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  1. I would like to see MS and Valve work on an Quest competitor. I can’t do wired VR after going Quest, and Quest 2 is a great step forward. Would love to see an even larger leap, something designed around wireless but with the processing being on the PC/Xbox.
  2. Trump Refuses to Pass Controller After Character Dies THEHARDTIMES.NET Continuing his trend of bucking universally accepted social norms, President Trump today announced his refusal to pass the controller to anybody else. He must be stopped
  3. Kershaw v Glasnow game 1. While I don’t have any real care who wins, I’d love to see Kershaw pitch well in the World Series. Good dude.
  4. I did not like the book, but think a film adaptation could be interesting. Good cast and Howard is the right kind of director for this.
  5. Getting the new AC installed at my house and my exceptionally hilarious AC guy, who is from Vietnam, had this to say when he say my “I voted” sticker “Andrew, who you vote for? Biden cause you watch CNN only, huh? I like Trump, he hate China. China very bad. You don’t know because you just watch CNN all day. China try to take over world. Shiiiiit. All communist. I hate communist. Even my brother is communist. Hate him, shiiiiiit” - Phan Nguyen, the world’s greatest AC guy AND political commentator
  6. PS4 is consistently slow, Xbox One is totally random. Sometimes I’ll be in the 300 range, sometimes in the 50. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason.
  7. Went to vote today. I always go to the more white side of the county to vote because guarantee no wait times 😂 In and out in around 10 minutes. Voted for all Dems except one green in a railroad commissioner race. Even in races where I preferred the GOP candidate, I couldn’t do it. The whole party deserves to be punished at the ballot box for Trump.
  8. As you can see in the article Wade linked to, it’s a slice of a slice of white Christians in America. Maybe I read your previous post wrong, but it seemed like your position was this was the default position of white Christians in America.
  9. This is flat out not a commonly held view amongst American Christians 😂
  10. Not sure if it’s been posted here, but it would appear that the comitte vote will be Thursday and the floor vote Friday
  11. If the Dodgers blow this to the Rays Roberts must be fired
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