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  1. Finally joined the Series X club today(already owned an S). Now I have a living room Xbox and an office Xbox. The quest for PS5 ownership continues, lol.
  2. Total Power by Kyle Mills who maintains the Mitch Rapp series since Vince Flynn passed away.
  3. If the final two books come, great, I'll pick them up and read them, but I'm done anticipating them.
  4. Yeah. . .I made the mistake of watching the video of him falling. Big mistake. In some still photos I saw, he didn't look fully secured and I heard he knew this as the ride ascended and was freaking out.
  5. Good. My 5700XT might have to last me longer than planned.
  6. I was a hardcore PS1 gamer back then, but this commercial made me want an N64.
  7. Boy, I'd be really pissed if I were the one who dropped 500k on his "final" touchdown ball
  8. So they finally did the Compound V injections, eh? Poor Hughie, the guy is always getting splattered with something disgusting.
  9. Good to see they're improving it. DLSS 1.0 wasn't that great either. 2.x is way better.
  10. Watched the first two shorts from The Boys: Diabolical. Not sure what to make of it yet. Short #2. . .WTF
  11. Last Man on Earth is still my favorite film adaptation of the story.
  12. As underwhelming as the last MK movie is, I just recently subjected myself to clips from MK: Annihilation, and . . .my GOD. I'm blown away that that got released theatrically.
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