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  1. OoT is what Nintendo intended(Nintended?) Zelda to be all along. DON'T miss out on that one. Skip Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. TP drags on big time and SS is a miserable experience with motion controls
  2. Definitely loving the game so far 3 dungeons in. NOBODY does this type of game better than Nintendo. It's making me want to go back and finish BoTW. Have there been any patches to BoTW in the last year? Been that long since I played 😔 maybe a reduction in weapon degrading.. Wishful thinking probably.. And it probably doesn't accommodate long breaks from the game IE telling you what or where to go next etc being so open world like it is
  3. But someone taking a crap in your mouth could kill you in a number of ways. I see and appreciate the humor in your analogy but it's extremity leaves a lot to be desired in defending the fact that some people don't care about a few dips here and there. Doesn't affect the gameplay at all or take away from the experience unless your OCD won't let you look past a few minor dings in the paint
  4. Pretty much this. The older I get the easier it is for me to snub a game almost immediately if I'm expected to go through menu after menu and if developers make things a little convoluted early on just for the sake of saying hey look how flashy and innovative our combat will be after suffering from hours of migraines from overly complicated modifiers etc etc. And be amazed at our progression trees and ridiculous levels of character customization. Guess those days have long since passed me by at 44 years old
  5. Played for about twenty minutes yesterday enough to see that it looks like a Final Fantasy XIV clone and they have some work to do with menus and screen ratio. Wasn't hugely impressed or compelled to come back to it any time soon.
  6. Actively hateful is about as bullseye as it gets. From the masterclass DQ8 soundtrack to this is a gigantic plunge in the wrong direction.
  7. Well so far it's making me want to play more which is rare nowadays. Only got one character in my party so I'm not even close to being able to give an in depth opinion other than poop/10 soundtrack
  8. Is this thing on?? Oh nobodys playing this anymore probably. Oh well. Opinions must be given regardless. Restraint was never one of my strong suits. Just started playing this and my only gripe so far is WOW at how bad the music is. It's like the actually TRIED to make it as bad as possible without it outright sounding like a hippopotamus with diarrhea. Turned it off after 2 hours in. In the first major area of Castle Heileion(?) and the feel of the game is spot on. Visuals and animations are excellent. Best in the series imo but dang... Does the music get better?
  9. Kojima would get his name engraved somewhere in an inconspicuous location for honorable mention. Metal Gear defined a genre but was a little pretentious in the long run.
  10. On second thought, Sakiguchi over Alcorn. Final Fantasy left a GIGANTIC impression on me after watching my older brother play through it those many moons ago. It's a shame that series has degraded so much without him. Been the source of many of my get off my lawn posts on here.
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