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What 2020 movies and tv shows are you looking forward to?

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I'm totally out of the loop it seems but these are two movies I can think of that I'm very curious about:



Gretel and Hansel


That Gretel movie will more than likely be a piece of shit because...I don't know, but the trailer's visuals really appeal to me and there aren't many of these dark folk tale movies. 

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Tenet - Haven't even seen a trailer and I want to see the movie

Dune - Denis V is the best

Wonder Woman 84 - I'll watch Gal Gadot in anything

Top Gun: Maverick - The original is one of my all time faves

Daniel Craig in Ian Flemming's I'm Too Old for This Shit 26 or whatever

Death on the Nile - Gal Gadot is also in this. And I enjoyed Orient Express.

Quiet Place II



Star Trek: Picard

Mandalorian season 2

Witcher season 2 (just assuming this is next year)

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I like what a lot of people have already mentioned.  


I didn't see anyone say Ozarks S3 yet.  That comes out in March.


I'm pretty sketchy on Dune.  I love the book.  I like the first 3 books actually.  But it hasn't translated well to tv/movies so far.  If they get it right it could be really good.


Also looking forward to LOTR stuff on Amazon.  Is that this year?

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To say that I am looking forward to Star Trek Picard would be an understatement. Don't know if I've ever been more pysched for a show. It is basically the show I have been waiting for in the 15 years since Enterprise went off the air(a show that finally continues the ST timeline following TNG/DS9/Voy) which would be great by itself. But just throw in that it centers around the best captain in Star Trek, played by the best actor in Star Trek, from the best Star Trek series. If I could snap my fingers and magically create a TV show I am not sure I could come up with something I want more.


I situated my vacation from work so I will catch the first 2 episodes while I am on it. Making a big hot wing dinner tomorrow for whenever the show goes up. Also, rewatching TNG to the lead up. So yeah, hard to overstate the anticipation :D



Some other shows



Agents of Shield s7

Orville s3

Stanger Things s4(if it makes 2020)

Discovery s3


While making this post I looked through a list to see what shows are coming up and see Archer s11 is finally bringing Sterling out of the coma. I haven't even watched s10 yet, but I definately want to see that.


All the Arrowverse shows, though only Legends technically started in 2020 and Arrow will be finishing up next week.


The Disney+ Marvel shows are in an inbetween place for me. I am not excited for any of them per se, but I could see myself enjoying them once they hit.


There is The Stand adaption coming and the Wheel of Time(not sure if they're 2020). Both of them are a category I would call interested in, but more worried than excited because they are adaptions with a high risk of being fucked up.

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Edgar Wright's "Last Night in Soho"

Adam Wingard's Godzilla v. Kong

Taylor Sheridan's "Those Who Wish Me Dead"

Joe Carnahan's "Boss Level"

Bond 25: No Time to Die

Top Gun 2

Halloween Kills


Ghostbusters: Afterlife


Final episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars (thankfully launching in February!)

What We Do in the Shadows S2

Better Call Saul S5

Mandalorian S2

D+ Marvel shows


Also, @number305the LOTR show won't be out until 2021 however they do begin filming soon!

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I'm going to list some stuff that may not be released in 2020 or may be cancelled, but whatever.




Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3

The Stand mini series

Haunting of Hill House Season 2

Castle Rock Season 3 (unconfirmed)

Ozark Season 3

The Boys S2

Better Call Saul

The Witcher Season 2

The Mandalorion Season 2

Lucifer (final season, even though the show is sub par overall)

Supernatural (remaining episodes)

The Expanse Season 5

Brooklyn 99

Mindhunter Season 3 (delayed or cancelled)

Anne with an E Season 4 (cancelled, but I wish)

Bob's Burgers

Curb your Enthusiasm

Stranger Things



Comic book movies, but nothing I can think of off the top of my head. 



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