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  1. Too many shots? Shots might be even the wrong wording, I don't remember what he got (I'm thinking a deworming pill and a rabies shot), initial visit is probably a better term.
  2. At lunch I had a conversation about people taking their dog to the vet. Maybe I'm a bad owner, but my dog has only been to the vet five times (first shots, two ear infections, one skin infection, and a follow up) in his almost tens years of life. The "normal" cadence seems like a waste of money. Also I don't cut his nails, and he still has his junk.
  3. How do you not have this in house? You could build a section to your home just for this purpose.
  4. Oh my bad then, I thought your were insinuating that I was stating you were uneducated / unintillegent. Nope, not all, people here seem like an intelligent bunch.
  5. Interesting read, and yeah, that makes complete sense. Though what they were talking about was not the use of the terms, but the knowledge of the terms. It also touched on emotion causing the swearing. Which was the drive of my original question.
  6. Oh, I definitely get that. Though, they generally have a negative connotation to them, and it is always possible to use words with the same power, so why not? The bolded part is where I see the those with limited vocabularies, less education live; every other word is a swear word. That has definitely shaped my generalization.
  7. Maddedn, Rockstar games, as they have been said. I'd through Blizzard games in there as well, that community is going to eat them up regardless of reviews. Oh and maybe Pokémon.
  8. As someone that doesn't use vulgarities, I associate them with anger (or a limited vocabulary / education). So it really wasn't a comeback, more so a questions of why you would be angry (like you stated, it an internet forum, few people matter).
  9. Such anger, why so much anger? When I comment, I generally read up on it first. Added to that, you get a decent perspective of how things are going based on financial news. If you've notice, my opinions are usually that of personal experiences and interactions (it wouldn't surprise me if I had the same or even more involvement in my community than you all), not the noise of talking heads. Off track = I just don't align with how you feel. If I took the perspective of you all, the world would look like a terrible place, instead I like to see the good things that are occurring first, and focusing on the positives, as there may be leveraging opportunities.
  10. I don't know, I only know what Trump says when I see it here. He doesn't live in a space in my head like he does people here. What is that even like, to have your mind consumed with something you are so against? Matter of fact, your comment is the first I've heard of that story. I don't pay much attention to news outside of the financial market; and I don't "have" social media (lock up some names, but I don't use them). Sometimes I'll check things out that I see here, or the other couple boards where I post. My curated news, blocks anything lifestyle, entertainment, political, violent, sports, social, and food related.
  11. To what he was commenting on, it is legitimate; even a hypocrite can be correct at times. I ask the larger question, do "you" want to be Trump like, or better than Trump? If you are saying its OK to blindly accost and generalize Trump supports, "you" are acting no better than him, and are being a hypocrite "yourself."
  12. Those aren't part of this conversation. Matter of fact, this situation is a detractor from incidents of that nature (just like the Covington kid).
  13. That's actually a legitimate (and fairly mundane for him) response. People blindly attached the attack to him and his supporters.
  14. Also, at the two brother's statement through their lawyer, ""We are not racist. We are not homophobic, and we are not anti-Trump. We were born and raised in Chicago and are American citizens." Hilarious that they threw that in there.
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