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I have a pair of the PowerBeats Pros and liked them better than AirPods overall. This seems to hit a nice balance between what I like about each. I’ll have to consider it in the future.

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Picked up a set day one. They’re fantastic. Came from the Powerbeats Pro. Love the battery life of the PBP, but was never too fond of the form factor or the size of the case, or the fact that they are just typical in ear buds (which I’ve never liked). 

Enter the AirPods Pro. Size and form factor are about as perfect as can be. Sound is right up there with the PBP. But the real kicker is the noise cancelling system. Because it’s actually three modes—NC, Off, and Transparency mode. Off is your typical in ear buds. You hear every slight movement/noise your body makes when sound isn’t playing. I hate that feeling. NC eliminates that noise, and for being tiny, in-ear buds, does an absolute fantastic job of noise cancellation. It’s essentially the equivalent of wearing really good ear plugs. Only, you don’t hear your body noise. Then there’s Transparency mode. Holy fucking awesome. Instantly it’s like there’s nothing in your ears. You hear your voice perfectly when you talk (no muffle), you hear your surroundings. I can’t overstate how cool of a sensation it is. It’s a must use for phone calls. 

Switching between the three modes is seamless using the phone, and you can switch between NC and Transparency using the AirPods themselves. 

And on that subject, even though there’s no haptics in the stalks, because of the “squeeze” instead of “tap”, which squeeze is an INFINITELY better solution, and the sound that plays, it tricks your fingers/brain into thinking/feeling there are haptics. It’s difficult to explain, but you’d swear there was haptic feedback. 

If I had one complaint, and it’s not really a complaint, it’s that it seems like they charge slower than the AirPods. Both in the case, and plugged in. But I think that’s just me, as I’ve only charged them so far using my MBP, and not an actual power brick. 

Additionally, I can fall asleep with these in. They’re so much more compact that they don’t get in the way if you have an ear pressed against a pillow. Just switch NC on, put on some music/book/podcast, and pass the fuck out. 

Apple knocked these out of the park. Though, I wouldn’t have minded a dark green version. :)

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I’ve started using earbuds with the Xbox app so I can be in an XBL party with wireless earbuds. MS seems uninterested in launching a headset, despite every MS rep I’ve ever talked to telling me it is one the most comment requests they hear. 

anyway while using the XBOX app and in a party my ear buds keep telling me the “call disconnected” even while I am taking and can hear other people. It is extremely annoying. 

if the AirPod pros don’t do this, it may be worth the $250. 

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A little bit OT but does anyone have issues with their left AirPod at the gym? I have the Jabra Elite Active 65t's and the left bud has been giving me issues at the gym. I originally thought it was a defective bud, but after calling tech support, they said that it sounds like magnetic interference if it's only the left earbud and only at the gym. 


Do all true wireless buds use bluetooth for only the right bud and magnetism for the left one, or is it just Jabra?

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One thing I’ve found with the Pros, they sit differently than the regular AirPods, and with the regular tips, the fit test initially said it was a good fit, but after wearing them for a while they started to move. So I ran the fit test again, and sure enough, it wasn’t a good fit anymore. 

Switched to the large tips and they’re much more secure now. 

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