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  1. Remember when I told you that other dude you posted wasn’t worth listening to because of the whole calling Ivermectin horse dewormer thing and you were all like NOOOOOOO? Glad you have a better source this time.
  2. Had a weird conversation after kickball tonight. 28 year guy wasn’t getting vaccinated because his grand parents died 2 weeks after getting vaccinated. They died of Covid. There is a huge swath of the adult population that aren’t Trumpers and think this way due to bad analysis of personal anecdotes like that. Really sad.
  3. I don’t have an active PayPal. You got Venmo @marioandsonic?
  4. Not even close at this time. A 45,000 lumen laser projector from Barco is under $100,000 and will light up an 80 foot screen for a decade without changing the laser plates.
  5. From everything I’ve read, this seems to be the correct call as of now. The problem to me though is I don’t think the wealthy nations will do the right moral, ethical, and logical step of massively increasing supply to the developing world, which is the real threat to the health and safety of fully vaccinated people in wealthy nations. Soooo, it kinda doesn’t matter.
  6. If Biden Really Won the Election, How Come No One in This ICU Voted for Him? THEHARDTIMES.NET If you’ve been around the block as much as me, you understand you can’t hardly trust anyone about anything. You have to ignore all the so-called experts and do your own research. But sometimes, the... A fair question
  7. Just got a call from the wife, apparently our nephew’s brother in law killed himself two days ago. He was 13 I’ve got 14 and 12 year old sons and I just can’t fathom them being in such a state of despair that ending their life seemed the best option.
  8. I really love the idea that almost 70 year old Saban was dropping “deez nuts” jokes on the fellas
  9. I don’t know of any notable ones that I haven’t played at all, but there are some for which I’ve played only one or two entries. For example, the only Resident Evil game I ever played was Code Veronica on Dreamcast.
  10. In a possible ALDS preview, the scorching hot Jays take 2-3 against the Rays. Once again: nobody should want to play this team in the first round of the playoffs 😮
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