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The Official E3 2021 MEGA thread! June 12th-15th


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  • Remarkableriots changed the title to The Official E3 2021 MEGA thread! June 12th-15th

Everyone needs to watch the Trebaca Games presentation.  It’s fantastic, how E3 should be done.  Perfect blend of new footage, dev explanation, and how the sausage is made portions.

Koch Media presentation is supposedly a snoozefest.  I’ll catch the highlights later.


IGN Expo going live in a few minutes.



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I suspect MS is going to deliver this year! Not sure why, especially given the last year, but I think they will. 


Pretty safe bets:

Halo: Anti Craig Edition - should be looking good!

Fable: Back to what actually worked Edition - I expect to see in game assets if not game play this year with a fall 2022 launch.

Forza: another year, another Forza Edition - Pretty vistas, drop in game play to your friends worlds, track editor? 

Hellblade II: Game play this time and a mid 2022 release?

Starfield: Give it a chance, we know its not ES Edition - I'm hoping to be truly awed by this one!

Avowed: This Pillars is like Skyrim Edition - I suspect we will see a little more of this one and I loved the previous 2 entries in this series

ES: Probably another teaser, won't see this one until mid generation

Indian Jones Game - some short gameplay shown?

ES Online - more content, always more content...

Deathloop: Lots and lots of gameplay footage.

Bunch of indies sizzle reel + one or two stand out ones


Speculation section: 

Outer Worlds 2: I expect a teaser for this one, nothing more

Minecraft: Keep Milking it Edition! 

The Evil Within 3 - please let this be!

Quake reboot?

Something new from Arkane Studios? 

Remedy - Alan Wake 2 teaser?

Perfect Dark Reboot?

New Gamepass services?



Wacky Speculation Section:

VR Support?

New Studio Acquisition - possible more than one?!

Epic games partnership? 

Gamepass on Switch?






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