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  1. All the Craig Bonds are very much like the other works of the directors involved with the possible exception of Spectre, which didn’t have as much Mendes-y flair as I would have expected after Skyfall. There doesn’t see to be any basis for your claim that it is stunt casting beyond your feeling that it must be that.
  2. Same thoughts from me. Disappointing more than anything.
  3. It is really a slap in the face to one of the most talented people in the business today to suggest they have compromised their artistic vision for a cheap round of headlines. As though a major franchise like this even needs the help!
  4. That isn’t the argument. First argument: There are people who want smaller and/or cheaper options for the device and this device opens up customers who want those things and wouldn’t buy the current iteration based on price and/or features. Second argument: The people who are deciding between the second model of a video game system for their home aren’t in a situation where $100 is a lot of money. These are people with meaningful amounts of disposable income, unless they are living way beyond their means and putting things on credit cards they can’t afford. These two arguments have no conflict.
  5. It’s a size thing. None of the projectors match overall image quality of the OLED panels.
  6. It is for many people, none of whom are wringing their hands over buying a second copy of the same video game system for their household though 😂
  7. Which it all comes back to “They made a product that’s not for me and thus it sucks “.
  8. Being disappointed with a product is fine. I don’t think that is what the discussion has centered around to this point, but I accept that you’re simply disappointed with it.
  9. It isn't. They are grasping for something to be outraged about because somebody has to be outraged about everything
  10. The solution is simple: Kid B should buy the device that has the features they want, like dockable play, instead of whining after they bought the cheaper model with less features Keyzer is a dummy, so I get his difficulty understanding such a basic concept, but I don’t get why normal people are struggling.
  11. Popeyes red beans and rice is one of my favorite fast food things.
  12. If only they had a model that could be played either docked or undocked. If only.
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