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  1. Using the word "muzzle" in reference to a black woman is SURELY going to improve the Mayoist's standing with that community.
  2. Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing ‘platform manipulation’ (LA Times)
  3. Has there ever been any explanation/analysis of why South Korea has such a preponderance of Christian cults?
  4. I have to say that the Kremlin's ROI on their troll farm operations is truly impressive - they get a pretty good outcome of political instability/destabilization in the United States for the cost of practically nothing, just some kids in a basement in St. Petersburg. And all because Americans of all political persuaions are so incredibly fucking stupid to allow it to be impactful.
  5. I'd frame it as the ultimate professional challenge they could ever undertake: if they could help a candidate they despised win, think of what they could do for one they actually liked!
  6. If I ever ran a campaign, I'd actually hire a staff that actively loathed me and I'd reciprocate the feeling for them. I think that would be an interesting, workable dynamic. It would be a twist on the "team of rivals" concept that I'd call a "team of nemeses".
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