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  1. So the wife had a problem finding a $60 one year gold card...so as an alternative she got the points so I can buy it on the marketplace... oddly enough it now only allows 1 month or 3 months subscriptions....not a big deal until I saw the $25 price tag...what a crock of shit. have any of you creative xbox gamers found a way around this price gouge beyond just a 12 month $60 card?
  2. Hey, I just got a new controller for my PC. This one to be exact as it was just under 50. I did not pick it for the color, it was just the cheapest one near me that I could get today. I have been rockin a rock candy 360 controller since Dark Souls came out on PC. It still works but the sharp AF analog sticks have always hurt my thumb, and the rubber pads I have on them always slide off and the right right bumper does have a bit of a dead zone. Anyway, what I am wondering for those of you who use an Xbox One / Series X controller, how do you connect it to your PC?
  3. Just because we had to delete and repost this doesn't mean these games aren't still coming soon! pro tip: play Gears 5 on Sep. 6 (4 days early) with XGP Ultimate all dates: https://t.co/TcXYjowLUz pic.twitter.com/0CCThbSCMd — Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) September 4, 2019
  4. Teaser on Twitter today... Banished as the main antagonists? Yes please. I still do need to play Halo Wars 2, but the Atriox trailers were awesome. Edit - While this is for Halo Wars 2, and I don't know if Atriox will even be in the new Halo, I liked the idea of the Banish far more than whatever we were fighting in Halo 4 and 5.
  5. Maybe we'll finally get a new god damned engine for Fallout/Elder Scrolls.
  6. Both appear to be a concession for F2P games not requiring Gold any longer. Gold's still going to stand, obviously. I still remember the wild justifications people used to give for Microsoft blocking system-level social features. Nowadays, it's almost unthinkable. Glad that Microsoft, and the industry as a whole, has changed for the better on this.
  7. Starfield Scheduled for Late 2021 Launch, Barring COVID-Related Delays – Rumour GAMINGBOLT.COM Journalist Jeff Grubb says Bethesda plans to show off the game at E3, and then launch it a few months later.
  8. Microsoft really is to be commended for their apparent commitment to this initiative. The Future of Game Accessibility on Xbox - Xbox Wire NEWS.XBOX.COM Passion for game accessibility has grown exponentially among developers and gamers alike in the past decade. According to the ESA Foundation, there are nearly 46 million gamers with disabilities in the U.S. alone, so we’re heartened to see that game developers are actively seeking out resources that guide inclusive game design to ensure that their […]
  9. Up from $59.99 for 12 months last July, when they removed the 12-month option. No word yet on how Games Pass Ultimate pricing might be affected. Might want to buy up now.
  10. Bethesda is making an Indiana Jones game WWW.THEVERGE.COM From the studio behind Wolfenstein Interesting. First question would be if this will be exclusive...
  11. Was trying to play a couple of old games through system link.. my xboxone is gold account, the 360 account is not.. The server shows up but its constant connection error.. am I missing something here? Is a Gold account required for online even for system link?
  12. Phew, what a ride. Halo News - Sunsetting Halo Xbox 360 Game Services in 2021 WWW.HALOWAYPOINT.COM In approximately one year, December 2021, online services for legacy Halo Xbox 360 titles will be discontinued in order for 343 Industries to fully focus on the future of the franchise. Owners of these titles will still be able to play these games indefinitely but some experiences will be limited or disabled. WHAT DOES “SUNSETTING HALO XBOX 360 GAME SERVICES” MEAN?  It means that at the end of next year, 343 Industries will be turn
  13. Tweet: 33K PS5's were sold on Ebay through Dec 1. The disc PS5 had a median price of $1,021. Digital at $937. Scalpers earned around $19m in profit. 30K Xbox's were sold on Ebay through Dec 1. Series X median price was $865. Series S was $469. Scalpers earned around $10m in profit.
  14. MVG posted a video showing a pretty cool setup of 4 generations of Xbox able to play games via system link. Kinda of cool seeing a Series S playing a game with someone still playing on OG Xbox.
  15. Gave it a whirl rust and all after 4 years... managed 345,000... how the mighty have fallen
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