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Alabama passes bill requiring chemical castration of child molesters

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The Alabama Legislature has passed a bill that would require chemical castration of child molesters over age 21 who have abused a child younger than 13.

The bill, known as HB379, would make the measure a condition of parole. Convicted sex offenders would have to undergo chemical castration before leaving prison, both as a deterrent, a punishment and to prevent them from harming more children in the future, reported WIAT.

The legislation has been introduced before, but this is the first time it has passed both the state House and Senate.

It now awaits Gov. Kay Ivey’s signature.

Every state should do this.

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3 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

You can still molest someone if you don’t have a penis.

True, but you would be less likely to have the urge.


On one hand, I'm a fan of this bill; have seen enough cases where offenders think this is the only thing that will keep then from reoffending.


But on the other I can see this being used (disproportionally) against people of color.

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3 minutes ago, Anathema- said:

Any time this happens just think to yourself... Could the state use this power and discretion disproportionately against blacks and other American minorities, and what are the effects of that?

Pffffft! You’re only saying that because that’s how it always goes! :nottalking:

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Much like the death penalty, this would have my support if I had any notion that it would be exercised judiciously and with the utmost of caution and circumspection.


But because this is the United States of America in general and the state of Alabama in particular, then my position is "oh hell no!"

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