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Human activity has wiped out two-thirds of world's wildlife since 1970, landmark report says


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But while the report finds that nature is being "destroyed by us at a rate unprecedented in history," experts say the declining trends can be halted and even reversed with urgent action, such as transforming how we produce and consume food, tackling climate change and conserving nature.

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13 minutes ago, Massdriver said:

I didn't think it would be 90+% in Latin America. 


I guess it makes sense that wholesale habitat destruction is much worse on this front than stuff like poaching is—is anywhere else razing habitat on nearly the scale they are in Latin America?

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11 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:


It's confusing because you changed my words to say parasite but a predator and virus are mainly the same idea.

I don't think you'll find too many biologists who would classify "Viruses" as "Predators". Two different things... main difference is Predators hunt their prey and naturally function within their ecosystem in a healthy way. Viruses just... spread. They tend to disrupt and ultimately destroy the ecosystem or host of whatever organism they infect. That qas my point.

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