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Why does Jim Davis get so much hate?

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24 minutes ago, CastletonSnob said:

Bill Watterson and Calvin and Hobbes fans do.

Well, he went the completely other way, not licensing his characters for anything (as far as I know). That can be seen as the “noble” thing to do or whatever, preserving his legacy and all that. Which I get and appreciate, but at the same time, we live in a capitalist hellscape. So get that bag, Jim. Let that fuckin lazy, lasagna eating cat make you all the money he can. 

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Nobody hates Jim Davis unless he's pulled a Scott Adams and fell off the right wing cliff. Davis has done what I would do if created something worth a ton. Milk it for all it's worth and live a quiet life where I enjoy my wealth and don't read my name in the news.


Now, hating the comic is all well and good. I enjoy Garfield Minus Garfield a lot more than the original comics.




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