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What is the best expensive-ish thing you've bought? What is the most disappointing?


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Good purchases:

  • My gaming PC.
  • My Panny Plasma from 2009 which is still kicking. I will retire it likely next year not because it's broken or degraded too much in quality, but because there is a lot of good new tech out there.


I don't think I have any regrets on anything I've bought that cost more a few hundred dollars.

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Worst: 1A. Vive - $800 - I got sucked in by the Hype train and bought Day 1. I never use it. Everything about it is a hassle. 

            1B. Bathroom Remodel - $6,000 (labor only) - I hired a family friend to do it because he needed worked and helped my mom out a lot with handy jobs. The work he did is fine, he just took a one month job and turned it into three and half.  Having no toilet or shower on the second floor for two months was infuriating.  Since he was giving us a “deal”, he thought it was fine to take other jobs.  He would disappear for weeks at a time. I should have known better. 


Best: 2009 Audi A4 3.2L - $30,000ish - It was my first car I bought after school and I still drive it. It has given me zero issues. It still drives really well. I hope it lasts another 10 years. 

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