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  1. There wasn’t an article, just the tweet and your comment saying they wanted a refund since they weren’t getting what they paid for because the classes were online now. If their contention is that there are a bunch of ancillary fees to attend but that they no longer have access to and the school won’t refund those things, sure, that’s fair.
  2. @SaysWho? needs to do his own uncensored segment like my boy Isiah Carey, the best newsman in Houston
  3. CNN cutting away from the press briefings when Trump and Pence speak and only going back when Fauci and Burks are up there
  4. I’ve never played Animal Crossing, but I got the new switch one. What the hell is this game? You’re in some sort of debtors prison island where they just make a currency you don’t have and give you a bill after the fact? Is this some meta commentary on the US healthcare system?
  5. Since last week, confirmed cases have increased 10x from 8,000 to 80,000, 3.3 million people were able to submit unemployment claims, and the Dow has gone up 3000 points this week. The markets aren’t real life.
  6. Anything in particular here? Haven’t read anything about the DC issue in relation to the spending bills they’ve done.
  7. Have to have more than this. They need one bill that is just direct payments to individuals and nothing else.
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