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  1. Regardless of your personal beliefs the story Jesus tells of the poor woman who gave all she had compared to the rich who gave out of their wealth is I think really instructive. A generous heart means the most.
  2. I screencapped that. He said it in the replies to an article that pointed out his donations to a GOP House re-election campaign. To the best of my knowledge, Musk only said he hasn’t donated money to a Super PAC.
  3. He literally said he gives everybody money so they actually answer his phone calls when he makes them. At least he was honest about what gets you access to politicians.
  4. sblfilms

    Change the board names back please

    I came here to point out the dumbness of the board names. The point has has already been made.
  5. What a great show. Both seasons are excellent, not sure which I liked more.
  6. Yup. The biggest thing that gets you into the next tier of credit products (things often with negative interest rates) is high income and very high assets. Banks value deposit accounts/products that carry large balances and will entice those customers with zero and even negative interest credit products. It literally pays to be rich.
  7. If you have decent income and a score over 780, you probably get the best available rates for normies. I took my mom car shopping last year, she had an annual income of $60,000 and a ~760 score and got a 1.9% rate from the lender she went with. And most banks will immediately refund fraud transactions pending the outcome of their investigation. That drawback of debit cards is pretty much void in 2018.
  8. Yeah, I always tell people looking at Apple laptops to go the Apple refurb route. Usually a few hundred off the original price and indistinguishable from new.
  9. sblfilms

    Microsoft Xbone S/X getting Dolby Vision

    I think DV is more natural looking than HDR10.
  10. sblfilms

    Secret tape recordings rock Georgia governor race

    Seems like the dude was just saying obviously true things
  11. Interesting. They just sent me a letter one day saying they added it to my account for transactions up to $100,000. I assumed it was the default option now. Not really sure why anybody would turn it down, you can still pay the whole balance at any time.