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  1. Three US airports are screening arriving passengers for the virus.
  2. Co-creative lead Loan Verneau talks about launching into Xbox Game Pass, industry monopolies, and self-defeating crunch I really can't disagree with this notion at all: the subscription services do offer a relatively low-risk way for a customer to "experiment" with a title that they otherwise would be reticent to pay full price for.
  3. If Biden wins IA and NH, then I think it happens.
  4. That makes things quite interesting, but doesn't really change Warren's dynamic that I mentioned: Iowa REALLY is a must-win for her. Not sure how that impacts Sanders though. I don't think it impacts Biden all that much because of his strength in South Carolina and the Super Tuesday South. Biden simply has a FAR larger margin of error than the other candidates.
  5. Here's how I see things shaping up: Iowa is an ABSOLUTE, NO SHIT MUST-WIN for Warren for her to have any real shot at continuing her campaign. She needs that win to take momentum into New Hampshire. Sanders can afford an Iowa/New Hampshire split with Biden as he has more room to do well in the non-Southern Super Tuesday states, more so than Warren. If Biden wins both Iowa and New Hampshire, then that's game/set/match because he's gonna clean up in the Southern Super Tuesday states anyway.
  6. And that is why he's going to get smoked on Super Tuesday hard.
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