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Harry Potter and the Curse of CryptoCapitalism

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  • GeneticBlueprint changed the title to Harry Potter and the Curse of CryptoCapitalism

Why would an author or the publisher reduce their share of sales?  Are there groups of the most cloistered web3 evangelists ever on Discord coming up with braindead ways to reinvent things that were worked out decades or centuries ago?


Reminds me of shit like this that people were seriously pushing regarding gaming:




Really...  Are they a bunch of NEETs just cooking up ideas?  I've seen everything from putting medical records and fucking real estate titles on the blockchain to all of the weird ways they try to make gaming "better".  Every single time it smacks of a child-like understanding of the thing they're trying to shove web3 into, then they get angry when everyone calls them idiots and retreat back to their subreddits and discord channels.

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