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Do you ever know a game purchase is ridiculous, but inexplicably, you’re drawn towards it…


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Mother fucking GTA Definitive Edition. 

I’ve played most of GTA 3, all of Vice City and maybe 1/4 of San Andreas on the PS2 and, with 6 coming, really want to give them a go again. I don’t want to play on my phone and the Switch seems the right route…but it’s £45 for three, 20 year old games where the updates are shit. But I can’t see another viable way to play, specially SA, on my PS5 or Switch in a more cost effective way.

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Yeah the latest yakuza game. I know I won't actually play it this year and I have the others already bought to get through but I think the only thing stopping me atm is it not being on amazon canada for purchase (sure could grab else where but I just think seeing it on amazon would just make me end up clicking the buy button).


That or a game I like that I already bought but kind of eyeing the special edition as I watch the price drop on amazon even though I don't need it.

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All the time with bundles.

I have a complete-the-set tendency with series where I own some, but not all of them.  So if Yakuza 5 shows up in a Humble Choice, I’m buying it.  I’ve never tried one of these games before, but I’ve got 0-4 already.  Getting other games with it sweetens the deal.

There are exceptions.  I won’t touch buying anything by Bethesda pre-merger, since they give away everything at some point.



I want to at least try more of the games I own this year, with the pixel art thread.  Taking a pause on it for the glut of FF things I’ll be getting to the first part of the year.

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I make stupid purchasing decisions all of the time:

Aliens: Dark Descent -- I love the IP.  I enjoy some squad-based strategy games.  I should have read the reviews better to realize, this one would not be for me.  It's not a TRUE stealth game (which are kind of puzzle based) -- but a mostly stealth game where you are MOSTLY trying to avoid combat, but not always.  And are constantly managing resources around dealing with the consequences of combat.  I enjoyed it initially, and eventually found it more stressful than fun.

Armored Core 6 -- I had never played an AC game.  I should have known I wouldn't like it, but decided to get it anyways.

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