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  1. This is terribly frightening. I remember the first time I stood in the 60mph cage, which is meant for little leaguers, and about peed my pants.
  2. This legit made my stomach hurt when it happened. Jeeeeez
  3. Equity gains are mostly fake when the prices go up nearly everywhere. If you sell your house, you now have to buy in the more expensive market so it’s not as though you pocket most of that. You would likely need to move to a completely different market if you want to capture any of those gains. “Equity increases” are mostly a topic to drive people to refi and cash out some that new value to keep them in debt to a larger degree for as long as possible
  4. I spend an unfortunate amount of time there
  5. One of the silliest home runs I’ve ever seen
  6. CDC is apparently looking into some reports of myocarditis in younger kids after the second dose. Hopefully rare like the blood clotting issues
  7. Astros bullpen blowing another series sweep opportunity
  8. Baseball savant has all the statcast data
  9. It’s the easiest foreign policy win possible, and the right moral thing to do. More more more
  10. Art Laffer, everybody. I will say in the full context it doesn't mean quite what Timmy says, though it isn't great either way
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