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  1. The music in that game is orgasmic. That's reason enough to play again
  2. I signed up for it but I'd REALLY like to have a PS5 when this hits
  3. Well I beat it. Roughly 14 hrs and about 80% completion. Had about 205 missiles and I'll be honest I needed all of em. I used to multi lock on attacks for the last boss and had 8 energy tanks. The last boss was a little intimidating at first but after a few tries and learning attacks and patterns etc it wasn't bad at all. (parry, parry parry) On my last attempt I still had most of my health afterwards and relied on missle refills in certain attacks. If anyone needs or wants my strat on him let know and I'll spoiler tag it.
  4. Eh, to each their own. I just don't think of Metroid at all when I think of standout music in games.
  5. I'm only about 10 hrs in and the music is an afterthought. That's never been a strong point to Metroids anyway. Gameplay and exploration is what this series is all about and this game definitely gives you that and then some. Well Prime had some decent tunes...
  6. Definitely like that this game doesn't hold your hand.. Like.. AT ALL. Ah the good ol days...
  7. I just played it for about 30 minutes as well. REALLY polished as far as movement, presentation etc. Immediately feels like a true Metroid game... and not whatever the hell Other M was trying to be. Mercury Steam seems to have spent a good deal of time trying to make this feel more like Super Metroid and not their own stupid spin off like Team Ninja did
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