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The PS4 has outsold the original PlayStation and the Wii, becoming 2nd best-selling home console of all-time


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Sony has announced as part of its second-quarter earnings report that it sold 2.8 million PlayStation 4 consoles between July and September. Since the company hit exactly 100 million sales three months ago, the total is now at 102.8 million, meaning the PS4 has outsold the original PlayStation.


The PlayStation, as you may remember, was an enormous success. It sold 102.5 million units, vastly more than competitors like the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64, and until now it was the second best-selling home console of all time behind the PS2, which sold a probably unrepeatable 155 million. Also of note: the Nintendo Wii’s total of 101.6 million has been surpassed this quarter as well.


From Wikipedia for all consoles and handhelds, all their consoles are in the Top 10:


  1. PlayStation 2 >155 million  
  2. Nintendo DS 154.02 million  
  3. Game Boy, Game Boy Color 118.69 million 
  4. PlayStation 4 102.8 million   
  5. PlayStation  102.49 million    
  6. Wii 101.63 million
  7. PlayStation 3  >87.4 million
  8. Xbox 360 >84 million
  9. Game Boy Advance 81.51 million
  10. PlayStation Portable 80–82 million





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The $400 box concentrated on of all things...gaming..had great messaging from the get go as MS turned people off with their “vision”. And this gen (and perhaps the end of last gen) really established Sony systems as something you want just for their published games similar to Nintendo systems.


The later part of the generation ps4 has just been an exclusives machine for me as Xbox X is a much superior product and gamepass is the best service in gaming. I do wish Sony waited a year and released the pro for $500 if they had to do so to make a product that is a match for the X instead of the not enough to really be a good compliment to a 4ktv that the pro is (sony exclusives excellent use of checker boarding withstanding)

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I guess this seems odd to me, since there's so little variation between this and its competitors. Back in the day, systems were more unique with their selection of games. Now, the libraries are 90% identical among PS4, Xbox, and PC. 


Last time I used my PS4 was when I played through Days Gone and I think I finished that in May or June. I did briefly turn it on to look at Crash Team Racing, but an hour hardly counts. :p 

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