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Our father Barack Obama posts his year-end lists


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31 minutes ago, sexy_shapiro said:

A true leftist would have Sorry to Bother You on the movie list.

BURNING and SHOPLIFTERS are the real leftist films you uncultured swine. A conservative would never put a South Korean or Japanese film in their best of list. 

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On 12/28/2018 at 10:40 PM, Chris- said:


Didn't pass the Bechdel test.


You’re confusing leftists with neoliberals. True leftists loved Sorry To Bother You for its insightful critique on craptalism. His movie list is so caculated and he would never encourage the public to watch such a movie that would awaken them to the dangers of our system.


And the Bechdel test is dumb and  way too reductive. Yes, it is something that screenwriters can strive towards but it doesn’t have to be the gold standard that we judge all movie by. Do you know what else doesn’t pass? Creed. And hell, neither does Thor Ragnorok. Maybe Tesse Thompson is just a self hating female for signing up for all of these anti-feminist movies, according to you.

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