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  1. This is my first Crackdown game (thanks Gamepass), if nothing else it is mindless fun. Great for putting on a podcast and just going. It was a pleasantly surprised to see that the co-op brings in your single player data. That didn't seem to be the case from the early impression I had read.
  2. I always enjoy seeing the market take care of itself.
  3. Commodore D

    The Official Thread of Existing While Black

    Just because....
  4. Yes, people focus on the bees, but significant portions of the arthropoda phylum is showing signs of decline.
  5. Had a buddy pick up TF2 because it was $4. He enjoyed the first one.
  6. That would be cool, especially if wall running is one of the skills. Maybe the lock on pistol could be the super.
  7. Makes sense. I did not pick up the season passes because there was already so much content in the game. I like the idea you posted at the end. I would definitely go back to Wildlands time to time for just some fun romping around.
  8. Didn't preorder but I got into the private beta. Looks fantastic, and yup its the sequel to the Division. My favorite part of the first was the Dark Zone (to the point my gaming crew started to call me Dark Zone D), so I am intrigued with the changes / additions they have made, and hopefully it leads to the crew spending a greater amount of time in there with me.
  9. You don't think the Wildlands team did enough? For the size of the map (original content in the game), I felt the free content that came out was sufficient. I am hoping the Division team took notes.
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    State of Union thread

    I forgot, black people all look alike, especially when bald.
  11. Commodore D

    State of Union thread

    (bolded) From your position it may feel like that, and I wont (or at least try not to, sometimes I fail in delivery) completely dismiss that position. From where I stand, and my day to day interactions, I see the viciousness on both ends; which basically boils down to, since you disagree with me on this point, you are <insert what that person despises>. I will never be a person that leans totally on way or the other as it doesn't make sense to me, especially because I know people who staunchly lean one way or the other and they are genuinely good people. (underlined) That seems like a really high number, but you are only talking about mass shootings correct? See, that is not something I would separate out, shooting people (unwarrantedly) is vile in any way shape or form, no matter how many victims. Think about it for a second, if you asked a person living in the slums of Chicago, which shooter is more threatening (who they worry about) to them, they will probably say a gang member before the right wing nut, heck, they'd probably say the police before them as well. Now the suburban mom would probably say the right wing nut. Neither answer is wrong, just different. (strike through) I'm sure that there are things you feel are right, as repulsively indefensible to others. which is fine in both cases, just don't interfere with that person if they aren't harming other, and don't demean people that don't accept your repulsiveness.
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    State of Union thread

  13. Commodore D

    State of Union thread

    (bolded) Exactly how feel. It funny to a point, but then it gets tiresome, hence why I took a six month hiatus from here (disappointingly missed out on the Kavanaugh discussion here, that had to be beyond comical, great ups and downs). I'm never interested in changing anyone's mind, its not important and most likely wont affect me in the long run. I am always fine meeting people where they are, and respectfully disagreeing, because more often than not, outside of that disagreement there is probably far more common ground of where we can enjoy each other. I will say, the exchange you had with me in this thread did seem uncharacteristic for you; you always seemed to be one of the more level head posters here.
  14. Commodore D

    Sony Days Gone OT - Sarah & Deacon's Wedding Video

    The most recent couple of trailers give me the impression of State of Decay, with better graphics, and less sim. Makes me want to see what Undead Labs can do with a real budget.