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A Plague Tale: Innocence - a fascinating game powered by stunning tech (Eurogamer)

Asobo Studio deserves kudos for the scale of the achievement delivered in the recently released A Plague Tale: Innocence. Where many smaller studios tap into established engines like Unreal Engine 4 or Unity for their technological needs, this outfit did things the old-fashioned way, developing its own proprietary engine technology. The end result is an absolutely beautiful game and one that scales remarkably well as we climb the console ladder and beyond to the heights of PC's most powerful graphics hardware.



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I was really interested in it but kind of forgot somehow...will definitely check out this trial and see if the gameplay holds up enough to warrant a purchase. 


Edit: Played the demo and despite the gorgeous setting and graphics etc., it completely turned me off. I know it was the tutorial area but it was like 90% forced walking, on-rails or cutscenes and the tiny amount of gameplay you did engage in was really janky and the same lite-stealth I've played in fifty AAA games while not shooting. 

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Yeah, I have it thanks to Game Pass. I’m looking for a new story-based game now that I’m done with The Last of Us 2, but I might prefer something a bit more on the cheery side, and I’m guessing this game isn’t exactly a barrel of laughs.

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I really want to give this game another try. I played up to the point where the girl and boy are sneaking out of their home after it's raided..  and I got to the point where I needed to throw a jar to distract the guard. I threw all the jars, all around the guy, and nothing happened. I guess I didn't throw the jar in the exact spot they wanted? I had to re-start the checkpoint because I had nothing left to throw. It kinda pulled me out of it, and i never went back.

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