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  1. Jeepers, baseball doesn't F around with cheating. ...NFL...you're very quite right now...you OK? A little queasy, maybe just a little bit?,
  2. Keyser, we are 2-32 against Tom Brady in games that matter. He has beaten the Bills more than any QB has beaten any other team in NFL history. In the last six weeks The Bills and the Bengals are the only 2 teams NOT to beat the Pats. I would have given my left nut...yeah, the left one...the right one is my favorite and isn't going anywhere...if they just would have survived to last one round longer than him. As it turns out should this be the end for him in New England the opportunity to be able to be victorious over him, for the first time in forever, will be lost. Coincidentally the last time they beat Brady in a game that matters? 2011 with Ryan Fitzpatrick, the guy REALLY responsible for taking them down by having them play in the WC Weekend against a tough Titans team.
  3. Gods honest truth I did not watch the second half, or turn it on, until it was already 19-16. By halftime I was playing with my daughter...daddy daughter time! As a matter of fact when my wife told me it was 16-0 I knew the next time I turned the tv on it was not going to be 16-0 or 23-0...knew Houston was going to comeback. ...Really? you think you are going to keep Houston scoreless...at home? This team values brotherhood, faith, ethics, hard work above and beyond everything else. ...until they start treating scoring the same way they will not be going anywhere. Allen under center...run. Allen in shotgun, pass or cutsey QB around. Passing play variants: 3 Oh well, 11 picks and 90 million in cap space helps, but they still need to fix things.
  4. No worries and congrats. The better team won. What you saw of how Buffalo lost is the problem they've had as a coaching philosophy for awhile now.
  5. I believe our local sports station reported the bets coming in for Seattle over Philly are the most lopsided playoff bets in favor of one team over the other in vegas history...85% for Seattle. ...no pressure, TWB.
  6. Going on the road to play a team that's two games worse than you, a couple of days after terrible calls that if corrected would have given you a home game stinks for Seattle, too.
  7. Keyser, they went from what I truly felt was one of the worst and most disappointing teams in the league earlier this year to an obviously nice finish (1-7, and then 6-2). The hope for Falcons fans is that it is not an apparition. 1 year is fine, for whatever reason, but two years and it starts to get thin. I had them winning THAT Super Bowl (which they didn't) and then I had them winning the Super Bowl the following year (which they didn't). It's annoying to me and I am not even a fan.
  8. He has two winning season in five years (one division title), the last of which was the Super Bowl year 3 years ago. I disagree that his tenure, if cut, would qualify as a "can't keep starting over again and again." He hasn't been helping you on defense and sure as shit hasn't been helping the starting-to-age super stars you guys have on offense and respectfully "so close" isn't the same as "he can do it and he's not going to waste the talent he has". However, in the words of Rusty Ryan, "It's your vault".
  9. @Biggie Biggie, Quin's gotta go, man. Honestly. Back to back 7-9s, regardless of the excuses...If the team was building, fine, but they were there and are 24-24 since that Super Bowl.
  10. McD has stated starters will play on Sunday, but likely not for too long. Bills just trying to see where they are headed, although it is still likely Houston and also hopefully a Saturday game.
  11. For the children we do balsa wood tables painted white. We are not savages. ...this is also when we are not raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for other teams' charities out of gratitude...it's the way we roll.
  12. I think that exact quote is written on a banner outside New ERA field. I didn't watch the game. I was at a Christmas festival with my wife and our daughter. My wife gave me an out to watch the game, but no way was I going to miss this family time together. If the Bills would have won (I believe it would have been their 4th win against Brady in 36 tries, one of which was at the end of the year when New England benched all the starters before the end of the first half) I still wold have been fine with missing it. ...silly priorities as you get older in life.
  13. I love you, Keyser. This anniversary, or next, right or wrong!
  14. ...and Rodney needed only 1 pin. I feel I am in good company.
  15. Trying to expedite the memories here! Don’t try and take it away from me! I want my soup...where’s my shawl?! 😂 My bad. Thank you Castle.
  16. Yeah, sorry. We all have them and they do really stink. For us from "Home Run Throwback" (Music City Miracle is so inaccurate! ) to "No Goal" against the Stars in '99 (losing to Dallas in 3 Championships during the 90s in two sports was fun), to "Wide Right" in Super Bowl XXV ( I was there, too...security was a little bit of a heady during the first gulf war), and a few others I don't want to bring up, we have had more than our fair share on the Niagara River. ...Boston likes to still wine about their sports misery, but really Boston fans, here and everywhere, really? I believe you have 13 championships this century?
  17. ...I have gotten so lazy, and so absent minded through the years. This used to be my self appointed job around here. I don't have many, but this was one...this was the only one, actually. My bad for being a week late. I remember the great migration, from mostly the IGN forums, like it was yesterday. ...ah yes, I remember it well...you wore blue. Thanks, @The Dude Setharion/Dude, wherever you are. You were the one who contacted me on day 1 that we were on the move. Even though my time he grows short, I will never forget those early days.
  18. I'm dreading a Buffalo/Tennessee first round matchup as they will replay the Titans' Music City Miracle repeatedly. A terrible moment in Buffalo sports history. Go Texans! If the Bills win another game they are going to destroy my 10 win prediction for the year...Oh well, I was trying to temper my expectations. EDIT: The Bills are virtually locked into 5th (can't fall to 6 and the division is highly unlikely) so much so that Bills fans have already started to buy playoff tickets for the Texans game in Houston. @Biggie @Keyser_Soze EDIT 2: sb, I was at the comeback game. Many people through the years have claimed to have been there that either weren't or left early My only proof that I have ever offered that I was there and didn't leave? I was in a box for the game. There was no way I was walking away from pizza, wings, peanuts, cheese, crackers, shrimp, beer, whiskey, beef on weck for any reason, regardless of the score.
  19. It is not comparable to your Kurosawa, Absolut, but looking up from my screen in my bedroom I realize I am watching a 10 year old Panny plasma and regardless of how good and how much newer the other TVs are around our house this one has aged so well and has been a great tv.
  20. My friend swears by his Kuro to this day. My LG C7 was still a good price, in my opinion, at $2500 back when they were new. I don't think th prices dropped below that, from a certified dealer, for awhile.
  21. In other news besides Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliot and the drama that goes with a .500 team with a nice stadium who are still in first place in their division the Bills moved to 9-3, because...ya know...facts.
  22. Good read. I read it when linked over at my Bills' board. I get the desire to go back to LA. Too many people poo-poo on it, but it really is a necessary market. Boy, though, what a mess this all is.
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