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Ready for Rick Grimes to die?

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On one hand, genuinely shocked that they didn't pull the trigger on Rick and that's impressive. That said however, seeing what Scott Gimple had to say about their plans going forward...meh.


Still though, what with the time jump and all, I'm intrigued where this all goes now with the introduction to the Whisperers. It does feel a bit refreshing when you lay it all out!

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27 minutes ago, Mercury33 said:

So they didn’t kill him?


no here is what happened



As you may know he got impaled on rebar last week, he gets up, staggers to the bridge trying to lead the herd away, thinking the bridge would collapse, it doesn't. All the while he keeps having hallucinations/flashbacks. The rest of the group shows up and he sees they are going to try and rescue him but there are just too many walkers and he knows they will die. He sees dynamite on the bridge and shoots it, blowing the bridge to hell and himself along with it, or so everyone thinks. But he washes up down stream and is found by Ann (Jadis) who calls in the helicopter claiming she now has a B and wants their help saying him. He gets loaded into the chopper and he and Ann fly away. Then we jump 6 years into the future where there are a group of people fighting off some walkers, it looks bad for there, then suddenly bang bang bang bang a bunch of walkers go down and then group takes off toward the shots...where they meet a little 7  or 8 year old girl. Who are you? they ask. She bends over, picks up "THE HAT" and slaps in on her head. I'm Judith. Judith Grimes. they end. 




5 hours ago, SoberChef said:



Still though, what with the time jump and all, I'm intrigued where this all goes now with the introduction to the Whisperers. It does feel a bit refreshing when you lay it all out!


maybe, we'll see

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I'm season 8 trying to get caught up but I find myself not really caring and only watching to see what they do with Rick. I can't imagine watching beyond that.


I can't quite compare it BBT because Walking Dead actually was a good compelling show at one point. BBT is more like Everyone Loves Raymond. Somehow successful but I've never had anyone admit to liking it. 

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14 minutes ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

Ratings are down, though.


I don't get it from a narrative standpoint. It seems stupid. But this is the show that has one of the most stupid deaths of all time, with Beth.


Once again, “The Walking Dead” was far and away the highest-rated program on cable for the night and ranked behind only NFL coverage and “60 Minutes” on broadcast.


Maybe because it's still way ahead of every other show on tv?

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6 hours ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

There's definitely such a thing as dragging out a show too long. 


i was just talking with a writer friend of mine last night about this... he's on a show that's currently VERY popular and they don/t want to go longer than five seasons which I think most would agree is the maximum a show could conceivably go and still be good. They know the network will want them to go far longer than that though. The Walking Dead never got as good as it could have and it's clear it never will. Every once in awhile it gets close to being great, then they do something so blatantly stupid that it negates all of the good things it had done. This very episode was a perfect example because there was some stuff I actually liked. Then they pulled that bullshit it at the end :|


They still haven't learned that fans HATE fake outs.

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