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  1. Here in the states, you can only transfer money out of a savings account around five times a month. Otherwise you start getting letters about reporting to Homeland Security
  2. Get a program that'll monitor your voltages. I think cpuz will do that. It's possible your power supply could be on it's last legs.
  3. The free one you can get is usually just your FICO score. The one you can get from the settlement tells you your score at all 3 bureaus, and lets you dive deep into what's on your report.
  4. I don't have a link to the video atm, but there's an interview put there where Brent Spinner days it's B4 in the drawer and Data at the end.
  5. I got use to the look as I watched more of the trailer. Didn't they do the costumes and all that jazz for a made for tv movie of the stage play several years ago? Hell, wasn't the stage play retired at some point? It was the longest running musical for awhile.
  6. Is the projector that much better than the oled screen, or is it more of a screen size thing? I'm wanting to do something similar after we buy our house.
  7. People are stupid? I dunno if Max will cost more, or if they'll make Now cheaper or discontinue it. If I were them, I'd just move it all into Max and get rid of Go/Now
  8. I imagine that Now will stay like it is, Max will be Now plus the Warner catalog and tv shows
  9. So GOG galaxy is the Movies Anywhere of digital libraries?
  10. I've been enjoying Gears of War Ultimate Edition from this, in between crashes of course. That game has some issues.
  11. I wanted to see how my 1070 would do.....7 fps. Woohoo!
  12. @SFLUFAN, those vampliers worked great. I was able to get those damn screws off and repast my laptop. It would max out around 99 before when doing something intensive, now it's barley cracking 75 when going full bore.
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