kids LOVE them so I took them all to a screening on February 2nd. I didn't feel the first two films were essential to understand the 3rd So you should be good without watching the tv stuff. The Hidden World was lots of fun though. I look forward to finally sitting down to watch the other two.
  14. My biggest issue with the ios app is it won't let me watch DC Daily. Every time I try to watch it on my phone, it tells me I have to subscribe to DC Universe even though I'm obviously subscribed lol And the comics don't always download. But yeah, on my tv, it's been fantastic. Well worth the $8 I pay each month.
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