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NFL Divisional Round (2022) - Offense Wins Championships


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 Saturday, January 22
11.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png  Cincinnati (10-7)    01:30pm PT
   11.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png  Tennessee (12-5)
11.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png  San Francisco (10-7) 5:15pm PT
34.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png  Green Bay (13-4)



 Sunday, January 23
24.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png  Los Angeles (12-5 )   12:00pm PT
   33.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png  Tampa Bay (13-4)
21.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png  Buffalo (11-6) 3:30pm PT
3.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png  Kansas City (12-5)


Only 4 games but a lot of these teams score a lot of points. Last team to score wins?

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Right now it is six weeks until the Bills-Chiefs game on Sunday night.  I personally love it because there is nothing better than watching my team while simultaneously thinking about all the work I have to do on Monday.


Saturday night NFL playoff football is elite.  


Oh, and McCown?


I like the guy, I do.  There is potential, but...



...McCown for Head Coach?

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