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  1. There are people who really do want TV Flash to replace him.
  2. Guy needs help. WB might want to star shopping for a new Flash.
  3. Too many 80+ geezers in Washington who've been there since before some people here were even born.
  4. 2 Fast 2 Furious - I wasn't blown away by the first film, and this was a step back.
  5. Heard it's good. Bay is hit or miss. He either makes a great popcorn flick, or something exhausting and off putting like 6 Underground; I didn't like that one at all
  6. I get and accept the path they've chosen with their hardware, but I think sometimes about how awesome it would be if they built a standard console with the power of PS5/Series X, but alas, the days of them trying to compete at that level are over and they are better off since the Switch just sells and sells.
  7. I haven't watched since they fled Herschel's farm. I got more into FTWD, though Season 4 and 5 sucked.
  8. Finished DMZ. I'm sorry, that was shit. Strong performances by Dawson, Lee, and Bratt, but that's like putting a great engine in a shoddily built car.
  9. DMZ - Episode One. It was. . .fine. I guess I'll finish it. No knowledge of the graphic novels, so I can't compare, but I've heard this is a poor adaptation.
  10. They're doing their own thing. I don't do the handheld thing, so I don't care about Switch. It shines as a handheld, not so much as a device hooked up to a TV; you can get superior experiences with the other two in that regard.
  11. Looking forward to it. I remember beating them both on OG Xbox. Still have my copies, I think.
  12. Congrats. Managed to finally snag a Series X days ago. My quest for a PS5 continues.
  13. Forgot all about this movie until one of my SmartTV apps showed an ad for it last night. I legitimately forgot it was released. I looked it up, and HOLY SHIT did this flop. Wow.
  14. Shadow of the Tomb Raider for PC. My least favorite of the new games, but since I owned the other two, may as well get this one to complete the set.
  15. Yeah. . .I'm gonna pass on this one.
  16. I don't think I've played the original Fable since I beat it way back on OG Xbox. I got the expanded version with Game with Gold way back, but never installed it. I am interested to see how this new Fable turns out.
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