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Breaking: several people killed/injured in Norwegian "bow and arrow" attack, update - Danish citizen charged

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Breaking: several people killed/injured in Norwegian "bow and arrow" attack, update - Danish citizen charged
12 hours ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

Odds of this guy being an incel or right wing shithead pretty high imo


Convert to Islam who had been flagged by the security services for "radicalization":



Danish man, who is in custody in connection with deaths of five people, is Muslim convert


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28 minutes ago, Jason said:



So what she is really saying is that America could be a safer place with stricter background checks/waiting periods on people getting their hands on guns before committing a crime. I never thought I would agree with her on anything but here we are.


The guy would probably of used a gun if they passed their laws, but clearly couldn’t. Imagine how many more people they could of killed with a gun instead of playing Hawkeye/Katniss out there

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5 minutes ago, mclumber1 said:


Don't they have quite a high number of mass killings per capita compared to the rest of yurop? 



I don't know where Yurop is... but compared to the US (which was my question) there's no comparison.



Mass shootings in Indianapolis, the Atlanta area and Boulder, Colo., cast a spotlight on this type of violence in the U.S., where the death rate is nearly 100 times higher than in the United Kingdom.



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Espen Andersen Bråthen transferred as investigation into motives and psychiatric evaluation continue



The man suspected of killing five people with a bow and arrows and other weapons in Norway has been transferred to the public health service, a state prosecutor has said, amid concerns about his mental health.


“Based on an assessment of his health condition, this was the best solution,” the prosecutor, Ann Iren Svane Mathiassen, told the Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, on Friday, shortly before a local court agreed to the prosecution’s request for four weeks of pre-trial detention.


Police have said the man, identified as Danish citizen Espen Andersen Bråthen, 37, was a convert to Islam who had petty crime and drug convictions and was once flagged for suspected radicalisation, but serious doubts have been raised about whether he could be held legally responsible for the attack.



The suspect:



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Attacker was armed with bow and arrows but five people who died had in fact been stabbed, police confirm




Five people killed in Norway last week were all stabbed to death and not shot with arrows as initially suspected, police have announced.


Four women and one man, aged between 52 and 78, were killed on Wednesday in the attack in Kongsberg, a town about 45 miles (70km) west of the capital, Oslo.


The attacker was armed with a bow and arrow, which he shot at several people, wounding at least one, but on Monday the police inspector Per Thomas Omholt told reporters none of the deaths was caused by the weapon.


“Five people were killed with stabbing weapons,” Omholt told a news conference on Monday. He declined to say whether these were knives or larger weapons.


“Some were killed inside their own homes, others out in public,” Omholt said.



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