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  1. Wade, being the badass he's known for. Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. So it sounds like if I just wanted to join the service for single player offline stuff, then I don't need PS Plus (I don't do a lot of online mp these days). You both answered my question, thank you!
  3. Does PS Now also require a PS Plus sub? My PS4 has been collecting dust for a long time, so I'm not up to date on things.
  4. Rosenbaum declined, citing "no script" and "basically no pay" 😐 https://www.thewrap.com/michael-rosenbaum-turned-down-crisis-on-infinite-earths/
  5. Ready or Not: 8.5/10 Funny, silly, bucketfuls of blood...this film was a damn fun time! I can't wait to see it again. If you've ever suffered in-laws, this film will click with you lol
  6. After finishing the season, I love this show and it inspired me to pick up the comics (13 issues in, and it's also very good, though very different). Homelander, for all his douchiness, is the fucking bomb on this show. And Bradley Cooper, er, uh, I mean, this actor who totally looks related to Bradley Cooper does an outstanding job in the role in being both terrifying and gross. "I can do whatever the fuck I want." And he does lol The Seven are so damn interesting here that I kinda want a prequel show just all about them, no 'Boys'. I want to see these assholes sitting around chatting, posing for social media pictures, and begrudgingly saving the day at the behest of . Each character is done that well. In season 2, I'd like to see more of Queen Mauve(sp?), she just kinda disappears for most of the plot. I'd like to see more Black Noir as well, really get into the Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman "Trinity" aspect of the group. Restarting the season now...
  7. I grabbed a PS Classic for $20, figured there's lots to do with it for that price. At the time, Amazon said they had 8 left but I was immediately told "we'll notify you when the item ships" because apparently it was sold out. Hopefully they get more of them in stock soon. I also grabbed Black Hawk Down 4K, which looks glorious on my 4K tv. Those were the only 2 items.
  8. D'oh! Yep, I actually meant to say "I hope they got Crudup back even though this is a sequel to the comic"...I must have had a stroke or something to forget to type the rest lol But yes! I'm hoping for now that they got him in there anyway...I know Doc is CG mo-cap, but Crudup's voice was just perfect for him. He nailed the tone perfectly. So I'm hoping against hope they got him in the studio to record some lines.
  9. I'm hoping they got Billy Crudup back as Dr. Manhattan.
  10. I'm curious to see what they do with the current DC Universe platform. I imagine they'll fold in all of the DC U originals into Max, but something tells me the comics won't come with it. Maybe they'll keep DC Universe as a comics subscription platform ala Marvel Unlimited and change the price to $5 a month. I initially didn't care about the comics they had, as I use comixology. But a month or 2 back they added like a trillion books (ok, ok, more like 21,000) and it's almost overwhelming content-wise. I'd hate to lose access to that. I probably have enough to read for the next decade without ever buying another book if I wanted.
  11. I'm just excited to see something post-Nemesis in the timeline. I'm not a "trekkie" in the sense that I can throw out mad trivia, but I love the universe(s) and Nemesis (as far as I know) takes place the furthest in the future and we've never gone past it. Kelvin Trek is in a new timeline in the past, Enterprise & Discovery both prequels...I'm curious to see a little further ahead in the Trek timeline.
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