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Canada is full of racists

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The entire western world (especially the anglosphere) was built on racism, so not surprising it's rampant. What is interesting is how it manifests so differently in different places (e.g. less personal racism in the US towards non-whites compared to Europe, but more state violence towards non-whites). 


I know in Canada's case, racism also takes two forms: international racism (against immigrants) and Indigenous racism. The former appears to be getting better and better (especially in terms of public attitudes towards increasing immigration, seeing it as a good thing, etc), while the latter remains horribly regressive.

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1 minute ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

Yes. I work with some recent immigrants from France as well. I thought it was mostly the Québécois accent that was weird, but they use a lot of different words/phrases too. 

My uncle’s 2nd wife is from Paris, France and well, yeah to the above. They’ve been together like +25 years and I’m still not use to her.

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As a long time vagabond, I can't be arsed with metrics like this. putting racism on a sliding scale is like measuring the age of a person with a ruler. some places are more racist in rural areas. In others, the inverse is true. Plotting the graph on hireability is a cruel farce when violence rate can be just as brazen, but not causally. all this does is fuel populist cheerleading rather than produce introspection. Racism exists everywhere, in endless forms. I respect the USA's willingness for discourse, but not really moving the needle enough to counter the historical inertia. and the less I say about international  relations, the better. which this study seems to fail spectacularly.

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