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  1. Even though the episode was "only" 40 minutes long, nothing about it felt "rushed" at all.
  2. This is not a "trigger warning" and the Washington Times is a garbage publication that should never be used as a source for anything. Ever.
  3. The episode's original score is up on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4xFmHg5dYvaqmn9ZNQpjWL?si=n9Q5Ezp7TCaIgojQzRgUyg
  4. That was REALLY quite enjoyable. In many respects, it's quite an "old-fashioned" television show that wouldn't be out of place in the 1960s/1970s. I suppose the notion that it's actually a Western contributes to that.
  5. Considering the work that Greenwald is doing in Brazil to oppose the fascist Bolsonaro regime at great personal risk, I see no reason to not "resort" to posting tweets from him.
  6. This is a coup. Let's not pretend that it's not.
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