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  1. Watched it last night. We are playing it at the drive in. I found it to be very enjoyable and I want more movies that use that general concept.
  2. The dear leader stuff is so much more embarrassing under Trump than it normally is.
  3. All my businesses have tap to pay terminals. It’s pretty ubiquitous in America now, a lot of terminals just don’t have it clearly labeled and people aren’t used to it. I think all my debit cards have tap functionality now.
  4. Thank you for your story. I think it can be easy to be defensive and dismissive when people point out behavior like this because it is so disconnected from real people. None of us get this stuff perfect, but it's incredibly helpful to hear how this sort of thing does affect people even on our board.
  5. Somebody here said something gross, and we should not participate in such behavior. We can actually change how we behave.
  6. No you won’t. You are what you are. And civility isn’t the point, it is the whole not disparaging disabled people by making the mockery of a person you dislike about their disability. But apparently for a lot of you, the collateral damage of your actions is of less importance than...whatever it is you think you achieve by making fun of a disability.
  7. Let me say it even slower it is not about Crenshaw That dude can pound sand. But your defense and even encouragement of mocking his disability is literally no different than if Jason was tweeting at Clarence Thomas and called him a spear chucker.
  8. They aren’t the only person going through life with that condition. Mocking the disability necessarily mocks all who have the same disability.
  9. It’s not about them. Mocking a person’s disability because they are a bad person doesn’t magically make it such that you aren’t mocking the disability.
  10. I don’t understand adults who make fun of other people.
  11. Correct. It’s bad public policy, it just doesn’t have anything to do with the issue here. Normal city police forces are also saying the same thing because the order is garbage.
  12. That’s not the issue here, it’s actually the ridiculous wording of the order which explicitly denies the ability of LEOs to arrest, and most importantly, detain violators. How do you write a citation to somebody violating the mask order without detaining them. Abbott’s team is either incompetent or did it on purpose, or maybe a little of both?
  13. Was on a call today where I heard that two mid size theater circuits in the north east were closing permanently. About 40 locations and 400 screens between them. Regal, AMC, and Cinemark will at minimum not be reopening 140 locations and 1000 screens. Just a stunning situation given what a ridiculously strong year 2019 was for the industry.
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