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  1. 343 Refuses to Reveal What Master Chief’s Suit Does With All the Cum HARD-DRIVE.NET 343 Industries have refused to reveal what Master Chief’s armor does with all the semen it collects from jerking off the space marine.
  2. I didn’t realize what a boat the default settings feel like until I copied these. Took me a couple of rounds to adjust to the tighter feel, but I do like it. Thanks.
  3. My cousin is one of the lead engineers upgrading the entire SPR, but he has never been noticed by Colbert
  4. I once had a layover in SLC after a flight cancellation and it really was a beautiful place.
  5. Hit that weed vape last night doing Karaoke and dancing with the in-laws. wife took the mic away when I started singing this Great success
  6. This is why the development of therapeutics remains a necessity. Many thought these would just be for the unvaccinated, but not so. Everybody is going to catch this thing at some point.
  7. I watched the second video and it is quite thorough, though I do think he’s being a little toooo neutral with how reasonable it could be that Rittenhouse didn’t act in self defense. It’s like when climate change deniers say there are scientists who disagree that the earth is warming by human behaviors. Sure, there are some, but I have yet to see a lawyer who spent any meaningful time looking at the case that concluded Rittenhouse didn’t act in legally permissible self defense. But one of the best parts of the video is when he made the point that some of the people who were shot could also claim they were acting in self defense. It is indeed a weird “last man standing” thing in which two combatants in a conflict have both be using force that would be deemed self defense were they to be that last man standing. This is only made worse in a country where you can’t swing a cat without hitting an armed person.
  8. THIS. Stop giving attention to them. Stop signal boosting their nonsense.
  9. Just spent the afternoon prepping for the wife’s fam to come over. Going to have like 60 Mexicans at our house and it is going to get lit real quick. Also got our karaoke set up ready. I don’t drink much or often, but imma be sloshed within an hour of their arrival.
  10. I haven’t seen anything from my conservative family members about it. When it all first went down the video seemed so clearly evil that most people accepted it for what it was. None of the details that emerged over the course of the investigation, trial, and conviction, changed any of the underlying wrong. You pretty much have to out right hate Black people to think it wasn’t murder, not the more soft levels of prejudice or bigotry that the average person tends to harbor towards “others”.
  11. More specifically, the now convicted murderer Gregory McMichael *directed his own attorney friend* to send the video to a local news outlet because he believed it exonerated him. Very well could have gotten away with it if they didn't do that, which created the groundswell to get the GBI involved.
  12. If anybody is unaware, Travis McMichael is the one who who actually shot Arbery. That is the reason he was convicted of malice murder. Felony murder is attached when somebody dies in the commission of a separate felony. The separate felonies were aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and attempted false imprisonment. The jury actually did a fantastic job of following the logic of the charges and crimes in laying out what each man was found guilty of. The judge in this case did an exceptional job of charging the jury after closing arguments. Very detailed instructions on each count.
  13. Like I said, the father and son should have been a slam dunk, but I’m really unsure about Bryan who couldn’t have known that he was participating in a crime at the time he joined in the chase of Arbery. He didn’t even talk to the McMichaels, he just saw them chasing Arbery and jumped his truck and started following.
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