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NFL Week 1 - [Kickoff September 09] - Facemasks Mandatory / Facemasking Optional


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With the season kicking off in a little over a week I figure it's a good time to create the football thread. For the first time in a while no Monday night double header game. Not sure who asked for these prime time games though. But a new season, new expectations, maybe they will be good!

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1 hour ago, thewhyteboar said:

I hate those 10:00 am starts. Too hard for me to watch.


58 minutes ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

My son will be disappointed that he will miss most of the Raiders game -- those 8:15pm starts on school nights usually mean he only gets to see the first half.


All games should start at 4pm!

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1 minute ago, Slug said:


I don't know, man.  The extra week just might be too much for me.


I think that extra week is too much for everyone. :p

If anything, take a couple of byes, I don't think anyone would hold it against you if you did. But if you don't want to do it I respect that too.

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24 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

Trevor Lawrence AND Urban Meyer busts confirmed 


How long until Meyer starts complaining of health issues?


9 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

MVP front runner through the 1st half of week 1

Day drinking? lol

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