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  1. Going was a choice as well. Sure there might have been pressure, or a potential life style changes, but going and racking up debt was a choice.
  2. As is someone should be responsible with whom they take random pictures. 😉
  3. Caught a guy finishing up the game around 2:30pm. At 4:23pm he beat the final character boss. At 8:52pm the final credits and cut-scenes ended.
  4. Attended my first Browns vs. Steelers victory...... It ended like that. Waited to see the knee, and got a daily double. Edit: Wouldn’t be surprise if Garrett is gone for the season.
  5. My mom would be all about this, she could finally watch new content. Literally, she watches or listens to Frazier all day; she has corrected fan sites; and if you recite a couple lines, she can tell you the season and episode. She would even schedule meetings where they wouldn’t conflict with day time reruns. Frazier is her jam.
  6. They’ve made the playoffs in the last decade haven’t they? Could be worse.
  7. I wouldn’t disagree with that. I thought the $5k a year was decent money for coaching (most schools don’t pay that for volleyball, but she was at an expensive school), but as a new mom I understood my wife deciding to stop.
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