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Democrats in New Jersey Have a Firm Grip on Power. They Want Even More.


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Legislative power brokers across the country have long designed district lines in back-room deals that entrenched their control for years, if not decades. But now, Democratic lawmakers in New Jersey are carrying out a power grab in an unusually public fashion: They are seeking to make Republicans a permanent minority by essentially writing gerrymandering into the State Constitution.


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The party in power will do everything to solidify their hold.  One party only complains about gerrymandering and other such tactics when they aren't in control.  Democrats aren't above it; they just want to be the ones drawing the lines.  It's wrong no matter who is doing it.  But whatever.  It's NJ; I expect nothing less at this point.

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Ok, not reporting directly, but in headline/tweet summary writing, which is part of reporting. Better title would be "despite opposition from the governor and the national party, some New Jersey Democrats..." Because it more accurately reflects the situation, and doesn't lend itself to ridiculous whataboutism when contrasted to NC, MI, and WI.


And just because it's a ballot measure doesn't mean it's right either.

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1 hour ago, CitizenVectron said:

As others have pointed out, the story simply isn't true:



The law would give both sides advantages when they are in power. It's flawed for sure, but it doesn't entrench Democrats.


I think everyone understood that fact. However, New Jersey is pretty blue already so entrenching Dekocrats even more will make it very challenging for the GOP to ever get an advantage again.

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