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~*Return to Black Mesa Giveaway*~

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To commemorate the Version 1.0 release of Black Mesa after 14 years of development and by extension the return of the Half-Life universe (especially with Half-Life: Alyx just a couple of weeks away!), I'll giveaway a few copies of the game over the next few days.


As per our usual procedure, just post in this thread to be eligible!

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I kinda want it as I have never played any HL game, but I can't say it is something I'll actually take the time to beat. Also, if I win this I can't rightfully go into Discord next month and beg for someone to get me a game. I mean, I just got ToV at the end of Jan from Zaku and Disco from Wade at the start of the year. So, I am afraid I'll have to sit this one out.  

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3 minutes ago, Paperclyp said:

I will likely pick this up and eventually get 2 when it’s dirt cheap again. I never played 1. Only ever played 2 on the orange box PS3, which was a bad version of that game iirc. 


Not as bad as the (original) Xbox version!


Also, you can play all the half-life game for free on steam right now until Alyx gets released

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