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  1. Goes with what I was talking about calling people out in the community and how it can help. Three days ago, the wife and I were driving to her parents house in another city. Taking the city streets, we pass through one of the worse part of the Cleveland (55th and Kinsman). There were kids on the side of the road selling bottles of water. While stopped at the light they came up to the car for a sell. I told them "I'm not interested, but I liked their hustle. However, I don't like that you are leaving trash all over the place." One kid interjected "its not all theirs." I replied, "I know, but you are running a business in the middle of it. But here is what I'll do. I'll be back through this area later, if its cleaned up, I'll give you all $20 a piece; and if you aren't here, I'll be back the next day." "Cool" they said. Came back through later, it was cleaned up, but they were gone. So I came back the next day (I'm sure their lives are full of broken promises, so it was extremely important to get back), the ground was a bit junky, but better then the last time, and they had a trash bag with them. I pulled up, gave them their money. Told them there was more if they want, I just want them to make the best of where they live, provided some contact information. Got an email from one of them this morning. We'll see where this goes. I'm up to paying a them (seems to be a crew of five, 9 - 14) $50 a piece to clean up some areas. Trying to change how they think, the rhythm with which they move, what actions are endorphin generators, nurture their positive hustle.
  2. March against those causing destruction in your neighborhood. Change the education narrative in the neighborhood. Change the appearance of the neighborhood. All solutions start at home; those solutions don't require outside help, black USA history has shown that. Stop waiting on people, who have little interest in your neighborhood, other then how they can use you (white people have been fighting each other over black people since the inception of the country, and still are today), to come and save you. I live in a neighborhood much like yours, but guess what, while the money helps, it only helps because the mentality is different. Heck, significantly less money is spent per student here than neighboring Cleveland, yes, I know the factors of why; but its beyond silly to think throwing money at the issues will solve the problem.
  3. When was the last time you saw 1000s of people in the streets against inner - community violence? Yeah, you'll get a couple dozen people to come out for a candle light vigil, but that is about as far as it gets. Like my dad said to me this weekend, he'll get with BLM (especially since it just looks like the black community is being used again) when the same people show up to clean/ paint/ build up/ police the neighborhood. You can wait on others to take action, or you can start with yourself; one gives faster results.
  4. For real, you should be able to fight those people, in the name of self defense. I'm not usually a physical violence kind of guy, but we are at the point that its warranted.
  5. I appreciate the replies. I will say, I don't have a problem with outside communities saying clean your "stuff" up; as it is less destructive and far better than what happens, lets protect their feelings (lower the bar, don't call a spade a spade). I am glad that the message in the link came from a person within the community, as the black community (more so USA) seems to always struggle with calling out there own (a result of the above).
  6. This thread is called, Existing While Black. This is a major part of black existence. Correct me if I'm wrong, you aren't apart of that existence? Just a guy / gal on the sideline saying on which fire the hose should be pointed?
  7. "An 8-year-old girl was killed last night because her mother was riding down the street," Bottoms said. Glad the Mayor called out the "movement." This occurs far more often than all the Karen and police brutality stuff in this thread, yet it gets 10% of fervor response.
  8. ...... Was discussing in a fellas chat a video my wife's friend showed us of people at Medusa Restaurant & Lounge Friday night, inside, 100s of people, shoulder to shoulder, no mask. Comments from barber's and hair stylist telling people if they were there, don't come see them ever. My step brother (yeah I added a degree of separation previously not there), the one who had Covid, replies: "Right" "Because that's how it is spreading." "Tbh when I let my guard down I visited my Sands at his club on June 12th. And started showing symptoms shortly after." "Lessoned learned." "It's not a game." ..... Went so hard in on him, for his selfishness (not only is he a former cancer patient, but his dad had lung cancer, and his mom just got a new kidney), he probably wont talk to me for months. Also told him that he needs to tell his Sands to close down, he wont miss the money. Save the idiots from themselves and himself.
  9. Also have to commend Stephen A for putting actual words in the air that have meaning; "Obviously integration hasn't worked for us..." Two thumbs up from me. He'll F it up next week somehow though and be right back on the garbage list, lol.
  10. I need to make the HBCU movement real so that others will follow,” Maker wrote. Hopefully this is just the beginning. His generation and the one behind it can lead the charge. Lets put out the fires in our own community before sharing our hose with others; don't accept a loner hose from anyone else either.
  11. Update: Its been a week and my brother and his girlfriend are doing well. She its not showing any signs of the flu anymore, and he doesn't feel any worse off than he did before. They were both asked to come back in and get retested, they get their results tomorrow. Fortunately, no one who had come in contact with them has shown any symptoms or tested positive.
  12. I've never had the chance to ask anyone this question since having the experience, first the experience: I was traveling for work (in Chico, but came down to Sacramento), out to dinner by myself, eating at the bar, and a conversation was struck up between myself and the gorgeous woman sitting next to me; a recent transplant from Alaska. At some point in the conversation I made reference to her being Native American (I think I was talking about my great great grandmother who had passed a few years earlier); her face did all types of tricks and she said that term offends her, and she find it derogatory as "native people don't look like her, they look like the beginning of time." I didn't get to ask what she would like to be called if anything, because she changed subjects and I let her know I was married and wouldn't hang out with her after my dinner. Every heard of such a distinction, or is that an Alaskan "Native American" thing? (Yes, I know its unfair to ask you to be the mouth piece of all) I do know my great great grandmother took issue with the term because her nativeness precedes the land being called America.
  13. Had a friend in college that swore he could take out a grizzly bear with a knife if one was in his apartment. Going to have to find some contact information and send this to him.
  14. Looks like an emblem selection screen in a video game. ... the none locked emblems. Edit: I see I'm late to the party.
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