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  1. But you can do many things while enjoying an ice cold soda
  2. Mat least at the school district here, active shooter drills are what you describe as lockdown drills. None of this nerf gun insanity. I’m genuinely baffled by this story.
  3. I drink Diet Coke all the time, though less so in the last year once my wife bought me a nice reliable bottle for water. I’m sure nothing bad will come of it, and if it does then future me has to deal with it so whatevs.
  4. The local governments utilize the volunteer efforts of community members for all sorts of activities, why should animal control efforts be different?
  5. They make sense for population management hunts, like the feral hog issue, or so I have read.
  6. Pete seems genuine in a way that I find refreshing.Not in a “guy I’d like to have a beer with” sense, more so that he isn’t simply sticking his finger up in the air to feel which way the wind is blowing on a given issue.
  7. Typically the dead person on the ballot would remain and a replacement would be designated officially after winning, and announced unofficially before.
  8. Robert Francis also didn’t narrowly lose in a race that could have easily swung his way had there not been extensive voter suppression efforts happening.
  9. Back when I was in college I took an intro film history class and each week covered a different decade. The last 5 minutes of the class featured the professor showing a clip from a famous movie of the decade. For 70s week he showed the, ahem, climax of Deep Throat. Let me tell you, watching porn in dimly lit room with a bunch of strangers including a 50+ year old woman sitting right next to me was certainly one of the more awkward moments of my life.
  10. “How do you do, fellow kids?” is always what comes to mind with politicians and their social media accounts.
  11. I only got through the first episode as generally I only watch stuff with my wife and she couldn’t handle it emotionally, but I’ll be watching the rest soon.
  12. Exactly, Universal/Fox would be closer to Disney’s market share prior to the merger.
  13. Between the two, if that are the only options we have to choose from, then I would opt for Universal and Fox to merge over Disney/Fox.
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