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  1. This and a Bethesda developed Fallout(Fallout 5) are years away. We haven't even gotten Starfield or Elderscrolls 6 yet.
  2. I have no plans to play it, but I look forward to watching DarkSydePhil rage at it and play it poorly.
  3. I showed that logo to my graphics designer friend earlier today. He nearly fainted.
  4. I tried and failed like three times to watch the last one all the way through, so I'm not too excited.
  5. Darlene was too much of a volatile, borderline sociopath. I'm surprised it hadn't happened sooner, but yeah, Wyatt didn't deserve that.
  6. Fired up Ninja Gaiden on my NES Classic and played more Far Cry 4. . .turns out, both games have annoying ass birds.
  7. If it hits one of the streaming platforms I subscribe to, I'll watch it then. Keeping my expectations low(like I did for that last Tomb Raider movie, which I ended up not hating).
  8. Far Cry 4. I've been playing old games lately.
  9. Mortal Kombat. Not great, but so much better than MK: Annihilation; to be fair, that was such a low bar.
  10. Wrapped up Reacher. Took me a while since I didn't binge it. I really liked it and glad it's getting a second season.
  11. I enjoyed 2049. Just watched it for the first time about a year ago. Not sure about this though.
  12. LOL. I'll either buy right away, or wait so long that I'll may as well wait for the Complete Edition to be released. I have too many unplayed/unopened games. Help.
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