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  1. Deshaun Watson is a born winner. Excited to see him win a Super Bowl for a different team I’m 10 years.
  2. Here for the last Astros home game of the regular season. Was hoping for Verlander to hit 3000 career strike outs, but he is only at 5 through 5 innings and needs 6 more
  3. I had this playing on my phone while PUBGing last night. Wild!
  4. It’s a factor, I only challenged the idea that is was a factor that rises to the level of “largely” the cause. But this is good info
  5. You are definitely correct. You see this with all sorts of cuisine. Two that jump out in my mind right away are Mexican food and BBQ. There are really distinct regions of the country in regards to both of those and people swear by their regions version as best. Food is more than flavor, it’s culture and we have a natural tendency to prefer whatever things our culture likes most.
  6. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a functioning opposition party?
  7. Here at Minute Maid Park for Gerrit Cole’s 300th strike out of the season. Very cool, will be sad to see him in NYC or LA next season
  8. I’m not entirely convinced as to what is being suggested is actually happening. We shall see!
  9. I think it’s more likely that the various services will fairly dramatically increase prices for month to month subs, and keep prices where they are for 12 month subs, and maybe offer an intermediate step for 3 month subs.
  10. I don’t understand trying to persuade somebody to like something they don’t like Anyway, ordered this for my boys and look forward to playing it after they finish.
  11. I would rather remove restrictions on making money from things like endorsements than to have schools directly compensate players.
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