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  1. Splinter Cell Original/Pandora Tomorrow/Chaos Theory Crimson Skies Ninja Gaiden Black Armed & Dangerous Psi-Ops
  2. I am far more interested in THQ Nordic's output than I am for any of the other major publishers. They really do have a catalog that appeals to my tastes.
  3. Because I've decided to extend this a bit longer, tonight's recipient is @Kulikov - which system?
  4. It's merely intended to be an illustrative generality, not a statement of pure fact
  5. I'm pretty sure you totally missed the irony/sarcasm in @skillzdadirecta's statement
  6. If anything, the way that @LazyPiranha characterized "Northern racism" makes it actually worse than that which is prevalent in the South.
  7. How much/little crunch was involved to make this game!
  8. I only have experience of God of War's "BOY!" so I'm afraid that I cannot effective vote
  9. This has landed with a resounding "thud" with everyone I've talked to in NoVA today.
  10. I would hope expropriation of the company by the state and criminal prosecution but I imagine that it will only be a large fine.

    $$$ The Official SFLUFAN HQ2 Contest $$$

    I'm a native of South Florida who lived practically next to the Everglades and a graduate of the University of Florida that actually has alligators in the on-campus lakes

    $$$ The Official SFLUFAN HQ2 Contest $$$

    I do enjoy gumbo and jambalaya!

    $$$ The Official SFLUFAN HQ2 Contest $$$

    You just listed three things I have absolutely zero interest in