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  1. I wouldn't say the ending was "awful," just underwhelming and unfulfilling.
  2. Firestarter (2022) - Absolute donkey shit. I don't even love the original, but it's a helluva lot better than this stinker.
  3. Just finished the finale. That fade to black was almost as annoying as "The Sopranos" finale. While I don't think the show nailed the ending, it's been a great ride and I see myself rewatching the series down the road.
  4. It says Abby Shapiro wears a size 11. Is she tall? Oh yeah, she really lays on the "conservative good girl" thing pretty thick.
  5. Sounds like a big improvement over 1.0 and great for those who can't use DLSS.
  6. A new Fallout game will probably be watered down and accessible like Fallout 4. Probably won't be like 3 or NV.
  7. I started the remaster, lost the car race, put it down and played other games. I'm gonna go back to it. I was just irritated at the time.
  8. Almost every new game announcement these days is a UE5 game. Studios seem to be ditching their own engines for it.
  9. Just don't dip below 48FPS on PS5 and it's great. Perhaps over time it will evolve more.
  10. I gotta upgrade my TV's and my PC monitor; I have no VRR displays currently.
  11. Just wrapped up episode 8 of Tokyo Vice. There had damn well be another season of this.
  12. All the IMDB stuff I've watched on Prime has been ad supported, unfortunately.
  13. Started playing, Lake. Not really the type of game I tend to play, but I'm giving it a try.
  14. I've eased off buying games. Committed myself to playing at least some of what I already own.
  15. Wrapped up Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC. That game still looks really damn good maxed out.
  16. I use HBO Max more now. Haven’t bothered with Netflix since the first round of Ozark Season 4 episodes.
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