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  1. I first played the Atari 2600 at my grandparents. First owned the Sega Genesis
  2. And it's not she was walking through the house ranting about the double standard. Her and her husband were working in the garage and the kids walked in.
  3. I was reminded a lot of the Total War series in the video. I wonder if you'll still have control of individual units?
  4. Powerspec 1710 gaming laptop. Runs well, but gets to 95c playing GTA V with the fans maxed
  5. Are the EGS games free forever once downloaded? Or is it just free for the week and then if you want it, pay for it?
  6. Is Gears 5 buggy for anyone else for PC game pass? It keeps crashing on my laptop
  7. Here in the states, you can only transfer money out of a savings account around five times a month. Otherwise you start getting letters about reporting to Homeland Security
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