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  1. I get that, but history hasn’t shown when the sides “come together” and put something out, it’s sucks for the majority of people, and the people end up in a worse place (financially) than they were before, not to mention the ramifications for the unborn generation (harder to pass on assets to the next generation).
  2. Gridlock is by far the best solution. Though I prefer it to be the other way around politically (at the federal level).
  3. Operation: Cosmic Rescue. It’s about ten different things you have to do, seven of which can be completed in one day, the rest happen over three weeks, you still have time. It should show up on your rewards page. Click through the Punch Cards banner if you don’t see it.
  4. I have Ultimate through sometime in 2021 (thanks to bing rewards buying game pass, Xbox live, and the covert), just completed the October quest for the 1500 point and free month of Ultimate. Definitely stacking for the first time they make it a discounted redeemable. Oh and some points for MS $ when Iceborne goes on sale during the holiday season (hoping).
  5. He doesn’t know about these reward points, and not paying for video games. Just another case of the rich not knowing the common man’s life.
  6. Yes, the US is the only market more important, and even with that, growth in the Chinese market is greater. For players the post NBA money is well beyond what an be earned in the states, just from a basketball perspective. Add in other investments and, well you see.
  7. Wait, I thought people wanted him to do more than shut up and dribble (which is exactly what the NBA asked them to do in this situation)? Hilarious. 闭嘴运球 - China
  8. The players “have” to protect those post on the floor brands. It’s just as much or money to be made in China once they hang up the shoes. If it paid to be “social conscious,” like it does in the States, I’m sure they’d have something to say. Similar position for the league (who eliminated all media sessions for the rest of the tour); like any company, diversity, inclusion, and social awareness is only relevant if it positively impacts the bottom line.
  9. Man slaughter is weak, this was cold blooded murder, but at least he gets some time. to the grieving father.
  10. Yes, because Democrats like Marcia Fudge are so great. Get a clue dude. (This one hit at home)
  11. The service at the hotel is pretty good. Or at least it was when I stayed there a couple of times years ago (2010/2011). Probably a cheaper stay now (wasn’t expensive then).
  12. You think you would, but the government never stops at the top. They side step them, trample the middle, and kick the poor.
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