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  1. If you feel like you have the knowledge to do something else but no degree just lie on your resume. They never check.
  2. Good for him. It's what he always wanted. I'd fuck him for his pool with a view of NYC.
  3. What don’t you believe
  4. Wut Reminds me of the time i took too much xanax at Islands of Adventure and both my shoes flew off into the lake on the Hulk roller coaster
  5. I think i was 10 beers deep at that point. I also started on disc 2. Yes the 3D blu ray switches exactly where the VHS did.
  6. watching the Titanic Blu-ray in 3D in 2020
  7. I just spent 4 days in NYC for NYE and it was way less intimidating than I thought it would be. I didn’t do much since I was there for Phish at MSG but it was super easy to get around on the subway.
  8. Mine is 6 years younger but probably 10 years more mentally mature than me.
  9. Also I just got back from the 6 show Dead and Co fall tour and we all smelled like fresh laundry so the stereotype is wrong. I think the rest of civilization needs to be 6 feet under.
  10. I'm so sorry. It looks like she gets along with your other dog great too. I'd take her in a heartbeat if I wasn't at work 12 hours a day. Definitely don't put her down, someone wants her.
  11. Why is there a man in the reflection of the tv
  12. I knew i was going to fail the challenge anyway. My dick is all hole.
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