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  1. Tried to get the wife to go the other night, but couldn’t fit it into the schedule. Gonna hit it up during the week.
  2. Back to back weekends with series wins over the Red Sox for the Astros
  3. Looks to be over performing the estimates, though Memorial Day weekend is notoriously tricky to guess.
  4. Tim Miller was literally crying on stage talking about making this movie during his Cinemacon presentation. I’m at least glad it’s being made by somebody who cares.
  5. No matter how good they are, the chances of being spoiled are so low that you can reasonably subscribe for a month in the fall and catch up on them and cancel again. GoT was a near constant risk of massive spoilers at any moment, so staying up to date mattered more. It was a water cooler show.
  6. The Mariners are last place in the worst division in baseball. Sorry guys!
  7. Nobody knows, there simply isn’t enough data to say one way or the other. I personally lean towards impeachment being the worse political outcome for the Dems, but it’s just a guess.
  8. This is so obvious both with basic logic (college graduates can get all the jobs of non-college graduates, but non-college graduates can’t get all the jobs of college graduates) and every bit of data we have on lifetime earnings based on type of degree vs. no degree that I think @Man of Cultureis fully in arguing just to argue mode. Which I also understand
  9. This reminds me of one of my wife’s friends. She has four sons, the older three of which she had been vaccinating on the normal schedule until she saw some anti-vax documentary on YouTube. So starting with her fourth son, she stopped all vaccinations and even asked her three older sons to forgive her for harming them. And then it turns out her youngest is autistic. I’m never sure how to appropriately react to the situation when it has come up...
  10. You keep comparing people with degrees to other people with degrees. Nobody would disagree that there are degrees that give better job prospects than others. The issue here is comparing the job prospects of a person with no degree to a person with a “useless” degree. Who has access to better jobs, all else being equal?
  11. Even a “useless” degree gives you access to higher paying jobs than no degree even if you don’t get a job in the field of your degree. Thus, there are no useless degrees.
  12. That is irrelevant in an economy where having any college degree is a minimum requirement to a significant portion of jobs.
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