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  1. No, I met my wife at church when she was in high school and I was in junior high, and we started dating 5 years after we first met, got married a little less than a year after we started dating, and will hit our 15 year wedding anniversary next Wednesday. I know lots of people who have had good luck with short term relationships via online dating, but only a couple who have had success long term. But I suppose that holds true for “traditional” ways of meeting folks.
  2. It’s a take that really gained traction in the mid 00s with the Internet movie discussion forums. Look up the Kimna the White Lion/Lion King comps.
  3. I can’t imagine being so terrible at my job and getting a couple million anyway.
  4. Correct, the guy then goes to invent what the waiver was. You would think he read it himself if you weren’t paying close enough attention.
  5. While I wouldn’t be surprised, the author provides no evidence of what he alleges, just his feeling.
  6. I’m pretty sure they didn’t want to spoil the Baby Yoda thing with merchandising leaks. They didn’t even screen the first episode for critics to avoid that leaking.
  7. I’m not sure Disney wants to get in the theater op business, but I we will see circuit dealing rear it’s ugly head in the not too distant future.
  8. I’m not. And what is gained from his suffering? It doesn’t improve a thing for those he negatively affects.
  9. I get that. It feels right. But there simply is no satisfaction to be found in the suffering of others, it at best is a momentary salve.
  10. We should resist such temptations to wish suffering on others, understandable as those desires may be. This board is full of people expressing despair about any number of topics going on today and these same folks are always wishing suffering on others. I don’t think those things are unlinked. But stay miserable if that is somehow a comfort *shrug*
  11. I think it’s important to make a distinction between films that are racist as a core message (like Birth of a Nation) and films that have racist or other bigoted elements within them. For example, how many 80s and 90s comedies have prominent jokes about two straight male characters being in a “gay” scenario? Countless. Should we not have such films on streaming services today because they feature a mean spirited joke at the expense of gay men? I would argue the answer is no to these sorts of things. I don’t think we need Triumph of the Will outside of the classroom.
  12. Vaping hits really quick and doesn’t have the nasty skunk of smoking.
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