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  1. And the concept of relegation/promotion. The Mariners have been bad for like 20 years now, but they are under no threat of losing their status as a member of the top tier league in the sport.
  2. I got an MLB.tv all teams sub this year, so I’m fortunately covered for these situations
  3. So for those of us not in the loop, they essentially want to create an American style professional soccer league in Europe with all these rich teams?
  4. I’ve been saying it all morning to my kids that way. They are very tired of me already.
  5. Also want to point out that “making pitching changes” is highly consequential to the outcome of games, which is why managers affects runs allowed much more than runs scored!
  6. Baseball Twitter champ Jomboy in here to do a breakdown
  7. A significant part of the cost will be the upfront build out of the series, from VFX to sets to costuming. Future seasons will be more in the 250 million range
  8. I’ve got a meeting in Austin on Monday at the Circuit of the Americas racetrack about partnering with them to build out a drive in on their property. We have a pretty good formula to employ now for working with properties that don’t use their parking lots after dark. This would be a pretty nice get if it works out.
  9. Oddly enough, the first time I ever saw a person opening carrying a long gun here in Texas it was a Black man in a small mostly white town and I couldn’t believe the balls on the guy to waltz down main street with an AR-15 over his shoulder
  10. Yes that is correct, that’s the issue of the associated felony, in this case the alleged assault by Chauvin. That is why the case really comes down to whether or not jurors believe Chauvin’s actions 1) directly caused the death of Floyd, and that 2) they were unreasonable to the point of becoming a felony assault.
  11. Great post The law matters. In Minnesota you need to either have intended to kill the person or killed them as the result of a separate felony to meet the statutory burden of murder 2. Holding a person’s head underwater has the much more obvious outcome of death, which is why I would expect the prosecution in such a case to make the case that the intent was to kill the person. Here the prosecution is rightfully largely staying away from intent and instead focusing on the felony assault. I think it was felony assault, but I also have watched enough juror interview
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