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  1. Didn’t want to make it in the Existing While Black thread. Will be interesting to see the length of the individual’s record. (Laws should have prevented him from having a gun)
  2. There are ten to fifteen high schools in Ohio with seating greater than 10000. They are pretty nice stadiums, some are shared by multiple teams, more so during playoff time. Mostly you’ll find really nice fields. The one in my city, Russell H Rupp Field was renovated about five or so years ago for $3+M, payed for by a fund raiser. @b_m_b_m_b_m have been to SMS a couple times to watch Notre Dame High School games. Definitely cool, has a great old timey feel. I won’t be surprised if they gets demolished though, especially if SSU builds their own stadium.
  3. If there was a republican president that would do something at least partially meaningful, Trump is probably the best shot. (Kasich would have done something)
  4. Good read, touches on a lot of what I feel have and continue to exacerbate the systemic issues in the black community; personal responsibility (it’s someone else’s fault, pessimism) and black flight (separate and really equal would have been better). Wouldn’t surprise me if his father thought Trump was not the president the black community deserves, but the one they need.
  5. Based on the Jetson, humanity is just right on pace. That's only worth a participation trophy.
  6. That sucks. While this type of activity from Trump has been good for pumping and dumping back to pumping, it definitely can hurt options if his proclamations happen at inopportune times.
  7. After having my credit/ identity stolen on three different occasion, I now just freeze my credit. Fortunately I don't have to use it often, but if I did, its easy to unlock. I feel a lot of people don't know that this is an option.
  8. I'm sure I saw a documentary about him living in the sewer and eating children. So you'd just be sending him home early.
  9. Not getting enough blood sacrifices through war? Fire up Old Sparky.
  10. Lol, right? Well for one, I can do real laps at the local pool; plus at home I don't have slides, a lazy river, or the diving board. Two its a community gathering place, good opportunity to fellowship with my neighbors. Three the kids get to randomly see theirs friends. Four I can be under the sun the whole time, my backyard is almost completely shaded.
  11. Going to split time between the pool at home and the city pool, temperature going back into the mid 70s after the weekend; I would enjoy a week or two of mid 90s though.
  12. "Just sprinkle a little crack meth on him and lets get out of here."
  13. When ODOT tried to run a freeway through my city years ago, the people in the city pooled their money together, got man made lakes and the parks surrounding designated as nature preservation areas. Worked like a charm (obviously most communities can't do this). What you are speaking of is currently happening to support the Cleveland Clinic and its doctors that reside on the West side of Cleveland. They are calling the new route Opportunity Corridor. Runs right through an area that the current and past two Cleveland mayors removed the police and house inspector presence, leading to a heavily dilapidated area, that was then taken for pennies on the dollar through tax liens and nuisance laws (somewhat kicking myself for not buying a bunch of foreclosure in that area when I had the thoughts around 2009).
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