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  1. My guess is it takes place before whatever dates IW/Endgame cover, but in the new timeline created during the events of Endgame involving time travel shenanigans.
  2. Removed from the context of the day, I like the citizenship question because more data is better generally. But it’s pretty obvious that the current climate towards non-citizens will ensure undercounting as people hide from the census workers.
  3. sblfilms

    TSA does not give a fuuuuuck right now

    No no, my penis is one of the whitest things about me. Unfortunately.
  4. sblfilms

    TSA does not give a fuuuuuck right now

    My crotchal region always sets off the scanners, so I get the inside the waist band, and all the way up the inner thigh pat down every time I fly. My friend flew with us on Friday and she set off the hand swab detector and got the full body pat down. It’s pretty gross the way these strangers feel you up.
  5. The actual quote was about any vacancy, not that he was specifically hell bent on replacing Ginsburg. Certainly there is no other justice he would take more pleasure in replacing than Ginsburg though.
  6. sblfilms

    Football NFL: Divisional Championships

    The Colts can’t handle a team with a real o-line.
  7. She wasn’t 7 at the time she made a joke about it, which is what Hart is in trouble for.
  8. I wouldn’t consider it saving money in child care. For most families I know who are single income, they quite simply would rather give up the difference between the second income minus childcare costs for the intangible benefits of having a stay at home parent. That was certainly the case for my wife and I and all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I ate for lunch for literally years and whatever else poor people things we did were well worth it to us. I always hoped my wife would want to stay home but left it up to her to decide, it was a good decision for us.
  9. See above. We did it when I was a poor college student
  10. My wife quit working when we had our first kid, and that was when I was still in school and barely making $20k a year. Not all people get any sense of fulfillment from work. My wife was all set to return to work after our first kid was born, but the Sunday before she was supposed to start back at her job she came to me crying and asking me if she could quit. Her bosses at Bank of America offered her a promotion and the ability to work 50% from home. She didn’t care, staying home with the kids was the thing she desired.
  11. We have three. They aren’t THAT expensive, but my wife had never planned to work outside the home so we haven’t had stuff like day care to pay for.
  12. sblfilms

    Television Surviving R. Kelly

    As though we can be upset at two things at the same time