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Your emergency system works. Stop buzzing my phone.


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2 hours ago, SuperSpreader said:

Same. Cause you're not a boomer with notification audio on. 


Yeah my phone's always on silent unless I'm specifically waiting for a call or text. Otherwise I look at my phone so often anyhow that it's not like something's gonna be waiting for too long before I see it.

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Check your phone settings. It probably varies by region and phone but on my Pixel - Settings -> Notifications -> Wireless emergency alerts - has a bunch of settings. I have the actual alerts on but tests disabled. It's set to Vibration and Speak alert message is disabled. Much easier on the ears and heart when you only hear it from other people's phones.

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On 10/6/2023 at 5:18 AM, TUFKAK said:

Anybody remember when Hawaii accidentally sent out a “take cover missiles inbound” text?


And people listened 


My favorite totally real not made up story from this is the brother and sister who banged cuz they thought they were going to die.

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